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Ratnasambhava      September 18, 2013

Beloved Ratnasambhava
David Christopher Lewis
September 18, 2013   8:00–8:15 am MDT

2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura
Tuscon, Arizona

Ratnasambhava Embeds within Our Crown Chakra
Aspects of a New God-Consciousness

Nurture the Divine Within and Find New Peace, Presence and Oneness

Precious Ones Whose Light Is Increasing Day by Day,

            I am here to accentuate your Solar Reality, manifesting as your divinity from deep within your heart, manifesting through your mind and radiating out unto infinity with greatest joy, harmony and peace. The possibilities for your God-attainment are here. You have the understanding; you have the foundational teachings; you know the principles and values of cosmic truth. For you have been on this sacred journey of light and love for eons. And now is the hour and this is the time and the place for the full flowering of your Divine Selfhood, the full glorification of your Buddha nature and all that is of that essence that yours to claim, to accept and to revel in.

            Tram, tram, tram. My seed syllable as Ratnasambhava is yours to use when you choose in order to dispel any form of darkness that comes your way, whether from within or from without, to curtail that flowering of your selfhood in light.

            Tram, tram, tram. It is a simple and yet powerful mantra that signifies the diamond light of my being, tried and true, manifesting the I AM where you are for your victory, for your joy. Every Buddha manifests the true divine joy of the heavenly realms, as it is experienced in its totality as the bliss and the nirvanic presence of complete oneness with the All.

            When you enter this state through silence and deep reflection upon the essence of life, which is love, then in that harmonic state you too may be an emanator of Solar fire, as we are; of crystalline radiances, just like us. The divine us already exists within you and yet we would expand it unto a new crescendo and experience for each one.

            You have had a taste of the Divine within the ambrosia that you have accessed within the inner silence of your heart as you have penetrated to the depths and heights of reality in understanding compassion as the great arhats have known it. And yet there is oh so much more that you may access of this divine state of complete oneness in love, which we will exemplify for you, share with you through this teaching center of light and through other ones whom we will draw unto you to shine forth their light and offer their skill sets, their understandings, their blessings to your souls.

            Within your Buddha nature is all that you require to move within, to expand in all dimensions and planes of being, dearest hearts. How do you access that Buddha nature each day? Through the breath, through assimilation of light and through the entrainment of your hearts with the hearts of the stars, the divinities and the holy radiances—who for millennia shine forth their light throughout the heavens and magnanimously and joyously effuse throughout the cosmos the virtues and glories of God; through the perfecting of the heart, which the Divine One has inscribed within each of you.

            If you can muse on this level of living, it can be yours to experience and to know. You are well read now, as well bred ones. Nurture the Divine within and find new peace, new presence and that oneness state in order that all may be fulfilled within your radiant life in God.

            [Ratnasambhava sings a melody in an ancient tongue.]

            Surya has sent me to initiate you. And through this melody, sung in an ancient tongue spoken eons ago upon Earth, I have embedded within your crown chakra aspects of a new God-consciousness, engrams of divinity for you to experience in the great silence of your hearts, where sound becomes light, and light becomes the Unmanifest again. Peace, peace, peace to all. Namaste.

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