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Prajnaparamita      September 19, 2013

Beloved Prajnaparamita
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2013   8:08–8:20 pm PDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

Tucson, Arizona

Know Your Diamond Buddha Nature

Jeweled Ones Who Would Understand Your Destiny in Greater Measure,

               I AM Prajnaparamita, Mother of the Buddhas, and I emanate through the image, lovingly prepared, on the wall behind David, shining forth my own jeweled essences of light and love to you, each one.¹ For who is a Buddha except one who has ascended in consciousness to perceive the jewel within the lotus within the heart; the jewel that signifies the diamond nature of pure beingness; the jewel that is the crystal lens through which God's light is refracted within the world in order that that light may dance and sing and play within all realms of beingness, in order for the fruits of the Spirit, the virtues of the Divine One to be known, first within the mind and heart and then offered reverently to all life.

               Would you know your own diamond nature, your own Buddha Self, blessed ones? If so, commune with me and all of the heavenly Mothers who lovingly express to the hearts of our children the blessings of pure beingness, the radiances of the effulgent auras of light that we bear for all. Yes, meditate upon the seed ideation of God, out of which you were originally created in his image and likeness as perfect, as holy, as complete, perfected in crystal light.

               When you know yourself as your diamond Self, then nothing can dissuade you from the crystal-clear pathway of light that is before you to walk in, to revel in and to joyously and harmoniously embrace. I now, on behalf of many Mothers, weave within your auric flowfields these crystalline frequencies, causative of cosmic change whereby you may become even more perceptive and receptive of the divine graces of Spirit.

               All of you before me, as feminine beings in this lifetime, are ready for new initiations of joy. Yes, dearest ones, the path is no longer a sorrowful path of struggle whereby you must sweat and strive to become something else than what you already are. Be joyous in a Mother's love. Be happy as she embraces you, each one, with her tender care and regard for you as a cherished one, beloved of the universe and one with her sacred, beating heart.

               O holy ones, nothing can get in the way of your divinity except you allow it by your own consciousness. So the key is not to allow it any longer in your world. You may be all light, you may be all love and you may be fulfilled and enriched with an abundant life, an abundant stream of God-consciousness. It is your choice to simply accept it, allow it and then to live it.

               [Prajnaparamita chants a melody for nearly a minute.]

               In the allness of God's love, I have come to provide you the essences of my heart, the frequencies of a Mother's love for her Buddhas—her budding ones, those whom she has always seen as enlightened, as eternal, as wholly free.

               I AM with you always within your soul, within your crown, within your root chakra and within the secret chamber of your heart, diamond in its glory and beauty. I thank you.

1.  A magnificent representation of the Divine Mother as a framed giclee' print on canvas, was hanging on the wall behind David during this HeartStream.

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