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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

David Lewis      November 07, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 7, 2013   9:03–9:17 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

An Initiative to Bring the Wisdom Teachings to the World

A Call for the Resources and Individuals to Edit All the HeartStreams

David: Boyd and I were having a conversation yesterday about editing, because we really desire to get some of the newest HeartStreams transcribed and then edited, final edited and up on our website as soon as possible, hopefully within a few days, because we know that you, having heard a HeartStream, desire to read it, to study it, to really parse it and to utilize some of the instruction or, in some cases, to follow what the masters have asked us to do.

            So I am putting out a call to the universe and to beloved Maximus, to the sponsors of our movement, to the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to bring to us the supply and to bring to us individuals who are willing to be involved in this very timely manner of editing our HeartStreams—individuals who have the skill sets, the desire, the ability, the wherewithal, the advanced computers and the time to do this.

We have some editors, and yet they are independent contractors and they have other clients besides The Hearts Center. And of course, when they have other projects that they're working on they can't work directly for us at that point, and sometimes this goes on for weeks or even months. So, if we had a dedicated half- to full-time editor for HeartStreams, we could secure many more of these beautiful messages of light from the masters onto the homepage, because we get the audio up there virtually the same day, almost every day.

We have a wonderful audio editor, Maria Min, who works very, very quickly, assiduously, conscientiously. This is a fantastic opportunity for the Great White Brotherhood to have a live spoken message broadcast and then virtually, within a few hours or later that same day, put up on our website in audio form with a nice image and available for heartfriends who may not have been able to watch it or hear it the first time either because they are working or traveling or they're on vacation or whatever.

We have this amazing archive of over 3,800 HeartStreams that have been given since June of 2004 in some written form, and then in audio after January, 2005. So I am calling to the Divine Mother, whom I often pray to for situations that require intercession on behalf of heartfriends. And when I say “the Divine Mother,” it can be any Divine Mother, it can be all the Divine Mothers, it can be beloved Omega.

            I AM imploring you now, Ladies of heaven, to bring forth the ascended-master solution—the individuals, the time, the resources, everything that we require—because it is our great desire to bring this wisdom teaching to the world.

Boyd explained to me that because of the new Hearts Center website, when we have these HeartStreams right there, available and a couple of clicks away for you to read (not just embedded in the HOPE system in an archive that is more internal within the website), then the spiders and search engines can find them; and then we get a higher placement when people do web searches for various subjects or topics or keywords or phrases. The more HeartStreams we have available in this way, the higher we will rank among all of the ascended-master websites. We desire to be right at the top, and we will be in many, many more ways in coming days, weeks and months as we have these HeartStreams there.

t is a win-win situation for all of us to have these HeartStreams both transcribed and edited, and we've made progress with that. Boyd has built this amazing little technological tool. I think it's absolutely awesome. Would you like to talk about that, Boyd?

Boyd: Sure. First, to be really clear, this is the vision, this is the goal. On the home page of our Hearts Center website, the way it is right now, we have three columns that correspond to the Buddha, the Sangha and the Dharma. On the left side we have Messages from the Masters and everything about the masters in communicating with the Buddha; this is our Buddha column. And below that, under Ascended Master Wisdom, are the masters' messages. You can see that we have a system now and we have people in place who are putting these up every day, and they're finding attractive images that go with them. Really nice.

So we have parts of the puzzle in place. And yet, like David was just saying, there could be more. For instance, here's a HeartStream by Archangel Zadkiel. When I click on that, I see this image that was talked about during that HeartStream and there is a link to listen to it. We'd love to put the text in there, too. And the pieces of the puzzle still to come are the transcription and the editing.

I'm going to show you a little trick here. This is not for everybody to use; this is for servitors to understand and use. We have a software called Dragon Speak installed on our server, and servitors can log in and use this system to transcribe the recorded HeartStreams. You can't really see how it works; what happens is this: If you upload that recording of Zadkiel into the software, then within five or ten minutes you've got a pretty good transcription that just remains to be touched up. And we have people willing to do that part also now. So, like David said, the next goal is to get the final editing done, which is another whole skill set, and that's what we're looking for—that final step.

David: We have lots of transcribed HeartStreams in the editor's queue. I don't know exactly how many there are; there are hundreds in the editor's queue. So, if there's someone out there who has recently received an inheritance and you would like to donate $40,000 or $50,000 for us to hire a full-time editor, boy, the good karma you would make would be amazing!

Think of how many HeartStreams a full-time editor could edit that could be up there right away, available for all to see—all of you and every lightbearer who comes upon our site. And for those who are doing searches all the time for different phrases, terms, ascended master names, we would be right there at the top. I can tell you that this one initiative would reap the most amazing benefits for us as a spiritual movement in terms of letting people know what we already have.

We have the most dynamic ascended-master movement website anywhere on the planet, and it is awesome. We have done all this groundbreaking work, this foundational work for the last nine years led by Boyd Badten, Luke Campbell and a few others; and before that, Stefan Delaney helped out a lot. We truly have this phenomenal system. Now it's up to us to get the message out to the world, and we have the most amazing library of ascended-master teachings.We are at the nexus now of a great breakthrough if we can just have the resources and we accept them into reality now for these individuals and the supply that we require to have the editing done.

Another key thing is that once all the editing is done on these HeartStreams, they are available to put into a number of different types of books. For instance, lately I've been having two different editors work on all of Saint Germain's HeartStreams, and there are only about twelve left out of all the ones that Saint Germain has delivered since 2004 through me that are not final edited and available. Once we get all of those ready, we will have the information released by Saint Germain that will be available for the book.

And actually, there's other material that's not in that system that has been released through me that I have not yet been allowed to release publicly, and that material will also be part of the book. However, I can tell you that this is something very near and dear to a number of our leaders' hearts. Deborah Timberlake, our president, has spoken often that she would love to see all of our HeartStreams edited. We've talked about it as a council, as the board of directors. So I am putting out a plea and I'm seeing the supply, the individuals who are willing, possibly, even to be salaried staff, full-time. And the supply has to come forth.

            I AM, in the name I AM THAT I AM, demanding it from heaven, from the Divine Mothers. I AM seeing it. I AM realizing it and I AM energizing it through these beautiful violet-fire pyramids as alchemical matrices now and through all the violet-fire prayers that we will be giving for the rest of this year at the behest of Zadkiel. I AM seeing, co-creating the amazing alchemical abundance that our movement will have, moving into 2014 and beyond, to hire additional people, to have numerous individuals that we can move into positions within our movement that will allow us to really move forward the Brotherhood's plan.

If you out there are listening, maybe for the first time today, or you see or hear the replay of this service and you would like to help El Morya, Saint Germain, beloved Jesus, the Great Divine Director, Mother Mary, Djwal Kul and all of these great ascended masters in getting their progressive revelatory teachings out to the world, we would love to hear from you, receive your gracious tax-deductible offerings and donations either to our general fund, to our current 99-day vigil fund for peace and abundance, or for our publishing fund or any fund that you feel useful for our movement, we would love to hear from you.

And of course, everything we do, we do to the glory of God, we do to magnify the Lord. We are in this for the long haul, for the ascended-master purposes of the Great White Brotherhood. We are in it not for personal gain or personal vainglory. I couldn't care less personally what people think about me as an individual. I'm in it to glorify God and to get the ascended masters' names out there, get their teachings out to the world.

I know that all of you who are so invested in our movement are doing the same. You have given your all, you have striven, you have been here for us through your prayers and your support day after day, week after week, and in your givingness and your tithes. We are so grateful for everything that we have received. Our only desire, our only purpose is to see the fruits of God's divine abundance flowing to all of you so you have everything you require and that you are opulent and rich beyond your wildest dreams and that you are fulfilled in the light.

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