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David Lewis      October 08, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 8, 2013   7:05–7:38 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Our Hearts Center Movement Is Here as a Resource for Lightbearers

            Our Hearts Center movement is here as a resource for lightbearers to truly get to know themselves, their Higher Selves, and to reunite with their God Presence, to become Godlike—God-men and God-women. This may seem a daunting task, and yet we have the tools, the keys, the resources to do this. Through the foundational teachings of the ascended masters as presented by the Great White Brotherhood, a universal sacred egregor, a community of light in the heaven world and upon Earth who work conscientiously for the enlightenment of mankind, for the spiritual evolution of all races upon Earth and for the freedom of the soul of every man, woman and child evolving here.

            We have plighted our troth to the ascended masters within this movement and offer you an opportunity to join us in prayer, in invocation and chanting and singing and meditation and silence and harmonizing your spirit with the Divine and ennobling your soul through that which we offer to be able to access more of divinity, to enter a higher consciousness, what we call Solar awareness, and to reach new levels of understanding that give birth within us to a new reality rich in the effulgence of the graces and virtues of God.

            We have been broadcasting now for upwards of nine years daily in order to provide these resources of light.1 We videostream, we audiostream, we heartstream to you, spiritual aspirants, initiates of the sacred fire and those who are moving toward your adeptship in the full mastership of your being, where you are entering the higher states of Self-realization of your own Christic Presence, your own Buddhic awareness and achieving God-success through the mastery of self, the working out of your salvation, which is the self-elevation of your being in God, truly entering the Spirit of the One, the All-in-all, the Source, the Almighty, the Creator, God.

            We are about our Father-Mother God's business through this activity. We live in a spirit of oneness. We call each other heartfriends, beloved, holy brother, holy sister. We see the divinity within each one. We offer the resources of our hearts, our gifts and talents toward this holy cause of light. We invite you who may not know fully what we do yet to join us through the various opportunities we offer: through Meru University, through our various conferences and seminars, workshops and webinars; through our daily free broadcasts. We encourage you to get involved locally as well as globally.

            If there is a group in your area, get to know those heartfriends who have worked with the ascended masters for months, years, decades, lifetimes. Co-create something amazing and beautiful in your area. Bring your talents to bear in creative ways to light up your world with grace, blessedness and compassion. And when you can join us through the various practices that we offer, the various events and pilgrimages that we are engaged in, we appreciate meeting you personally, getting to know you, communing with you, seeing the vital essences that you bear of your own Solar awareness already realized within your life. Some of you have done amazing things. You have initiated cycles of light in your communities. You have given birth to new awareness through your Presence. And we would like to hear your stories and share in your ideals, your dreams, your holy aspirations.

            We recognize the truth within all the various faiths, religions and true spiritual movements throughout the world—the kernels, the pearls of wisdom that abide therein. And we have something very unique to offer in that we have direct contact with the ascended masters today to receive progressive revelation, cutting-edge teachings, that which is fresh and new and vital for us to meet the challenges of the Now.

            If you feel in coherence with us, in resonance with our message and our methodologies, let us know what is meaningful to you. We have a forum on our website where you can simply register by inputting your name and your e-mail and then contributing your wisdom, your poetry, your insights. We always enjoy hearing what is going on in your lives. You can ask questions the ascended masters will answer at times in our darshans. You can seek guidance. Often in their messages they will convey what is essential for us to put into play and into practice right here, right now to meet the challenges across the world, to send light into the Middle East or areas that are war-torn or embroiled in division and strife. We make a difference because we place our faith and trust in the Divine and we utilize the resources provided us to do spiritual work conscientiously day after day.

            We are not a fly-by-night movement; at times we fly by the seat of our pants, and yet we fly. And we fly in spite of those who deride us and who we are, for we are riding on the coattails of the Divine One in the winds of the Holy Spirit. We accept the truths of East and West, and therefore we have provided resources which are insightful that bring the highest of the Buddhic teachings with the mysticism of Christianity and Judaism, with the understandings of the universality of God accepted through Hinduism. We love to sing bhajans and kirtan. We love one another and love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.

            We are devotional by nature, and therefore we utter many prayers and we repeat them in a rhythmic sequence and a rhyming matrix that affords us the opportunity to reach into the divine worlds and commune with angels, ascended masters, holy spirits, divine beings, Elohim, cosmic presences. In this sacred communion of light, we receive much. The muses of heaven are there for us. They inspire us and we work co-creatively in teamwork to provide new options, videos, books, booklets, YouTube's, DVDs, CDs and MP3 files, meditations, et cetera. We have a beautiful store, the Alchemy Exchange, here in Livingston, Montana. We have much in the store to provide you inspiration and to enlighten you on your way.

            Our mission is sacred; our vision is clear. We are working toward Self-realization through the creation of very conscious Solar communities of light. And by Solar I mean that we are invested in the Solar sciences of light, divine alchemy, meditation practice, solar gazing, Understanding of the Sun as key to the understanding of the new Age of Aquarius. We are practical spiritual beings. We don't just talk about that which may seem to be unreachable. We put into play in our daily lives what we learn. And through that practical application, we win our victory and we become Self-realized in the highest sense.

            We have had over sixty Meru University courses2 taught by over forty-five individuals overshined by the ascended masters. And I have been there as their resource to darshan and to share new insights and revelations. We have traveled the world, having had nearly a dozen pilgrimages in Egypt and India and South America and Europe and Taiwan and Japan. We have shined our light, or shone our light, across the Earth, and we live in a sacred continuity of the spirit born of our collective presence of love.

            We have recently released this amazing book, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura.3 And although it says David Christopher Lewis, it was really inspired by beloved El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray of God's Holy Will. It completes the trilogy on the studies of the human aura. And we understand through this tome of light that we are donning our divine aura by the blending of the resources of our hearts with God, intuiting the Divine from within, and raising all life in the process. We are co-creating a beautiful new reality by our awareness. We are accepting it into realization by rediscovering who we are, our purpose, and that we are already within ourselves one with God. God lives within us. Christ lives in our hearts. And our Buddhic essence is there always to inspire us.

            I share these things for old and new alike today, because our message must be clear. We must be resilient in our resolve to reach into new spheres of awareness and opportunities to present our message, new avenues of expression using current media technologies. We have a conscientious board of directors that we call the council. We have many teams composed of both staff who are paid and volunteers who work untold hours giving of themselves towards this holy cause. If you have talents and resources that you would like to offer, we would love to hear from you. We will do our best to incorporate a pathway for you to give of your hearts. In some cases it may take a while for us to fully reach out to you and match the opportunities with your talents and skills. In other cases where they match instantly, of course, we would love to welcome you immediately into the arena of action of what we are doing.

            Our Hearts Center community is growing worldwide. We are making an impact and we travel through our meditations to do awesome spiritual work in many domains, seen and unseen. We accept permaculture as a way of life and the wave of the future within the eternal Now, where individuals grow their own organic food right on their property upon which they live. We are not fearful of the future. We understand the dynamics of what is occurring politically, socially, economically throughout the world. And yet we apply our wisdom into the current happenings and situations in order to bring light into them, to resolve them, to raise awareness and to assist those that we can offer aid and help to.

            We read daily the meditation provided by Prosveta of the Bulgarian master, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,4 who taught in France for nearly fifty years, from 1937 to 1986. Having been born in 1900, he lived almost the full duration of the twentieth century, a great master of light. We understand his purpose as a world teacher and we accept fully and wholeheartedly the wisdom that he provided the Earth as well as that of his master, Peter Deunov,4 the Bulgarian initiate who began the movement known as the Great White Brotherhood in Europe and had fifty thousand disciples at the peak of his sacred mission.

            Our sponsoring masters beloved El Morya, beloved Lanello and Clare de Lis, the Great Divine Director, Mother Mary, the master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov himself and Jesus the Christ afford us inspiration, encouragement and direction in our sacred work. These great arhats and cosmic masters work with us in our teams when we invite them. We ask them to overshine us in our service, in our work—and they do. And anyone of us can receive directly from them keys and teachings and insightful inspiration to provide the resources that we have been coached and challenged to offer.

            We understand the dynamics of life today, what is occurring on planet Earth, the conspiracies of the dark ones and also the great instauration and vision of the master Saint Germain with his beloved Portia as the avatars of the Aquarian Age. We follow the I AM teachings of this great master and we study assiduously the truths of various ascended-master activities of the past. We work conscientiously to provide the resource of this movement to give you progressive revelatory teachings for now. Although we are rooted in the ancient wisdom teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, we also see coming into play through the challenges of now the essentials that we must incorporate into our spiritual practices in order to meet head-on what is coming into play.

            We have the stuff of God within us. We have the wherewithal, the inner resolve and talents and graces to realize our Selfhood in the One. We honor each other in this process. Though there may at times be little conflicts or differences of opinion or perspectives on the way in which things can be handled and done, we are fully resolved as to where we are going, the avenue that we are plodding, and the pathway that we are treading toward the summit. We know that as we continue to strive to move upward, we will all reach the peak, the summit of being. So we agree to disagree on certain things and we resolve our differences through the grace of the Holy Spirit as we commune with each other, talk things through, work things out and yet honor the perspective of one another in this process.

            We are a movement of the heart and that's why we are called The Hearts Center—many hearts, not one heart, all beating to the same cosmic drummer, all in sync and in rhythm with the universal heartbeat of God. We love humor and levity and we incorporate it into our spiritual practice. Because it's easy to get too technically involved in things or embroiled in the details of our work to the extent that we feel the pressures of life. And therefore we have to have that time of levity, even of frivolity, joviality in order to weather the storms of today and bring laughter, happiness and great God-joy into play. We are a fun-loving company of saints. And those who bring their puns and their cosmic insights through what they offer in a joking manner are always appreciated.

            I again share this today because it is important that at times we reassess, reaffirm who we are, what our mission is, what our vision is and re-sync ourselves with the noble cause of light of which we are a part—by focus upon it, by speaking clearly on it and being in step with the great cosmic masters who serve us as we serve the Great White Brotherhood.

            We have received over 3,700 HeartStreams through the ascended masters' inspiration since the beginning of 2005 and even earlier in 2004, harking back to early June of that year. Many of these are transcribed and offered on our website. Virtually all of them are there in audio form and a number are in video form. If you have talents in the way of editing and skill sets in publishing, we would love to hear from you. If you have technical know-how in IT and computer understandings, the technologies of now, we would love to hear from you. There are many opportunities to serve and we've enumerated some of them on our website and we will continue to broadcast these options for you.

            Many of us who work and are paid staff also volunteer extraordinary extra hours in service to the Great White Brotherhood. We serve night and day. We live and breathe and have our being and move in the spirit of community and oneness. So we are always musing on that which we can provide as higher resources of light. The challenges of today are daunting and yet we are never given more than we can handle, and therefore we take up this pathway. We sing, we praise God. We pour forth our adoration to the One and we move in the realms of higher beingness and accept our commission to co-create, to multiply, to fructify God's eternal light-energy throughout the world, our solar system and the cosmos.

            Thank you for your gifts of the Spirit. Thank you for your givingness, your virtuous Selfhood and that which you offer daily on behalf of all mankind. We are one.

1. Explore our website,, to avail yourself of the many resources we offer.
2. Meru University courses, including free introductory and monthly courses, are available through our website.
3. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, by David Christopher Lewis, Item #3200-1-0049, $16.95.
4. Books by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and on Peter Deunov are available through our online bookstore.

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