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Lanello      December 19, 2013

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2013   10:30–10:47 am MST
Enlighten Yourself with the Buddhas

Livingston, Montana

A Dispensation of Heart-Mindfulness
With the Sun at Play in Your Life, You Will Always Have What You Require

Mindfully loving you, we come, invoking from the Great Central Sun a stream of Buddhic essence, which we draw now through our hearts and minds and deliver to you, each one, in a conflagration of the sacred and through an expansion of this essence as your heart and mind are available to receive it in this time and space now.

            This heart-mindfulness is a dispensation of light that we have garnered primarily because of the constancy of your spiritual practices, blessed ones. And therefore it is meet for us to provide to our own this resource as we roll out a greater carpet of light, which we invite you to ride upon now as, through divine magic, we rise in Spirit above the Earth, even outside her orbit, to view this planet from the vantage point of the great Buddha beings, who, through love and mindfulness and a constant action of perfect vision, see clearly what is from the All-Seeing-Eye of the One.

            You see the totality of the Earth as one being. You do not see from this reference point individual lifestreams, separate monads. You see one beautiful and divine sphere, gently traversing within the solar system in orbit around its source, the sun. You see, the Earth itself as a divine being has attended to its purpose, always attentive to the sun. It has not left its orbit; it has maintained the regularity of its beingness. And so you may also identify with the sum total and the greater beingness of your True Self, both in its relation to the Earth and to the sun. Your Solar Self is one with the Earth, one with Sun, one with the Galaxy, and one with the Great Central Sun.

            On this magic carpet ride we show you much of that which is transpiring within the etheric realms. For we heighten your vision now to perceive, from the ascended master vantage point, what the Buddhas do in their spiritual work. Some of this may be surprising to you, dearest ones, and I give you a short vision. Some of you have seen that movie Superman. Do you remember when he was almost completely gone and yet, through the final impulse of will, he ascended beyond the Earth and was recharged by the light of the sun itself? Well, use this metaphor and visualization yourself when at times things may seem untoward or depressing in your realm.

            With the sun at play in your life, with the sun before you as your example, you may always have what you require from this All-Source of light, love and beingness. And you too, as a superman or superwoman within your Buddha nature, may have the essentials of life to fulfill your purpose, to maintain cosmic presence and to deliver to those whom you were sent to assist your highest essence, your most noble and blessed selfhood.

            Imagine with us now a new Earth, reconceived in freedom and love and enlightenment. And pour forth now through your hearts and minds the completeness of what you can muster within you of this love-wisdom-power to help the Earth and all mankind in this hour.

            You see, the Buddhas are energetically caressing and loving the Earth and all life upon it in a continuity of divine expression, harvesting through their mindfulness the higher essences that some among humanity offer within their spiritual work toward the greater work of the Spirit—beyond the beyond and unto infinite cycles of immortality and the most illustrious life of oneness with the Source.

            Imagine with us now, again, a world golden, bright, cheery and effulgent in Spirit. Imagine with us again and again, through this higher state of loving mindfulness, a planet both as the Elohim conceived of it and as it has now evolved, and yet refreshed by the Spirit, rejuvenated by God's light and love and empowered with a new viryic field of energy, Solar joy.

            This may be for you a short meditation to engage in as you come before the sun and do your solar gazing each morning. For it only takes a few moments of divine mindfulness to recreate the Earth in its pristine and primeval glory. Now you have another key in your spiritual toolbox to use. It is what the Buddhas do, and the Mothers with them—love the Earth, cherish all life and extend the radiance of hope and every new possibility for resolution and completion to manifest.
            Now, through this dispensation, I, with permission from the Solar Lords, tweak the radiant field of light, the aura, of the Earth itself with our twin-flame Buddhic essence for a greater harmony to ensue, for a greater peace to be restored, for a greater loving mindfulness to manifest in the lives of all mankind and especially within the lives of our disciples and holy ones.

            [Master chants.]

            Angels of the sun answer now, streaming forth in Solar joy the radiance of the new day, the brilliance of Buddhic beingness for you.

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