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David Lewis      November 15, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse

November 15, 2013   9:00–9:31 am MST


Practical Alchemy for Today #1

Manifesting by Using What is in our Environment;

Mastering Our Heart, Mind and Will; and Maintaining Good Records


            Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being here. I would like to give a series of discourses or sharings on practical alchemy for today. For I believe that as we move forward in desiring to precipitate into the physical our spiritual goals and what we have dreamed of and foreseen through our vision, it is essential to understand the very practical steps we must take each day in order for us to realize these goals and dreams.

            As I was meditating upon one of the first laws of practical alchemy, I clearly saw that we can choose to use what we have in hand now, what we have at our immediate disposal, in our environment right here and now today. When we truly look at what is available in terms of our resources, we need to look beyond the physical into ourselves and see that we have a heart, a mind and a will. I believe that when we use these three God-given gifts that each of us has, we can accomplish anything; we can precipitate into physical reality anything that is good, beautiful and divinely sanctioned.

            Of course, our heart is key in this endeavor, because having desire and a feeling for, a yearning toward or an emoting unto our dream, our vision, our goal is essential for it to be realized. We all feel; otherwise we would not be sentient beings. Therefore, to have a heart that is crystal clear about what one desires to manifest is imperative. The clarity of our hearts is absolutely essential in order to know and then to realize our goals. For when we are clear and when the vision of what we desire is focused right before our gaze, our eyes, then that clarity itself brings the essence of that which we seek into a more physical manifestation rather than it being simply ethereal. If it is somewhat evanescent, if we lack focus, then we are kind of grasping at straws. We have not crystallized in our awareness exactly what we deem to be essential for us.
            This is why writing down our goals with specificity is imperative. The more specific we are, the more there is the crystallization into physicality of that which we yearn to manifest. Of course, first we create in our mind through our faculty of vision through our perception. Refining our perception is necessary throughout the process of alchemy and precipitation. Often we may not have the full vision in play from the beginning. It may grow and evolve, and as we learn and begin to use the energies at hand, we gain greater clarity. We do research, we talk to people, we study. All of this affords us an opportunity to develop our mind, our heart and our will in this process.

            The will is the inner driving mechanism and force of God-power that impels even the miraculous to manifest. When we have a will that is strong and true, that is firm and resolute, that which we seek is drawn to us by the magnet of that will, one with the divine will. So when we have a heart of fire and a diamond will there is a dynamic of magic that manifests, through the law of attraction, of divine magnetism, bringing that which we seek closer to being completely founded in reality.

            In the artistry of working with clay, working with sculpture, there's the term foundry, where we cast what we have formed. It's interesting that the words foundry and foundation have the same root. To me, it is essential for us to lay a foundation before building any edifice of light or anything that we would be a founder of.
            I am a co-founder of our Hearts Center movement and community, and, in a sense, I believe that many of you are also co-founders. Whether or not you were present physically from the beginning, in your soul essence, in your beingness, you had already committed to this higher path of light, to the initiatic path, to the path of the adepts and those who are moving into higher consciousness. And by the fact that you were invested in your spirituality, you were already exuding the essences of godliness that helped to draw forth this movement into physicality through those hearts who were called in the beginning by the masters themselves. So whether you consciously realize it or not, by the integrity of your heart, your will and your mind, you are a co-founder of our Hearts Center.

            To have actionable desires, whereby we put them into motion, requires resolve and doing something to begin the process. How often have we procrastinated doing something because we have built an illusory concept in our mind of how difficult it was to do? We didn't even begin to make the effort to do something because we conceived of it as too difficult. We find that we're twenty pounds overweight and we think it's a lost cause, so we don't even begin to exercise, to discipline ourselves, to have one less portion on our plate, to chew our food more thoroughly, to breathe deeply, to walk and exercise after we eat so we have better digestion.

            There are things that we can do, very simple things, to implement the strategies of light in our daily lives. We must use what we have on hand, at our disposal in our immediate environment. When we just begin with something, it sets in motion the energies of Spirit to playfully, dynamically, beautifully begin to coalesce in our world these cosmic essences into form, to crystallize our desire and our vision.

            When I was about ten years old I desired a five-speed, green Schwinn bike with a light, a basket and a little generator that you could set up against the tire so that when you peddled, it would generate power to power that light. So I got a paper route and I made $4.75 a week delivering about 40 to 50 newspapers up and down the streets in my neighborhood. I would put $4.00 in the bank when I got paid and I'd spend 75 cents on treats. That was back in about 1966. Eventually I saved enough money to buy that five-speed, green Schwinn bike, and I got that generator and that light and that basket to hold the newspapers. I had a desire and I made it happen. It happened gradually over a number of weeks. If you divide the cost of the bike, $75, by $4, that means it took me almost half a year to get that bike; and yet, by God's grace, I did it. Eventually I started earning $5.25.          

            This was the beginning of a learning experience on how to save and how to build. I began with what I had at hand, and that was an opportunity. A paper route opened up to me and I made it happen. I'm sure that all of you have stories you can tell of how you had a desire, you began something and then it evolved—you learned, you grew and you manifested more of your God-given gifts of Spirit.

            So in practical alchemy we begin with what we have at hand. To me, the most powerful things we have at hand are right within us—our heart, our mind, our will. When these three are working together and balanced, anything is possible. Seeming miracles can ensue. We draw to us, by the strong mind, the strong heart and the strong will, all the elements that are essential for the completion of that which we desire. Each of these must be engaged; we can't leave any of them out. And they are facilitated by our conscious awareness that we are involved in this science of precipitation.

            Look at what you have in your environment. There is more than you know. We accumulate many things over many years, sometimes too many things. Sometimes it's essential to divest ourselves of certain things in order to make way for new energy, new abundance. If you look clearly at what you have gathered around yourself, you will see that it has an energy pattern and it also has a value. You can translate the value of what you have around you now into a different form, if you choose, and transfer it into something else that you desire.

            I have three bookshelves in my office with hundreds of books. Do I really require all of these now to fulfill my purpose, my mission? No. I could let go of virtually all of them. Probably 98 percent of them I will never pick up again or read. There's a certain emotional pull that I and many of us have to retain things that no longer truly serve us toward our current mission and our future mission.

            So we can choose to let go of them, to either sell them or give them away. If you do give them away, find a charity that will allow you to write off the value of those items on your tax return. I do this all the time. There are a number of charities in my local area that I donate to: the Community Closet, the Senior Center, a food kitchen. I receive receipts, which I keep in an envelope, and then come tax time I see what I've actually donated.

            It's important to keep good records. This is the next point I'd like to share. Recording and keeping records of what we are doing is absolutely essential. This is why writing down our goals with specificity is important. If we have everything kind of loosely in our mind, do we really remember everything? No. Recording our dreams will call them to mind and then we can learn from them. Keeping a journal and having a planner at our desk is important. Carrying a planner with us all the time allows us, when we meet people, to record their phone numbers, their names, get their business cards and interact with them as the universe impels us to. Please have a day-timer or planner with you always. If you have to have a larger one at your desk and a smaller one that fits in a purse or pocket, that's okay too. You can then transfer the information from that to your computer or your larger planner.
            Of course, nowadays many planners are electronic, and you can survive by putting everything in a handheld device, if that's your way. For those who grew up before computers were created, you may feel more comfortable with a regular planner. For the young people today, it's becoming more paperless. Both ways are acceptable, so, of course, use what works for you.
            To record our progress, to record the inklings that come to us, the inspirations that we get is essential. At one point in time I used a little audio device when I was driving because I would get all these inspirations and the only way that I could capture them when I was driving by myself was to use this device that I could speak into. Later I would transcribe the tape and put it in my notebook.
            For those of you who are authors or would like to be, it's imperative that you write on a regular basis. You will be amazed what you find over time when you're consistent with this. You will reread what you've written and it will be amazing, and additional revelations will come as you intuit new concepts through your mind, your memory, your heart and your will, and you will rediscover who you are in the process.

            I believe if we truly assess what we have right at hand right now, many of us could actually precipitate within a week a hundred to a thousand dollars, and we could give it to ourselves, to The Hearts Center, to any charity that we deem worthy and valuable. We could be the beneficiary of the release of those assets, opening the way for new things that we truly require in our work.

            So I am challenging all of us today to reassess where we are. Maybe this isn't a spring cleaning; maybe it's an autumn cleaning, a prewinter cleaning in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, it is a spring cleaning. Clear things out, including old food in the refrigerator that's spoiling. Label and identify things in your storeroom or your pantry that are ready to expire. Save money by using them up and then purchase what you require. Label things with the date and contents and use them wisely.

            In our Western Hemisphere we accumulate so much. Often we're spontaneous purchasers and we buy things on a whim. We may not even use them or use them to their fullest extent, and then we put them aside and they accumulate. Hopefully many of us are becoming more prudent about this.

            We can live on less. We can divest ourselves of those things that are nonessentials and choose to accumulate virtue and divine quintessences rather than so many things. And in the process of letting go of books and things, we can also divest ourselves of what they represent—certain energy patterns, bad habits, things that have been born of mindlessness rather than mindfulness, in the true cosmic sense.

            I remember when a cherished heartfriend took this to heart and sent us many, many treasured spiritual talismans and gifts. We've sold a number of these in our store and we still have a number of them left. This person has manifested great abundance in her life, and I believe she has because she's willing to let go and move on and continue to give.

            Are we hoarding anything that we don't desire? Are there things in our environment that are weighing us down that we're not even aware of? If we are accumulators of things, we need to look logically at the situation, enter a new field of beingness and realize that things will not get us where we desire to go and that we can't take them with us. So we may as well use them, give them away and, in some cases, even burn them if they carry records that are impure. If we have focuses that are chipped or imperfect, give them away. A new focus will come to you—spiritual focus and laserlike-vision focus.

            To sum up, practical alchemy involves using what we have at hand—our heart, our mind, our will. It involves having actionable desires and taking those steps regularly that move us forward, recording things diligently and looking within our environment to identify and let go of things that may be burdening us energetically, things that we don't require. For when we give them away, donate them or sell them, we create a vacuum of light so that the universe may provide more for us.

            So I hope that I have shared something of value. I know that you know all of this already. You've probably heard it and read it in abundance books; yet for today, right here and now, as we are attempting to fulfill our highest dreams and desires, reminders are good, and I personally desire to take action on my own words today.

            God bless you. Have an awesome weekend. Tomorrow Mona and I will be traveling to Great FallsMontana, the second largest city in Montana, maybe the third now, with Missoula. And from one to three we'll be at the Barnes & Noble store. They have ten of our books on the aura. We hope to sell all of them. It's a three-hour trip and it's potentially going to snow, so I'm working with Lanello to ensure that the roads are clear so that we have a safe journey there and back.

            Thank you so much for your support, your love, your spiritual work. Bless you and goodbye.

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