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Magda      September 22, 2013

Beloved Magda
David Christopher Lewis
September 22, 2013   12:00–12:16 pm PDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

San Diego, California

I Have Woven New Strands of Light within Your Crystal Beings

Rediscover Who You Are in a New Sense of Presence

Joyful Hearts,

            I radiate love to each one of you through the crystal of my being, one with Jesus, through the essence of my heart, so close to his, congruent with all that my beloved has manifested throughout the centuries and even now in our office within Spirit. Yes, I am here to provide each and every one of you a new sense of your holiness, a new essence that you may draw forth from within your heart to access everything that you require at any point upon your spiritual journey.

            Joy is abundance. And abundance is borne on the wings of joy for those who manifest divine happiness through the fragrance of their hearts: the attitude of kindness that they bear and the grace that ennobles their being; through the sacred offerings that they employ on a daily basis; and through the gentility of their conscious presence applied. As you are graceful and angels attend you through your givingness, their joy is amplified and sustained as a crystalline matrix of elation, elevation and levity, which brings all to a new state of divinity. When you laugh and when you are carefree with a positive mien and a heart always turned to the Divine, even as you listen intently to your own spirit as it speaks from within you, there the sun-fire Presence of your crystal nature appears and is glorified. Through you the Earth is raised in light and you sanctify all that in this joy-field of light; you bless all through your hearts of fire.

            O, if you could only see the true record of what transpired in the Age of Pisces, you would be refreshed again and again in knowing that there was so much joy at hand in our experiences together, in our communion heart to heart, in our discussion circles and in the teachings that we, the conscious ones of that community of light, were involved in on a regular basis at the feet of our Lord. You see, his ministry began long before that incarnation. He laid the framework for what was to come through a number of lifetimes, seeding the Earth with the Christic spirit that would be fulfilled in that most amazing life that we bore witness to then and that we still revel in even as ascended beings.

            Yet, dearest ones, we have ascended far beyond that which was experienced then and which is captured only in part by your scriptures. Yes, we have entered into the divine estate of perfect beingness in light. And we encourage you to rediscover who you are in a new sense of presence that will bring the all-possibilities of your magical life into play as you entrain your hearts with ours, as you envision a new golden-crystal age evolving far beyond that which has ever been experienced upon Earth. You see, the turmoil of this time will give way to a new Earth through the rebirth that is manifesting now within each of you as you glory in the star-fire radiances of your own essence of Godhood and as you enjoy your path of light through all manner of co-creative works of the Spirit daily.

            What you envision and energize through the flow of light through your emotional bodies, with great regard for God in this process of precipitation, is real and manifest now, dearest ones. To believe, have faith in and accept this as law and as beingness brings you to this fount of self-identification with light, the sun, and who you already are at your core, in your true essence of divinity. We have said it in so many ways, over and over so that finally you will get it, so that you will accept your status and stature as sons and daughters of the One. For when you feel this ennoblement, when you accept this anointing of your spirit through your own awareness, your own consciousness of who you are as a beautiful being of light, then all that you have held dear as possible begins to unfold most naturally, most graciously and gracefully, and there is joy in this experiential alchemy of love for you.

            I have woven within your crystal beings new strands of light, which when understood and accessed in your times of silent meditation with your Source will provide for you impetuses of light, graces untold and divine fragrances such as you have experienced today in your self-anointing of your feet. And thereby where you walk from this day forward upon Earth, blessings will ensue and a greater anointing of all may accompany your spirit wherever you choose to move in the heart of the Divine Mother and breathe in the essence of her endearment and endearing smile.

            O gracious ones, my only desire is for you to feel the love of God daily in its allness. For when you do, no burden, no trial, no dyslexic words or no controlling enterprise may in any way dissuade you from enjoying just who you are as a beautiful star, as a crystal being in love with life and empowered ever to be joy.

            Sing, sing and sing again, for the angels radiate forth through their celestial choirs so much resonance and the frequencies of perfect bliss when they hear you glorifying God through your sacred voices upturned to the sun and praising the One.

            I AM your Magda. Thank you for your new prayer, inspired upon David. As you give it as often as you choose, I will continue to weave these golden, liquid-light strands of star-fire presence around the Earth to anoint and bless millions with my love. As Jesus said often, I am with you always, even unto the ends of the earth,¹ air, fire and water as you traverse these dimensional planes of being and experience the cosmos from within your heart. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

            Jesus and Magda invite you to hug them through Mona and me. So Magda will hug you through Mona, and Jesus, through me. And in this sacred embrace, Magda will extend to you a golden-pink rose, and Jesus, a purple rose. This etheric talisman will remain in your heart for the duration of this life and beyond. The only requirement to sustain it is that at least once a day you simply tell God “I love you” in whatever way that would be expressive of that love—through song, through silent or spoken prayer—and that you follow the first commandment to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy spirit, thy strength and thy mind.²

            So let's say it now: O Lord, I love thee with all my heart, my spirit, my strength and my mind. And I accept this rose from beloved Magda and beloved Jesus, from their hearts unto mine own, with grace. Thank you.

1. Matthew 28:20.
2. Matthew 22:36–38.

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