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Goddess of Liberty      October 15, 2013

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis
October 15, 2013   9:18–9:25 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

As You Are Grateful to God, So There Is the Multiplication
and the Maximization of Light from the Center of Your Being Outward

            In the light of gratitude I come. And through my ray I send appreciation to each one within this community of hearts who has striven and given to the utmost of their selfhood, of their light, of their love. As your Goddess of Liberty, I raise my torch to illumine you, O soul, in a new radiance of beingness. Even as your God Presence shines forth with the effulgence of your highest reality, the light that I bear and offer you accentuates what is already manifest by the conscious application of the love-being that you have modeled and manifest within your dharma and your service to life.

            Kudos to the conscious ones. Grace and bowers of blessings be yours, O souls divine, O hearts who pine only for God and his glory, the love of the Divine Mother within the whole of community, and the sacred space of compassion that you co-create through cooperation, teamwork and the gifts of your Spirit.

            It is truly a day to celebrate. And in this sacred celebration of light, new divine essences flow. Because each time that you give, there is the instantaneous dynamic whereby the Lord gives back to you. Therefore, for each one who has offered something of self and of his or her abundant life, we the ascended hosts and the Karmic Board actualize and bestow unto you heaven's flower and flow for your continuing growth, spiritual development and Solar evolution.

            Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light, unto these, O Lord! Let their crown chakras shine. Let their heart chakras flower. Let mindfulness within heart-centeredness expand within this community to reach out in streams of glory to touch the hearts of those whom we desire to draw into a new arena of action whereby our message may be heard, seen, read and studied by thousands more in months and years to come.

            I AM God-gratitude in action this day through you. And as you are grateful to God for all that you have received and that which has been vouchsafed to you in the beginning of your own essential nature, one with God, so there is the multiplication and the maximization of light from the center of your being outward. As Above, so below, Earth is graced by heaven's wonders, and heaven receives the approbation of mankind's love and appreciation for miracles and all of God's sustaining grace.

            Now light many new torches through your work and service, for in this, together, we will always victoriously be love. I thank you.

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