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David Lewis      November 05, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 5, 2013   7:37–7:56 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Blessings of Being Physically Present within the Aura and Radiance
of the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

            We have a wonderful conference coming up December 19–22, 2013, here in Livingston, Montana. Many Buddhas will be attending with us, overshining us and blessing us, including Lanello, Clare de Lis, BuddhiMa, Manjushri, the Green Tara, Padma Sambhava, the White Tara, Maitreya, Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin), the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, Gautama Buddha and Prajnaparamita.

            On our website are links to the Events page that shares many more details about this wonderful event that you can read about. We have received HeartStreams from all of these Buddhas, and you can go to the HeartStream section of the website to listen to and/or read these HeartStreams to prepare your awareness for what will be released at the time of the winter solstice in a little over a month and a half from now.

            Two days ago we had an annular solar eclipse, on November 3 early in the morning here in Montana. And some of us have noticed a certain energy pattern, possibly of darkness. Because when the sun is eclipsed, of course, it represents a lot—the eclipsing of the light of our own Solar Presence, the temporary shadowing of the effect of that great Solar Reality and Light. And we have to be the counterpoint, the counterweight to this temporary point of seeming darkness by increasing the light within our awareness and being.

            So, at Boyd's request, we will be having, at least for the short term, two sessions a week broadcast from our Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart. We'd like to do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays and see how things go. We know that this is a darker time of year in the northern hemisphere, and so it behooves us to invoke more light.

            For those of you who can make it to Livingston, I know that you will be supremely blessed by this event with the Buddhas. And remember, we have our Retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light right here, expanding out by 3.3 miles in all directions right from our Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart.1 So you can bask in that radiance. You can make the call to attend sessions in this sacred retreat, which is still being objectified even more in the heaven world even though it is at a point of a certain level of completion. As we add the momentum of our prayers and devotions and songs in praise daily from here, the light-essence within this retreat will increase, because there are reservoirs of light that are established through our devotion, and these the masters use often for dealing with certain situations and in order to bless life.

            Now, the purposes of the retreats of the Brotherhood are many, and I've spoken on this before. I'd like to reiterate that one of the purposes, of course, is teaching, because there is a lot of instruction by the masters that goes on in our finer bodies. They teach both ascended masters and the spirits or souls of unascended beings who are still living upon Earth. The retreats are also power centers, foci of light that are required for the stabilization of the antahkarana of light, the grid of light across and around the world. So, these power centers are focused in specific places in order to have the garnering of energy in order to stabilize the Earth energetically, spiritually and physically.

            The retreats are also wonderful places for our souls to go for a type of inner nourishing where we are bathed in light, refreshed, rejuvenated; they're kind of like cosmic spas. Various masters have shared sessions, such as in Mother Mary's retreat, where we can go into various crystal-emerald pools and take these amazing baths and showers and be completely infused with light. Many of the retreats, or virtually all of them, have the strategy rooms we've heard about, where the ascended masters have their enclaves. They convene sessions in these strategy rooms and determine what courses must be taken to further the spiritual evolution of mankind through the work of initiates upon Earth. This is more of a blue-ray activity of long-term planning to move forward mankind's return to the heart of God through oneness with God.

            Whenever many of us come together under these retreats or in the aura of these retreats, a number of ascended masters also come. And the blessings that we receive because of the impulses of light that are radiated forth and provided for us for our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical nourishment are beyond our human comprehension. Now, you can receive a portion of this by attending online. We know that coming physically affords us the opportunity to receive 25 percent more because we are physically in the proximity of the ascended masters. And the radiation itself can be felt tangibly by those in the room and in the environment to a greater extent than just attending online.

            We know this dynamic, we know this law; and whatever any and all of us can do to try to attend as many of these events as possible physically does help us on our spiritual path and journey. Often there are initiations that occur on the inner, unbeknownst to others in the audience or even the messenger, which is a communion of our soul with Spirit and a deep opportunity for reconnecting or for purification or for an energization to occur. And sometimes the initiations can only be extended physically; we've seen this, because at times the blessings, the anointings occur only to those physically present.

            I know it is a cold time of the year in the northern hemisphere, especially in Montana in December. And yet, with the proper planning, the right clothes, the right attitude, the right desire and motive, you will be amazed at what can occur miraculously if you set your mind and heart to being here, to attending in physical form, to blending the resource of your beautiful heart, your beautiful aura with heartfriends of like mind and of energizing the Earth through your light-being. Because one of the purposes of coming is not just to be fed spiritually; it is also for you as a light-being to feed the Earth through your essence, who you are.

            So, as progenitors of light, as we heard of in this meditation, we each have the ability and the responsibility to emanate light. Because as lightbearers we're also lightsharers. We bear that light, and it may take a while for us to garner and to feel how we can maintain the garnering of that light in our beings. At a certain point we have enough of it stabilized and magnified in our beings that we become a radiating center, and then our primary purpose once we have reached that Christic level of beingness is to consistently, in constancy, radiate light. That is one of our primary spiritual practices in this movement of The Hearts Center.

            So, if at any time you feel a certain density, it's time to up the amperage, up the wattage and be there for God, for the ascended masters, for yourself, your family, your loved ones—to be a lightworker and a lightsharer. This is your primary purpose of coming to the Earth in addition to passing your initiations, evolving and learning in the schoolroom of life; it is to shine forth your light, not hiding it under a bushel;2 to let it flow, let the circuits be open, the amperage move, the electricity shine, the energy bless all. We are truly electronic light-beings. And once you begin to feel the currents of this light and become conduits for its extension and expansion around the world, there is no greater joy than living daily to fulfill this purpose, to be sunny in your disposition, to be radiant and warm to all people, to love them, to expand love.

            When I see that the Green Tara and the White Tara are coming, I am moved by the amazing presence of these beautiful feminine Buddhas very like Kuan Yin, Avalokitesvara, in their radiance, their crystal beings, their ability to focus light through these color aspects of their higher awareness of God. And of course, the Green Tara comes with a great amount of abundance and healing, musicality, the science of light that she wields, the mathematics of God that she understands.

 As I see her performing various mudras, I see each of these mudras as gestures that frame a mathematical equation that is transcendent and powerful. For those who've studied a little bit of Qigong, you may have seen the movement of the hands of those who have garnered light. Through the delicate nature of how light moves through the hands in the crystal-ray chakras, so much can be done to bless individuals, nations, planets and beyond. And each of these mudras has a specific meaning, purpose, function and use for divine beings in harmonizing and in emitting light-waves.

            The White Tara is amazing. I see her as very majestic. When we traveled to Japan and to Taiwan, we were witness to a gigantic female Buddha as Kuan Yin that we actually went up inside. And I see the White Tara as absolutely, stupendously radiant and majestic, thirty and more feet high, and powerful in what she will release to the Earth. Can you imagine being in the presence of a giant or a giantess thirty feet tall, and the power and the energy that she may release to the Earth? I would desire to be there. I would desire truly to be at that point in time and space where that release will occur.

            We have a balance of female and male Buddhas coming. We have Clare de Lis, BuddhiMa, the Green Tara, the White Tara, Avalokitesvara and Prajnaparamita—the female Buddhas. And then we have Lanello, Manjushri, Padma Sambhava, Maitreya, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and Gautama Buddha. There are six of each, male and female, if you would classify them as such. It's perfectly orchestrated to be a harmonious release that can move us forward into the New Year, 2014, to be victorious in every possible way.

            Thank you for listening to this disposition, or discourse, on the importance of this event.

1. See Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light, August 2, 2013, “The Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light Announces a New Retreat Over Livingston, Montana.”
2. Matthew 5:14–16; Mark 4:21; Luke 11:33.

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