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Lao Tse      August 08, 2013

Beloved Lao Tse
David Christopher Lewis
August 8, 2013   8:30–8:46 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Living within the Tao

Cherished Ones Who Live within the Now within the Eternal Tao,

            I come radiating a rainbow of effulgent light, and I sprinkle upon you, each one, God's essences as a multiplicity of virtues. Yes, these crystalline frequencies that you call God-qualities I have ingested and amplified and now, by the grace of God, delivered to you as an infusion of light so that you may feel deeply a new type of connectivity with your Presence through all of these Holy Spirit gifts, which are yours to use, to share and to simply enjoy.

            I believe that the spiritual path can be a happy path, one of great levity, laughter and light. And that is why within the Tao there is a rebirth daily, as each one's spirit is renewed within God's heart and a new type of mindfulness may emerge as angelic voices promote the harmonization of the spirit within the soul and body temple of each one.

            Think on this, blessed ones: you are cherished of God. And as, with the Buddhas, you awaken a little bit more each day, staying focused as you turn your attention upon the sun and your own Solar Presence, your roseate nature smiles upon the universe and the gentility of your essence is perfused throughout the domain in which you live, the multiverse within which you radiate light.

            Who am I? I am the one who some have called Lao Tse. And the Tao in which I exist is available for you to live within when you are harmonious, when you are present, when you live within the centrality of your heart—yea, your inner beingness.

            Some use the I Ching as an opportunity to have questions answered through an age-old matrix of mindfulness embedded within answers that arise through a simple means of tossing  those little sticks and seeing how they land.1 Well, dearest ones, I would bring you up to date in the eternal Now by letting you know that although there is often great wisdom within this matrix, there comes a point on your path when you, in a very decisive way, realize that every answer to every question that you may have along the way of your Tao experience exists within you.

            How do you access those answers? Water yourself; watch yourself; love yourself; massage yourself, your heart, your mind. When you feel deeply that it is your right to know the Father-Mother God's will, wisdom and love, then it is yours naturally; and the sense of separateness dissolves and you emerge in your true Selfhood from within yourself—realized, joyous. And then your entire life shines with the radiance of your effulgent Godhood, your Buddha nature, the Tao, who you are.

            O precious hearts, you too may be representative of the ray of integration, which every Buddha models so magnificently, through your life lived to the glory of God. How will this be for you from this day forward? I offer your higher mind certain keys to maintain both the inner and the outer sense and realization of your completeness as you are fully integrated within yourself, within your God Self. This integration process continues through your learning experiences, through all of the dynamics that manifest through your relationships and communications with your co-workers, loved ones, family and friends.

            When you step back and become more observant of yourself in the process and all that manifests through your daily experiences, you will find that you will witness consciously those things that may yet remain to be improved, supplanted, transmuted, while also feeling deeply the new you emerging graciously as you master all things, all frequencies within the Tao. Claiming your masterful Self and the completeness of who you are daily is essential within this integration process. And after you claim it, then dearest ones, breathe deeply; feel and allow and accept this completeness, this integration to be fully present within your life.

            Each of you is a starry being. And this day I see the beautiful you, the magnificent being who you are, manifesting in every way so that you, each one, may truly be joyous and live in that eternal light of the One.

            [Lao Tse sings for 50 seconds.]

            Through this simple melody of light, I have embellished within your auric field essences, shining crystalline patterns that will allow you to be ever present each moment in a greater and more profound way—living in the Tao, breathing in the Tao, musing on the Tao, fulfilled and present in your Tao. I thank you for your witness to your Source, our God, the All. Peace, presence always.

1. It is believed that the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse was inspired by the philosophy of the ancient Chinese text of the I Ching.

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