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Surya      September 21, 2013

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2013   12:00–12:18 pm MDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

Phoenix, Arizona

Now Is the Time for a New Stability in Your Solar Presence

It Is Your Turn to Brighten This World
with the Shining Brilliance of Your New Aura of Love and Light

Beloved Ones,

            The light of the sun is here! The light of your Presence shines forth, and the glory of God is yours to enjoy, to claim and to bask in through the power of love manifest within you here and now.

            I AM Surya, and I extend my heart, my mind, my crystal being to you to infuse within your world all of the essentials of life, the nuances of creation and the elements of selfhood that, when appreciated and accepted and allowed full concourse within you, are causative of cosmic transformation and planetary change where you are.

            Would you see a new Earth self-realized in love and harmony? Then feel, first within you, the impulses of that divine light that the Earth already is manifesting in its own higher beingness, dearest ones. For what you feel with great intention, what you see with great clarity, what you know through the intuitive faculties vouchsafed to you by your God Presence encapsulate and allow the highest creative fires of the Divine to manifest within you your God Selfhood.

            You have studied the aura and you have decided to enter a new vibration through love. This will result in a new universe appearing right within the context of your life. And it will be your opportunity to choose the elements of the new co-creative fires of the Spirit, which will be provided to you through angelic intercession day after day, for the highest outpicturing of your new life through this new light essence, precious hearts.

            Many spoke of the shift that occurred at the end of the Mayan calendar this past winter solstice, December 21, or even on 12-12-12, as many celebrate it through the Gregorian calendar in the West. Dearest ones, though you may observe through your own numerology and your own solar calendar what is occurring within your life, we see and feel far beyond this existence from our perspective within the center of the sun of this system and far beyond in other solar galaxies and cosmoses.

            Yes, when you traverse the cosmos, when you feel and know God's divine design within the creation, there is a greater context through which to experience life. You see from a more universal perspective that which is manifesting through all life forms, within all multiverses and dimensions of being. When you enter cosmic consciousness and feel these impulses radiating through you as a God-realized one, then you enter the state of unity, nonduality, and beingness only within the universal oneness of the center of all. There is no longer any dissimulation, no longer any reason to live outside of the circle of your God-identity, dearest ones. There is only love; there is only light; there is only Solar beingness in this reality. If you choose to walk and talk with God and to soar with me and Cuzco through the heavens, then, from this perspective, you too may radiate forth your Solar essence and self-realize All-in-all right within your heart.

            Every discourse, every HeartStream inspired by the ascended masters is an opportunity for reflection and for spiritual evolution. If you understand the dynamics involved in a release of light through the nexus of the Word, then the inculcation of the radiation within the specific frequencies that we emanate through these cosmic foci of light may be yours to utilize for a more accelerated awareness and for a more supernal experience of oneness with your God Source.

            We use vocabulary, dearest ones, that stimulates the highest within you, exonerating you from your past and goading you toward the new true-blue you, who has always been ever present and yet somewhat elusive within your life. No more, O holy ones of God, should there be exclusivity of consciousness within the lesser self, within the lower aspects of that which you have previously accepted. Now is the time for a new stability in your Solar Presence! And therefore I increase the radiation now through the volume of this release so that you may feel a cosmic excitement of your higher nerve centers and of that which may bring you a new sense of glorious, cosmic Christic and Buddhic peace.

            First there is that Solar essence from the sun of your own being shining forth through you. And then when all is clear within you, a new peace may reign, a new harmony may ensue, a new divine radiance and bliss of beingness may alight right within the framework of your light body, of your aura, and that which God has vouchsafed to you as your very life, here and now. So you would experience greater oneness on a daily basis, throughout the twenty-four-hour cycle—the sun's appearing, disappearing and reappearing on the horizon of your own being.

            May it be so now through the intercessory blessings of the Spirit that we the Solar ones provide our own. May it be so through a new harmonics born of conscious awareness, born of Buddhic presence, whereby you float above all discord, which cannot touch you in the realms of the Pure Land of the Buddhas. May it be so through a new vision, which you may accept through your clear-seeing eyes, beholding only the beautiful and sublime, the courteous, the gracious and the ennobling. May it be so through every breath that you breathe.

            Oh, the rhythm of the breath. Study it. Understand it. In the magic of the moment, accept and release, release and accept light, God, prescience, intuition and joy. Oh, if you could know the joy of eternal beingness, the bliss of oneness that we experience throughout the cosmos, you would let go of all that assails your spirit and its shining essence and fully accept your divinity, dearest ones.

            Now we increase the light within the secret chamber of your heart to resonate more closely with the sun of even pressure within the Earth so that a new Solar radiance, through the teachings of beloved El Morya and his tome of light, may be known, felt and utilized by the conscious ones whom we are drawing into a knowledge of this activity of The Hearts Center movement and community.

            Speak your truth with the audacity of a new hope and love. Be bold in your enterprises of light. Be conscious in your use of the divine will, raying forth through your mind, heart and throat chakra that which is born of God and qualified only with the beauty of the co-creative fires of the Holy Spirit.

            You know yourself more when you are still and live in the perfect, peaceful presence of your crystal Selfhood. Come back to this center point of stillness for a new equation I offer whereby you, one with God and equal to the task of attaining a perfected heart, will soar to the stars and sing with those who have long heard the music of the spheres and have been raised in light to the throne of the One.

            Lux fiat. I have provided a new impetus for you. Now it is your turn to utilize our gifts and to brighten this world with the shining brilliance of your new aura of love and light. I thank you.

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