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White Tara      December 20, 2013

Beloved White Tara
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2013   4:30–4:42 pm MST
Enlighten Yourself with the Buddhas
Livingston, Montana

What Child Is This?

[Master chants for two minutes; the entire HeartStream that follows is delivered in a melodic chanting tone.]

Precious Ones,

            Be with me now in love with the All-Buddha within you. [Master chants: AH AH AH AH] When you find your own Buddha nature within, you shall win, and there shall be for you peace, love, harmony. For in that sacred state of purity within your heart, I AM the White Tara within you.

            Now feel the impelling light bursting forth within the flower of your soul as your spirit-lotus. For in the emergence of that flower within you, I sing and I emanate perfect joy, perfect light, perfect love. O holy ones, join me now in this spiritual feast of sound and light as many devic beings alight to refresh you in joy, joy, joy.

            Now feel your immaculate nature manifesting within you. What is this that you feel? It is the child born again within you, the child born again within you. And as you sing that song, “What Child Is This?” from this day forth you may answer the question: “It is I, it is I, it is I.” And in your new eye, you shall see God within yourself more radiantly, more peaceably, more effulgently. For this child is what every Tara sees as the real you.

            Now, O precious ones, be that child again and sing that song with me as we wing our way to the crèche also to adore the little babe in Bethlehem come again. And in his eyes and upon his face, we behold the light.


            Let us sing “What Child Is This?” [The messenger and audience sing the song together.]

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