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David Lewis      October 02, 2013

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Lanello)
October 2, 2013 8:00–8:30 am PDT
Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—Developing a Radiant Aura
Portland, Oregon

A Message from the Heart of Lanello

The Hearts Center: Where We Are, Where We Have Come From, Where We Are Going

            Good morning everyone. Lanello is very happy for that which we have together co-created during our Autumn Equinox light tour.1 And he'd like to give us a perspective of what has transpired spiritually with just one more book signing event and lecture tonight in the Portland, Oregon area. The light released with the daily HeartStream has been stupendous for the Earth. The ascended masters have contacted, on the inner, thousands of souls. Only about 5 percent of those whom they had hoped would come and those who offered to work with the ascended masters on the outer have actually shown up at our events.

            I recall in the first conference I attended within The Summit Lighthouse that there was a HeartStream from the Keeper of the Scrolls who said that only 10 percent of those who had vowed to be at that event were actually there. This is interesting—5 percent of those who on the inner had told the ascended masters, told cosmic councils that they would support our activity and be involved in it have actually shown up at these events. Although this may seem problematic and probably like we have failed, we have done our work to a certain extent; and there is much more work to be done. When you cast your pearls to the world, cast your bread upon the waters,2 not all will respond.

            Marketing and promotion is an exact science; it is one which requires a great amount of effort, awareness and the utilization of every possible means to get the message across to the world. Lanello would like us to consider what we are doing and how we are doing it in order that the core message of why we are here as a movement of light can be brought forth to the world. The actual light released during these broadcasts has been stupendous and 95 percent of that which the masters desired to release in terms of light-energy has been fulfilled. This is an A. So, although the 5 percent seems like a failing grade, when you consider normal marketing, a 5 percent response rate in certain aspects of sending out e-mail messages or contacting people through mail or other means is not terrible. And yet, we know that we can do better.

Of course, a greater time period of planning and preparation is essential. Therefore, one consideration Lanello is offering us is to finalize and plan our events in a longer-term spiral than what we are currently doing. Because if we can have six to twelve months or maybe twelve to eighteen months or even eighteen to twenty-four months of advance notice of a major initiative, and all those involved at all levels within our organization can properly have the means, the wherewithal, the funds, the backing to promote what we are doing, we will have greater success.

We have, in the past, worked somewhat on the fly; and the dynamic of this is interesting. Of course, we don't desire to release too far in advance what we're doing, because we know that certain forces oppose what we are doing. Lanello says today, though, that the advantages of longer-term planning outweigh the disadvantages of the opposition and that which could ride in to oppose what we are doing. Therefore, it is prudent for us to expand our awareness and begin to proactively plan on a longer-term basis. This is the work of the council, which is the guiding star of our movement in terms of long-term strategies. It is the work of a number of teams, primarily, however, promotion and what many call marketing.

When we have a bird's-eye view of the long-term strategy of what the ascended masters desire to accomplish through our movement—and then we very conscientiously and consistently work to promote that and to provide the resources and focus those resources toward this long-term strategy through all of our objectives, specific initiatives and the work of our teams, our team leaders, our staff, our volunteers—we will be much more successful in reaching the hearts of those who on the inner know what we are doing and yet have a disconnect between their inner desire and the outer realization of that desire of their souls to receive these teachings, to investigate them, to interact with us, to receive the blessings that the ascended masters bestow upon true disciples.

Now, part of the dynamic of why people don't respond is that of course they are entangled in their worldly commitments. They feel the need to maintain a certain stance with their jobs, their occupation, their vocation in order to maintain their lifestyle, to have the funds that they require to pay their bills, et cetera. Sometimes people feel that moving in the direction of a greater commitment or the time required to be involved in a spiritual organization takes them from those commitments.

Seen from a different level and perspective, all of the spiritual graces that we employ and the opportunities that we present actually provide a greater spiritual impetus for the long-term victory of the soul, the evolution of consciousness, the success of a spirit in its divine journey upon Earth ascending to the Sun. When we can get the message across that it is imperative for people to realize that their spiritual life can be their primary life and source of nourishment, we will bring more into the folds of our movement, we will inspire more to proactively be involved in what we are offering.

It takes a great amount of surrender for someone to give their life to a particular cause. Not all of us are willing to do this. People desire their personal space. They desire to have what they feel is essential of personal time to pursue certain interests, educational interests, reading interests. They desire that personal space to feel that they are in control of their lives and they feel they shouldn't abrogate this sense of their own individuality or give too much power or give away their energies to an organization or to someone whom they may perceive as being a guru, even though of course I am not that. I am simply a spokesperson for the ascended masters; and the last thing in the world I desire is people's personal emulation or their desire to put me on a pedestal or look at me as an anomaly or something greater than what or who they are. As with all spiritual teachers who follow the guidelines of the ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood, I am simply an instrument and someone who has offered himself to the light for the purposes of truth, of divine and progressive revelation. Other spiritual teachers, of course, may desire to be emulated, thought well of, and not worshiped yet doted on. This is not our way within our movement.

So the conundrum is how do we get across our message to the world: Experience the ascended masters daily, unite and reunite with your Solar Presence, expand your awareness of who God is within you, grow the light of your auric field to be a better benefactor for the world and to assist in bringing in a great golden-crystal age, grow community, initiate Solar communities. If we are willing to truly work together and, in a sense, to surrender a part of our personal lives, our time, our resources, our energy to work for the collective of a greater mission, then that mission may and will be more successful and far-reaching. If all of us truly only desire our personal space and are not willing to give our time and energy, our talents and resources to a greater whole, then we have the results we have and our efforts may not reach the wider circle of lightbearers that the ascended masters would desire.

We know the dynamic that we must be the change we desire to see in the world, that the success of our movement is dependent upon our own consciousness, that the golden-crystal age is manifesting within us daily through our own awareness. We create our worlds; we co-create our lives. If we are willing to take the leap into the fire and so support these endeavors that many more will be caught up in the spirit of givingness and of pure love, then we will see the culmination and the fruition of our efforts with greater numbers of souls. If we are willing to hold the balance for them by bearing their burdens as they are leaving off of certain habit patterns and donning new garments of light and casting aside their old ones, we can truly be an assist to these souls. We can nurture them spiritually day after day in order that they can make progress and they can see the results of what they invest in our movement in the ascended masters' teachings through The Hearts Center community.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to look at what we do, how we do it, to not compromise the essence of the message by moving it in circles of individuals or in ways that water down the message to the point where it is for the mass consciousness rather than the awareness the masters desire us to move into. Yet, there are ways and means of crafting and presenting what we have to offer that will bode us well and provide a link for many souls to link up with us, to know who we are and what our mission is.

One of the greatest resources we have, of course, is our website. We are in the process of very soon presenting a new version of the site,3 maintaining all the basic services we provide and yet doing it in a way that will allow those with mobile devices to more easily see what we have, and it will be formatted in a way that makes sense. And there is much more work to be done in this regard. We are, in effect, behind schedule; and this is no criticism of our team members or particular individuals, it's simply the dynamics of a staff that is a bare-bones staff working hard, many people involved in a number of activities and teams, and the resources that we have right now to do what we can do. Yet, it gives us pause to consider that possibly one of the reasons why some people don't respond is that we are not clearly presenting our message, we are not shaping it and crafting it in a way that is easy to see and experience, providing a means for people to enter into the equation of what we are offering with guidelines, with very clear avenues for their involvement.

This takes work. It takes a lot of conscious awareness, it takes the interaction of the minds of a number of staff, it takes leadership, it takes focus. There's a lot going on behind the scenes in this regard. There has been a lot of discussion and we are moving toward the pursuit of this victorious new sense of how we can reach out. A number of individuals have been contacted who have key talents and gifts, and yet, for them to truly be involved at a deeper level with us, we must be able to pay their salaries and provide income, because they have expenses, they have a life. We are not yet a physical community and have not yet worked out the dynamics of this to the point where we can live more closely together in a number of physical places to bring about the greater work that could occur if we had so done.

As I contemplate and Lanello contemplates this dynamic, there are a number of factors that play out and that we have to consider as we desire to move into Solar communities. We have not had those discussions and those processes lined out, or maybe I could say circled out, to the point where we are all comfortable with where we could move and how we could co-create these communities. This is a huge leap for us because, as somewhat of a fledgling organization with thousands contacted, a few hundred regular donors and over a thousand people or more on our e-mail list, we have sought to reach out to those who do appreciate what we offer and yet are not yet more involved, have not provided resources, have not really stepped into what I would call the servitor role in being more involved on a regular basis with what we offer.

It requires that we really deeply look at this, that we consider all the dynamics, that we carefully communicate, look at our communication style, look at how we present. Currently, it's obvious that we have a morning broadcast for two and a half hours, and we do much of the same thing daily. A lot of people who have jobs in the world are not able to involve themselves for two and a half hours in the early morning. Most of you who listen regularly are either retirees or you simply have the time to do this or you're on the staff.

So we are now looking at other options. We will be providing a half-hour broadcast and option for people who have to go to work, who desire to have a very short but mindful and beautiful experience of connecting with what we are offering, hearing a message from a master that's short and sweet, intense, pithy and effulgent, because many of you have your own spiritual practices, your ways of connecting with God that may be a little different than what we are offering. I don't always listen to the entire broadcast when I am not broadcasting live each day. I do my Tibetan Five Rites. I do my breathing. I love my solar gazing. I like to be outside in nature, have a time for showering and eating breakfast. And I have to be at work at a certain time to fulfill my assignments. All of us have these same dynamics and others. We have our families to pursue and work with and provide for.

Factoring all of these things in, there is a way for us to meet the needs, the spiritual requirements of every soul. We will be talking about this and working assiduously in our teams to extend our hearts to you all to provide opportunities and options. One thing that I have seen clearly is that little workshops where I and some of you, on behalf of the ascended masters, can very mindfully provide a weekend experience that is so transformational that people desire to know what's next. Because they will feel the light of the Holy Spirit moving through our message, they will desire to become more involved. I see the requirement, and Lanello ratifies it, that we can begin now in a more mindful way to allow greater numbers of you—those who have the ability through the power of the Holy Spirit to convey the basic message in a number of ways and through a number of subject matters—to convey the core message of who we are and what we do through one-day, one-evening, or weekend seminars or workshops in your areas.

We have to do this, heartfriends. We have to expand our offerings. We simply must do it; it is our charge. And as you feel called to be one who can present all manner of beautiful offerings in your area and grow our organization from the grassroots levels, we will begin to see more people flocking to what we offer. When I come to a city, people will know who we are, they will have our message, they will have our books, they will attend our courses because they will have attended the short, either free or fairly inexpensive, workshop. We can have more expensive workshops in areas where people are used to paying higher fees for very concentrated instruction on adeptship and higher truth; and we can consider this too. We don't desire to turn anyone away, and yet we also choose to have the resources we require in terms of income in order to provide greater offerings.

This message today from the heart of Lanello reflects somewhat where we are, where we have come from, where we are going. The light released through our activity is stupendous. The light is not necessarily always being anchored within the hearts of those who have vowed on the inner, who have made that commitment to the Great White Brotherhood to be receptors for and distributors of this light. Those of you who hold fast to your spiritual disciplines are those ones who are entrusted with the sacred Word, who support what we are doing. And for that Lanello, El Morya, the sponsoring masters and the Great Karmic Board and the leadership of our Hearts Center are all extremely grateful.

When I hear Saint Germain promising a devoted soul, such as Dwinn Dubrawsky, her ascension, it brings tears to my eyes. I see the results of constancy. I see the activity of the heart of this one and many of you who have so striven and given the allness of yourselves to support our work. El Morya, Lanello, the Great White Brotherhood thank you for listening. God bless you. We are victorious. Tomorrow I will be returning home. Mona is returning home now, today. And we thank you so much for supporting this amazing alchemical tour, Heartstreaming for Solar Awareness. God bless you.

1. Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour with David Christopher Lewis: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—Developing a Radiant Aura,September 13–October 3, 2013. The tour celebrated the release of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura with stops in over 26 cities in 21 days.
2. Ecclesiastes 11:1.
3. Explore our updated website,, to avail yourself of the many resources we offer.

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