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Lanello      December 04, 2013

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 4, 2013   9:00–9:24 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Our Dream Is Being Realized in 3-D

Blessed Friends of the Sacred Fire,

               I, Lanello, am here, impelling you higher on the path of light. And I extend the radiance of my heart to each and every one of you in gratitude for your service to the light. And the Great White Brotherhood and many an ascended master shine forth their light this day within your world in gratitude for that which you have accomplished in these short nine years of the investment of The Hearts Center movement in the world of form and in the lives of disciples everywhere.

               Dearest ones, you have made great strides; you have accomplished much. And this day the sponsoring masters of this movement are here to tell you that no matter what others may think or what at times you feel that you are lacking in terms of spirituality, or of fire, or of what could be accomplished, we say that much has been done. And we applaud the efforts of all of you and the sacred work that you have invested in day after day, month after month, and now year after year. If you simply look at the tangible manifestation of what has been accomplished, you will see the vibrancy of the essence of each and every one of your hearts outplayed through the co-creativity manifest in the various enterprises that you have engaged in—the classes, the courses, the events, the website and now the publications.

               Yes, dearest ones, your dream and our dream is being realized in 3-D now. And there is no other activity quite like The Hearts Center movement, I say, and therefore I am happy and joyous this day in that which has manifested. And in this cycle of victory in Sagittarius, where the great archer stands forth, pulling back on that bow and getting ready to launch a new arrow of light unto the sun, I stand in your midst as the Sun King to radiate forth my fire in your midst, to enliven you and to enrich you in the spiritual essence of God-good, which is my right to invest again within the hearts of fire within this movement!

               Many of you recall a few sacred events that occurred in Detroit early in this activity. Dearest ones, the vibrancy of that which was anchored through us is still radiating within the Earth and will continue to increase in its cosmic resilience and action to affect the lives of thousands and even millions of souls as their destiny is outplayed through the years and through the opportunities presented unto them by heaven for their soul evolution and growth.

               You are setting forth the sacred scriptures through the HeartStreams that are being released by many an ascended master. And these teachings, which some of you have seen tangibly as nuggets of gold manifesting within the atmosphere of the Earth itself, are making their impact, are causing a stir in the ethers and are, dearest ones, being employed by us to transform an entire civilization.

               You do not always see the effects that transpire through the release of the Word, and yet I can attest this day, dearest ones, that I see it. I see the cosmic transformative power of that which is and will continue to be released through this movement of light. And if perchance more awaken to see and behold and take part in this activity, you will see a groundswell of freedom, enlightenment and divine love manifesting in many new arenas and streams of activity across the globe.

               Dearest ones, El Morya and I, with Mother Mary, the Great Divine Director, Jesus the Christ, Omraam and others, have our plans for the increase. And you simply have to believe and accept and then enjoy that which manifests daily through the sacred Word flowing through you and you and you and all who, through the constancy and the consecration of their hearts, allow this cosmic awareness and action to take place.

               You see, some doubt the effectiveness of decrees. Some do not see the vibrancy of the action of the Word going forth. And yet I say, it is manifest and it is permanent in its effect upon life through the diamond-shining light, which is co-creative and full of God-power and all of the virtues of heaven manifesting within it. Dearest ones, even the playing of the Kuan Yin Rosary is an Aquarian experience of mercy, love and joy that all may participate in in their higher light bodies, even if they are unaware of the outer manifestation of this grace in 3-D.

               You are co-creating in multidimensions and spherical awarenesses far beyond your outer realization when you speak the words that we have spoken, when you invest your hearts in the dynamism and the action of the light that we have released through the cups of light within our words. Yes, dearest ones, there is an action of sacred fire! It is both specific and universal in its effect upon life. We do not mince our words; we expand them!

               Even as the Word, the sacred Logos, is inculcated within the world of form through the HeartStreams and the releases of light, so there is a long-term plan manifesting within each dynamic and powerful release that will affect certain lifestreams and cultures across the world. We see souls arising. We see hearts turning toward God, often as a result of outer situations and challenges within their worlds. Why, if you observe why people turn to God, often it is because it is their last resort to deal with the crises and the outplaying of their karmas.

               Yet, dearest ones, you are the awakened ones who turned to God long before it was the only way that you felt that you could survive the pain, the travail, the angst and the anguish of that which has descended upon you as opportunity for your self-evolution. Yes, you felt the impulse and the dynamism and the power of Spirit welling up from within your being long ago, and you said to yourself: “O Lord, I am here. I offer my life. I offer my being to the cause of light and I would be used as a vessel of kindness, of joy and of love this day. O Lord, pour forth your energy of Spirit through me. Blaze forth the light through my heart! Expand my auric field and allow me to be, with Jesus, a savior of souls, an instigator of light waves and new opportunities for freedom and enlightenment.”


               Yes, dearest ones, we are counting on you to maintain your inner peace and to maintain the constancy of your path. Some have turned away, thinking that somehow there was not the action of light manifesting through this activity to their liking or to the specificity of their human desires. Yet, dearest ones, what we accomplish together is beyond the human realm. It transcends into the divine realms of pure light and of soulfulness within the sun itself!

               Why, you are accessing, through your focus upon solar gazing and the sun, radiances and light-streams of energy that flow from the Source of life itself! Why, is there any greater opportunity to be invested in a sacred work than to work with the sun itself? No, dearest ones! You know this for a truth. And therefore if you have not followed a path of working with Helios and Vesta, and now the God and Goddess Meru, I say to you that there is no other course to take if you desire to ascend to the highest heights of being than to learn from the sun itself the joys of life, the vibrancy of spirit, the radiance of pure, undefiled God-love.

               Blessed ones, I am here this day, fiery in my being, in order that you may feel the refreshment of the Spirit within every cell of your being, that you may be healed. And I extend rays of light through my heart for the healing of some physically in this very hour, by the power of God, by the love of God that is expanded within the spine, within the heart, within the mind and the soul! Why, true healing begins within the sun-fire light of the cell. And if you can attune to the God-ideal within the eternal light within the sun center of every cell of your being, then you shall be whole, then you shall be pure and know your oneness with God.

               Tonight, dearest ones, will be a night that some of you will not forget for the duration of your life. For the blessed Mother Mary, with the blessed Lady Master Leto, will come for a healing service that will be specific for each of you as you pray for that healing that is required by your soul and your body temple. And if you accept with full faith that you shall be healed, then the power of heaven will be there for you, as an investment of Spirit, for your physical healing, whether you come physically or participate on the broadcast. Many an ascended master will stand and support this action of light. Therefore be in your seats, meditating with the full love of your hearts, fifteen minutes before 7:00 pm Mountain time, even then accepting the rays from your Source within your heart. And through our experiential service of light, miracles for some will occur and blessings untold for others will also become a reality.

               Now, dearest ones, I would speak to you again of the import of our winter solstice conference. Much has been prepared for you, each one. In fact, if you could see what we the ascended masters and the many Buddhas who will be with you have lovingly prepared, you would notice that there is an action that is very specific for each of you. And when you participate with loving-kindness and come with heart-centeredness and authenticity, the results will be stupendous. The dynamism and the action will be replete with heaven's fire, and you will have that spiral abuilding within your aura that will catapult you into the new year for your victory in all things and that which you invest your lives within in so many projects, endeavors and goals.

               At the turning of cycles, the Buddhas come to initiate fire, to initiate God-desire within the lives of the ascending ones. Be there with Clare de Lis and me and many more who will sing to your soul, who will assuage your spirit, who will bless you hour by hour with the holy waves of fire from the Sun Source of all being.

               I thank you for your hearts of gold, for the truth that resonates within your mind and your heart. I AM Lanello, and I love you in an undifferentiated, Buddhic, radiant love that uplifts you and supports you, even during your darkest hour and the times that you would rather not be awake or attentive to our call. Thank you.

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