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Oromasis      August 25, 2013

Beloved Oromasis
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2013   8:45–9:01 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Key to All Alchemy Is Fire

Fiery Ones,

            We, Oromasis and Diana, come to impel you into the fire of God, where there is perfect presence, perfect peace and the possibilities for self-transcendence in the light and the fire of God. You have that fire burning within your breast as a spirit-spark of your divinity, and many of you have learned to fan it in some way every day in order that you may be a vessel of perfection for this Earth.

            Well, dearest ones, we the hierarchs of the elemental kingdom of fire come to allow for a greater manifestation of that fire within your own fiery spirit to catch hold of you this day in order for a new you to be given birth to. Why, every day is an opportunity for a fresh new you to emerge from the cocoon of your yesterday selfhood. And if you would self-realize, through joy and the spontaneity of the fiery sparks of God, that which is your true essence, then, dearest ones, it may be so; and you may emerge as a spirit enfired of God, no longer resonating with that which is devoid of God's eternal light.

            Every August, in the cycle of Leo, in the environs of certain areas of this nation in the West, fires break out because of the excess heat. If mankind could bear that heat within their own beings, then we the elementals of fire would not be required to unleash the fire element to burn up portions of your forest, dearest ones. You see, this is the equation that many are missing. They have lost the fire and the integrity of their own Godhood. And therefore we, in some way, must balance all, and it must be balanced within the nature kingdom. Now you have a new key to resolving this issue.

            Breathe in fire. Access more of your divine nature, your own fiery spirit, and then you will be that fire that the fiery salamanders may use daily to impress upon and across the Earth that etheric element that will transform this planet in the light. When you are truly fiery in this spiritual way, nothing can forestall the most amazing alchemical manifestations within your world, dearest ones. For the key to all alchemy is fire, the fire of transmutation, the fire of transubstantiation, the changing of one element to another—lead into gold, darkness into light, the past into the future within the eternal Now. Through fire, all manner of precipitated substances may bring you great joy, harmony and peace. So now you have another key.

            When you embody that fire, perfect alchemy ensues. And through the crucible of Selfhood, the chalice of your being, this fire is maintained and higher alchemical feats may be accomplished by the intrepid ones. If you desire greater abundance, how can you access it? You have done all those things that the masters have requested. You have written down your goals, your dreams. You have completed your treasure maps and vision boards, and yet somehow there is an elusiveness that does not allow you to come into the full radiance of your opulence in time and space.

            The key, dearest ones, from our vantage point, is fire. For fire is pure God-desire, and pure God-desire is the element that is often missing from the alchemies that you are attempting to manifest. If you truly desire something with the allness of your Self, then it simply must come to pass because God is there within the sacred equation of light, you see. The fire of God is added to the equation. The fire burns up the dross; the fire releases the sacred elements into cosmic space. And from these, the cosmic masters and angels coalesce in form the new identity that you would manifest, the new true-blue you that can emerge in the process of your scientific experiments.

            You see, dearest ones, from heaven's view, all that you attempt to realize is as naught in the material dimension unless it be enfired with the Spirit of God. Therefore when that which you desire to have come forth instantaneously, vibrating just beyond the veil, is clothed with the fire of your true Selfhood, then it can emerge in physicality because you are proving the law of your being within your domain by your pure motive to glorify God, to magnify the Lord.

            If you desire only to precipitate things in order to be wealthy or thought well of, then there is already the dissolution of that which may manifest in eternality because it is not enfired with truth, with eternality, with your pure essence, your own fiery spirit. And yet when you impress within the substance that you desire to bring forth your godliness, your truth, your beingness, then that fire descends and sparks into reality in your world that which is born of God-desire within you.

            Now, dearest ones, I have afforded you a number of keys for the emergence of greater abundant energy and substance within this movement of light with which you may accomplish your divine goals, your cosmic objectives and realize your full potential.

            Prometheus was the one who accessed the fire of heaven and brought it to earth. Would you be a Promethean man or woman in this hour, accessing fire, fire, fire, fire from all realms and multiverses in order to clothe this dimension with the true spiritual essences of Godhood that you as a co-creator can, if you will allow it and accept it? I heard not a “yea” here or anywhere. [Audience responds: “Yea!”] Okay, blessed ones, through the strength of your word and the virya of your being, that fire, which is you in your essence as your own spiritual nature, is now highlighted by the salamanders in your midst. And all that is less than the true you dissolves, and I see you for who you truly are in the eyes of God, with the Elohim, with the Silent Watchers and those whose vision extends far beyond this solar system into cosmic galaxies and universes untold.

            When you become your fiery essence, you enter your immortality, your divinity and the unity field of pure beingness, who is God. This is the key to gaining entrée into ascended realms of light. Be all fire! Live in the fiery world with Zarathustra, with Nicholas Roerich and with those who have learned the secrets directly from me, from Ahura Mazda and from the all-fiery one in the Great Central Sun, Alpha himself.

            Blessings of fire I breathe into the earth, not to scorch the earth, only to infuse it with perfection, beauty and the graces of the Divine One.

            [Oromasis releases the fire breath three times.]

            This action of fire will be sustained during this twenty-four-hour vigil for the re-creation of this world in light—in the adamantine, crystalline and perfected facets of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. I AM Oromasis, with my beloved Diana. I AM real, for I AM fire.

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