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David Lewis      September 13, 2013

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved El Morya)
September 13, 2013  9:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Divine Economy Is within You

Develop and Manifest Solar Awareness

            Recently I was contacted by Wallace Tulloch, who has been graciously hosting the Tuesday late-afternoon Divine Economy Vigil for quite some time. And I thank those of you who have hosted it through the broadcast due to the technical difficulties in New York. Wallace asked that I come to one of the vigils and share, from the ascended masters' vantage point, teachings or up-to-date information on the economy. Because I'm leaving on the tour and I was busy this past Tuesday when a relative was in town, I couldn't make it, and yet I asked for questions on the economy from heartfriends that I could ask El Morya for his reply. So I received four questions for the Master El Morya and also for Saint Germain. I'd like to share their teachings on these important subjects.

            The first question is, “Please give us some idea of what a divine economy is like. What are some of the components of it?” Early this morning at 3:00 am, I was awakened and wrote answers to these questions from the heart of the Master.

            El Morya says, "The divine economy is inside us, just as the kingdom of God is within us."¹ In fact, the divine economy is part of the kingdom of God. It is what keeps the kingdom of God going and growing. You may have heard that the streets of heaven are made of gold,² and this is true, though the pavement, the streets, are more like a radiant stream of energy upon which all walk and traverse.

            Gold is precipitated sunlight, the essence of the Christ consciousness coalesced in substance. It is divine intelligence of the mind of God in physical and spiritual manifestation. Gold is wisdom precipitated for our use as a means of exchange. Exchange of what? The alchemical exchange of energy between individuals, life forms, co-creative beings. We can choose to be divinely inspired and humanly intelligent and collectively realize a divine economy on Earth, accepting and bringing the light of the sun—the golden, liquid essence of the Sun King—into our Earth.

            This divine economy is perfectly balanced inside of us as our threefold flame, which is God's gift of life to us and within us as our personal spirit-spark of the One. The threefold flame is always in balance because if one plume is more developed, it recedes back to the level of the development of the others. This is the law. Our opportunity is to expand, to grow our threefold flame, and by doing this we expand our abundant life. We expand our ability to precipitate, to fully realize our Christ consciousness. One of the definitions of the Christ is one who has balanced and expanded the threefold flame.

            At times something is amiss within us, and we attempt to bring back into balance that which we have allowed to go awry. We may be smart and lazy: our blue plume is dormant or unawakened even though we are intelligent and our yellow plume is expanded. We may be loving and ignorant: our pink flame is large and the yellow is recessive. We may be doing great work by utilizing our blue flame, and yet at times we put our foot in our mouth because we have lacked discernment, or the development of the yellow plume, which requires fanning and bringing into a higher essence. When all three of the plumes are balanced, bright and brilliantly expansive, all of the resources that we require may be ours and we may properly utilize them as we lead abundant lives, as we are God Self-realized in life.

            I said earlier that the threefold flame is always balanced, and in a sense that is true in that if we develop one plume more than another, it may begin to expand and try to draw the others up to its height and stature. And yet the law is that it cannot remain there, and so it recedes to the level of the others. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to work on all three simultaneously in order to have balanced lives.

            In a divine economy, the essence of the Christ consciousness is realized by all citizens and therefore harmony ensues throughout the kingdom. Everyone follows the golden rule because each individual realizes that there is no other option—it is what is just and righteous. All live in the perfection of the divine light, which animates a higher level of living and being in God's aura, God's eternal and immortal consciousness.

            The components of a divine economy, then, are love, wisdom and power in perfect balance, manifesting as the fountain of life within us and within our culture, our civilization. And from this beautiful fountain flow all of the virtues of God, which are the fruits from our own tree of life and the collective tree of life within the midst of the holy garden, the garden of Eden, which nourish us and feed our spirits. For light is our natural nourishment, and divine energy fuels this most sublime economy that our Lord has created within nature, in the beautiful garden of light that he has prepared for his children.

            Now, in order to translate this, in part, into practicality upon Earth, we can discern some of the aspects of the divine economy within our Lord's Prayer, the Our Father: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”³ The divine economy already exists in heaven. Our responsibility and job is to draw it forth and anchor it in the world of form in our lives. Daily bread is required. We know from Jesus that he—or the Christ that works through him, the Word that he became, the Logos—is that bread of life, and we are fed by that Christic essence just as much as and even more than by the daily bread that we partake of.

            As we forgive our debts, our trespasses and as we forgive those who trespass against us or with whom we are fulfilling our karmic debts, we balance our karmic and economic ledger because, in a sense, our karma is that economic ledger. If we have a lot of karma, it may be more difficult to precipitate abundance. Therefore fulfilling our obligations to life assists us in manifesting greater supply. It is a natural consequence. If we balance our ledger, we balance the assets and liabilities and our net worth is positive. If our net worth is negative, we have more liabilities than assets and then we may struggle in order to develop ourselves to pay back what we owe.

            In the Lord's Prayer it also says, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”4 Temptation comes through opportunities presented to us whereby we may gain discernment and discrimination and, through determination, overcome ignorance. We have choices. We have free will. If we are to be delivered of evil—or the energy veil, maya, illusion—we have to mindfully move forward on our path, through wisdom, the illumination of the Son of God, to get past those blockages and byways and remain on the straight and narrow to our Source.

            What better way to develop ourselves than to walk the golden brick road of the Christ to the Emerald City, where the all-abundance of heaven is prepared and laid out for us. The expansiveness of all of the fruits of our own causal body are there and are available when we are true to ourselves, true to our purpose in life. Yes, we can experience the kingdom of God, the power of God and the glory of God in our lives.

            The same verse of the Lord's Prayer continues, “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever,” it is God's desire to extend to his children the essence of that kingdom, the understanding of that power and the manifestation of that glory as we live righteous lives, trued to truth, the eternal verities, the divine virtues, the Holy of Holies, which house the values of the Source.

            The second question is, “Beloved El Morya, we have been giving the prayer vigil for the divine economy of the USA for the last two years in earnest. We have a certain structured matrix at this time. If we can be more effective, can you propose a modified one or any other changes?”

            The economy is an emerald matrix. An emerald is composed of the blue and yellow fires, light waves of God. Right now El Morya says, “What is lacking is illumination in the world.” People are not quickened and awakened to the truth. They are ignorant of the fact that they have a Divine Presence, that they are already one with God and that all life is one. So if we can help awaken them by illumining them, we can help people to be set free to experience the truth, which is a component of the emerald ray, of which the economy is a manifestation.

            El Morya says, “Focus on the gold and yellow prayers for people to be awakened.” Study his advanced teachings on the aura. Attend Meru University classes. Unfortunately, numerous heartfriends, most likely due to their lack of abundance, do not attend the Meru University classes and therefore they are missing out on this development of the yellow plume. This itself is what they require to balance themselves and to have a greater economy of God manifesting in their lives.

            Many of the people who have the most difficult time financially are not participating in Meru University, which is where the cutting edge is of the delivery of progressive revelatory teachings through this dispensation. It seems like a conundrum, a catch-22. They don't have the supply, so they don't attend; if they don't attend, they don't receive the illumination plume in order to have greater abundance. It seems like a vicious cycle. Well, you have to start somewhere. Get the book Advanced Studies of the Human Aura.5 It's only $16.95. Study that book inside and out. Read and reread the Master's teachings.

            The light of illumination from the Great Central Sun, focused through what El Morya has shared, is quickening the entire Earth and will bring about the shift required within our personal economy, The Hearts Center economy, the United States economy and the planetary economy. We require not just prayers for the United States; we require prayers for all nations. So focus on the Earth itself as a whole.

            El Morya says to focus in our sessions on the newer prayers that use the I AM affirmations. And then read a few pages from El Morya's book during your broadcast service, discuss it, share ideas that come to you, and allow everyone who is participating to give input in order to have that teaching anchored in your worlds.

            As a whole, within our movement many people have a developed pink plume. It's expanded through our devotions. Now we must choose to utilize the yellow and the blue plumes, in balance with the pink, to precipitate the emerald matrix of an abundant life for all.

            In societies across the globe we still have, in a sense, the caste system in operation. We have the priest class; the warrior class; the worker class, often composed of subservient servants; and the educated elite, who often control or are continuing to attempt to control those whom they see as less than themselves. When the lowly ones— the meek, who are primarily performing manual labor—are educated and their yellow plume expands, what happens? They can rise into more mentally stimulating and creative work and command greater salaries. That's why an education is important for most people. If you only have an elementary-school education or even a high-school education, it may be difficult to precipitate a salary that allows you a certain amount of freedom. However, we should never diminish in our minds and hearts the value of service and those who perform the humble acts of giving; for in that service, karmic debts to life are paid and this, as we heard earlier, is an important part of the equation of our lives.

            To support El Morya and Saint Germain, we must live harmonious and joyous lives while balancing our personal economy. When our personal economy is humming, we create the necessary spiritual spin within our domain to keep things throughout the world, the larger domain of the planetary economy, humming and spinning. It's dependent upon us. If we desire a divine economy, we must get our house in order, balance our ledger, manifest a golden-crystal age within our awareness, our consciousness now. Meditate, follow the sun, be sensitive to the solar cycles. Awaken at dawn and speak to the sun; sing to the sun; dance to the sun; do yoga to the sun, performing the sun salutation; bask in the sun's divine rays and live in its ways, its modes, its virtues. In short, develop and manifest Solar awareness.

            El Morya challenges us to get his book, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, into the hands of thousands, tens of thousands upon Earth and then teach classes using this book. Every Hearts Center and every heartfriends group should have an ASHA (Advanced Studies of the Human Aura) study group at least once. Why? Because we are energetically supporting the release of this book into the world by our discussion of it, our reading and rereading of it, and adroitly and adeptly discussing it. We are creating a flowfield through that process that benefits and blesses life in all domains.        

            When all have done this, all The Hearts Centers and heartfriends groups have participated in these book studies, then Saint Germain's and Afra's books will be ready to take us into other advanced teachings on alchemy and an understanding of love, brotherhood and freedom.

            What I have just shared actually answers another student's question, “Beloved El Morya, what can each of us do personally to support you and Saint Germain to build our golden-crystal-age economy?” All that I just shared addresses that.

            The final question is, “Beloved El Morya, how is the growing of genetically modified organisms and their use affecting the economy?”

            This is a short answer, very direct: “GMOs are unnatural and do not conform to the natural cycles of life or natural law. They should be outlawed, as they disrupt nature's God-created world and bring a synthetic, a robotic, a mechanistic, spiritless matrix into play within nature and in our food. They are devoid of the Holy Spirit and do not carry a true life force or lasting energy field. They embody the death culture and are meant to bring about control rather than freedom of the individual who partakes of them. They destroy our temples and the building blocks, which our temples are, of the divine economy.

            El Morya says, “GMO—get more organic instead of eating genetically modified organisms.” Get More Organic! Let that be our mantra. Anything that is unnatural, that is not created by or sanctioned by the Divine One disrupts the cycles of life and therefore disturbs the antahkarana, the mandala of life, the natural order of things and therefore the economy.”

            Finally, El Morya says, “Look to nature to observe and discern how God has impressed throughout the creation the divine economy.” You can discern much by simply observing, meditating and intuiting how and what nature does through its innate divine intelligence, for nature is the beauty of the mind of God in action. The more you spend time in nature, in the sun, working with your hands in the soil, the more you will be enlivened and enriched in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit will teach you all that you require. It may just be that you will grow everything you require to eat, have extra to sell, and then be able to purchase those things that you require to clothe yourselves and to house yourselves, to pay your taxes, et cetera.

            When we return to a divine agrarian society, rather than one in which people are holed up in skyscrapers and in boxlike homes, factories and offices, we will return to an understanding of our Source, the sun. For from the sun we can intuit and know all. In the sun's light rays, we are fed with divine light and we have all the economic factors and blessings of the divine economy at our disposal to ingest, to lovingly accept and imbibe, to realize and to be fulfilled.

            Thank you for listening. Now we prepare for the coming of beloved Archangel Michael.

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5. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance (Meru Press, 2013) by David Christopher Lewis may be purchased online from The Hearts Center website at, from, or at select Barnes & Noble or other new age or metaphysical stores.

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