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Maha Chohan      December 17, 2013

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
December 17, 2013   7:05-7:13 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Noble Ones Whose Hearts Are Upturned to the One Solar Light of God
Receive the Eternal Fire for the Transformation of this World
And Accept a New Radiance, Beauty and Grace

            In the gentleness of the morning and by leave of the Great Divine Director, I the Maha Chohan, come this day to bless you each one with an inner sense of peace and the availability of the light of God within you to make a difference todaynot in some far distant future when you may be Self-realized after your ascensiontoday, in the Now, within the present moment, within that eternal light that burns within your heart and through the breath of the Holy Spirit that I bear this day for each one who would suffuse into the Earth conscious awareness, divine Presence, glorious love of God, of man and of all life.
            Blaze forth the fire eternal Now through these servant sons and daughters, O Lord. Burn through and consume the cause, effect, record and memory of that which has assailed them in any way that is less than the true reality of their Godhood, their beingness in Thee, their oneness with their Source. Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now into every arena of action, by the power of God's will, wisdom and love in balance within the beating hearts of these, O Lord God Almighty, unifier of all, sanctifier of the most humble and elevator of the meek and the gracious ones.
            Now, as the fiery salamanders continue their work this day to consume on contact within and around you all that you would offer into the fire of unreality, it is so by your acceptance, by your will aligned with God, by your mind trued to the universal Christic Mind, by your heart beating in consonance with the reverent One, the One who is godly and divine. As you invoke the light this day by a dispensation received from the Great Divine Director, there is a multiplication factor of a thousand times a thousand times a thousand manifest for the transformation of this world this day through the noble ones, those whose hearts are upturned to the One Solar Light of God.
           You see, precious ones, it pays to come here. It pays to be one who attends these services on line. And that payment is the delivery unto you of eternal fire, of God-light and of new capabilities, new siddhis vouchsafed unto your higher Self that will, in days and months and years to come find concourse through your acceptance of them within your life for your elevation and for your victory in love.
            I bring the fireworks of God unto those moving within the heartstream of his love. I bring the dynamism of spirituality into play within your third eye center now, so that you may see, feel and know that which you speak within your prayers and decrees and sing within your songs as already fulfilled, accomplished and real now in 3-D form.
           The difference between the adept and the novice is that the adept has fully accepted God within the Self and lives with that acceptance manifest within every breath and heartbeat. When you come to this point of Self-realization, knowing that God lives fully present within you, then your life fulfilled in the eternal light will have a new radiance, beauty and grace. Make it so now in the I AM name and claim who you are today in Spirit and in the flesh as God in manifestation. I thank you.

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