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Sarasvati      November 02, 2013

Beloved Sarasvati
David Christopher Lewis
November 2, 2013   9:04–9:16 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Inner State of Equilibrium

To Access More of the Abundant Life, Harmony Is Essential

Blessed Ones,

            I bring equilibrium to your world. This is the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega, where there is equality resident within the inner recesses of your being as you abide in your Presence and as the Lord's light is suffused through you. The eternal manifests through the temporal; the immortal rests within the mortal.

            You have sought to understand the dynamics of the “as Above, so below” experience whereby you could feel and know God fully present within, harmonizing all within you to a new state of cosmic equipoise, stability in the reality and the effulgence of grace and beingness. I, Sarasvati, come to impress light waves from the heart of the Divine Mother into the Earth and into your own earth body and temple of light so that you may, as you choose, experience this inner state of equilibrium. For, dearest ones, to access more of the abundant life, harmony is essential.

            And what is this harmony? It is the state of nonduality, of inner equality. It is perfect balance, inner knowing of Self within the center point of being whereby flow may occur and the flowering of your divinity ensues.

            Your motives for receiving greater abundance must be clear within your mind and heart. For when they are, the crystal nature of your true essence may be self-realized through grace and the virtuous stream of light from which and of which abundance is born. Your ninety-nine-day vigil for peace and abundance is an opportunity to understand the nuances of which peace is composed, of what abundance is, so that you may come into a richer sense of inner fulfillment moment by moment as you access this eternal stream of light, this immortal power of God-glory that may be effused through all of your workings, your dharmic offerings, your sacred service to life.

            When your motive is to be a co-creator in the highest sense, then you have access to the allness of creation, the creative power, wisdom and love of Ganesha, of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, whereby new worlds of awareness may flower within your mind and heart, whereby the allness of the Divine may reside within your soul as your spirit flies and sings and speaks of love, of light, of creativity.

            As you access greater abundance and employ it through your heart, the stream widens and the access points through which harmony, balance and equipoise may occur provide the greater resource that you desire, in desirelessness, to facilitate the onrush of Spirit and the birth and rebirth of light where you are. As you rise into the awareness of truly being co-creators in the highest sense and as harmony replaces every aspect that you have accommodated of your lower nature, then dearest ones, the abundance that you wield and that flows through you will truly light a world and bring peace, prosperity and presence to all.

            Prosper in the Now as you live as spirited beings, inviolate in your oneness and essence, divine in your glory and gnosis.

            [Sarasvati chants expanded forms of the Alleluia for 37+ seconds.]

            In joy and in light I have come, bringing to the West the effulgence of the East and merging the two within you in harmony for your victory, ever and always.

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