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Victoria      August 11, 2013

Beloved Victoria
David Christopher Lewis
August 11, 2013   9:30–9:50 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Elohim Victoria Speaks on the Importance of the Flame of Encouragement
and Reveals the Presence, Name and Work of the Cosmic Deva Couriele

Blessed Ones,

            I come in the flame of encouragement, and I impart to your higher mind and your heart the essence of this radiant field of God's glory, which impels and moves you forward, ever forward in the light of victory. I AM Victoria, and I rarely come to the evolutions upon Earth to speak though an amanuensis. And yet I have felt encouraged myself by events upon Earth to bring God's glory of the seventh ray, supported by my beloved Arcturus, into the arena of action within the lives of disciples of this Hearts Center movement.

            What is this ray of encouragement that I bear this day? You see, dearest ones, revealed within this word itself—courage within encouragement—is an understanding of the importance of the heart, coeur,1 in this very important dynamic of supporting, upholding, inspiring and at times goading a soul gently and lovingly to fulfill its purpose in life, its mission, its goals and objectives.

            Those who encourage are often those who have a preponderance of the seventh-ray action of light within their own auras. For in this fire of joy within the radiant field of violet fire burning, shining and shimmering in the lives of those whose auras are charged with our light, there is the natural means whereby souls are impelled forward, almost in a mystical way, to go beyond the constraints of their ego, their lesser self, into the domains of light, where they may move beyond all sense of limitation, lack of hope, lack of focus.

            Hopefully each and every one of you has had someone, including your parents in this life, who has encouraged you to do your best, to release and unleash your inner genius and talents. Behind them, each one, dearest ones, I was singing my song of love, of violet-fire joy to your soul and breathing the essences of higher worlds—even through their voice, their ways—to bless you with a great blessing of light. Some of you have had physical benefactors who encouraged you through financial support, backing you and allowing you to go beyond where you had previously gone. Others have simply had coaches, teachers and mentors who provided a resource of wisdom, inspiration and deep understanding so that you could go within, find yourself and move forward on your path.

            This day I am here to encourage all heartfriends to step into this fire of encouragement on behalf of all whom you know, to listen first to what the inner needs are of each one and to find, through a meditative and very still point of presence, something—a word, a glance, a ray, a fire—that you can draw forth, either verbally or nonverbally, to assist that one in manifesting his or her destiny of light. You see, all of us require encouragement. And I can tell you from personal experience that the beloved Omega, long, long eons ago, provided for me carefully crafted words of great love for who I am to allow me to step into the role and the office of the feminine counterpart to Arcturus as the Elohim of the seventh ray of violet fire, alchemy, transmutation and freedom.

            Precious hearts, this ray of encouragement is so required upon Earth in this hour because there are many naysayers and those who do just the opposite of what this ray connotes and are crafting their own vision of a dire and dark world. Do you desire this? Or would you, by your own choice, invest your light-energies, your freewill experience in co-creating a beautiful and divine new world and Earth, sublime in its glorious manifestations of all manner of light rays and divine frequencies and incorporating the highest aspects of past golden-crystal-age civilizations? And would you capture within the eternal Now the highest essences of love, wisdom, power and all of the virtues of God as a blessing to life that bestows upon our Earth what is essential now to move mankind forward in the light?

            As you meditate in silence each morning, there may be a stream of light imparted unto you by many angels and muses of heaven that affords you an opportunity, through self-encouragement, to go beyond that which you have achieved in the past. If you put one foot forward a little bit more each day and take those small steps, you will see that momentum is generated, virtue is accelerated and there is so much more that can be self-realized through the encouragement of many divine spirits who work with you on the inner so that you may be all that you can be, truly a God-being of light.

            I reveal to you this day that there is a cosmic deva whose name is Couriele—and I spell it for you in English, C-o-u-r-i-e-l-e—who will, if you call to her, be there for you day or night, 24/7, to assist you in any project, with any problem, in any situation that arises in which you require to know, through inspiration, which way to turn, what to do, how to resolve a knotty issue or a dire problem. Couriele has been personally coached by me and by all of the feminine Elohim to impart unto mankind, through very subtle and yet beautiful means, these rays of inspiration and encouragement, which will magically and dynamically afford a way out, a way up and in for souls to blend and merge with their own I AM God Presence of light and be Self-realized through the sacred processes involved in this dynamic.

            Blessed ones, when you are encouraging to others, you are truly their best friend. When you see them for who they really are, as God sees them, and you hold that field of cosmic affinity for their God Presence within the eternality of infinity, they can tap into this resource that is your perfect vision, our perfect vision for them, and then release the bonds of yesterday and accept the new impulses of today within their world.

            If each and every heartfriend within our movement would embrace this flame of encouragement, you would see much resolved in the dynamics of temporary setbacks and issues, especially surrounding your communications within your teamwork, in your emails and other situations that arise. When each one has the highest vision for every other one as a part of the greater God Self of all, in heart and in mind, there is no dissimulation or division, blessed ones, and the unity field of perfect God-beingness naturally arises. And the harmonics and the dynamics of nondualistic unity come into play in so many amazingly brilliant and beautiful ways so that you can co-create, one with another, the most amazing and alchemical co-creations.

            Now Couriele comes before you in radiant garments of divine light, and she refreshes your spirit today, each one, in this ray of encouragement. You are washed clean of all past misgivings about any part of your life or the lives of others that have been a burden upon you.

            Yes, dearest ones, the alchemy of this transmutative power that Couriele wields is supported by Arcturus and me in this hour so that there may be a magical release of light throughout The Hearts Center movement to impel us forward to reach our goals and realize our dreams. All may come to fruition by and through love. And you know that at the core of encouragement is love—with its divine field of sustaining grace—which models perfection in all things and sustains holiness throughout its radiant stream of affection and affinity in a most beautiful auric field, which each one may access in his or her work and service to life daily and hourly.

            O holy ones of God, as your Victoria I see your victory, and I wrap you in the quintessences of angelic joy and the radiances of perfect harmony. Live within the light; glow within the spirit of happiness; and feel again and again in moments of silence and inner stillness your true connection with your Source, revalidating your divine identity and accepting that which God presents as the Holy Spirit's gifts to your soul and spirit each moment.

            Tonight and throughout this week, if you make the call you may ascend in spirit to attend a special session on this subject at our retreat over Luanda, Angola, in Africa. And one day one of you may feel encouraged, after having the transcript of my message to you, to create a little e-book that may be spread throughout the Internet to souls of light in this and in future generations to inspire them, through the ray of encouragement, to be who they are, to receive the smile of destiny upon their soul and to feel the impelling love of heaven in every moment for their victory.

            O cherished hearts, heaven loves you so—more than you know, more than you know. Reach up to accept the embrace of all the divine spirits unto your heart, and know love in all and within yourself always. I thank you.

1. Coeur is the French word for “heart.”

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