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Kuthumi      August 06, 2013

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
August 6, 2013   7:00–7:19 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Living in the Light of Stillness

Beloved Ones,

            I bring the peace of my Presence here. And I lock into, with your permission, the peace of your Presence so that together we may expand the flame of Cosmic Christic peace throughout our world and bring impressions of the Almighty One into play—dancing and singing within the hearts and minds of humanity to raise them in the light of the One.

            In the early morning stillness, from Himalayan heights I radiate that which brings inner stillness to each one's spirit—greater sensitivity, through awareness, to the Presence of God within. In this state, whereby you may feel deeply your Presence, God's light within, you may find an inner state of surcease from struggle, distress and all of the outer elements of the world that may press in upon you and in any way affect you in ways other than that which brings you divine joy, happiness and understanding.

            Truly, dearest ones, it is living in this light of stillness day by day in a sustained experience—learning to understand from within the heights, the depths and the breadths of your Presence—that may bring you to the point of a more effulgent and radiant life, in which you are fulfilled in your purpose, present with God within and accessing your true Buddha nature.

            I AM Kuthumi, and this day, through light rays that I extend in all dimensions, in all directions as a Sun Presence where I am, I harmonize life and I bring a spring of this Mother energy as a new source of inner nourishment and peace to the soul. Many of us have, with the Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light, been preparing mansions of light in the sky above this place so that now and in the future all who come may receive the Mother's touch through the breath of the Buddha—yes, a sacred anointing of Spirit, enlivening their spirits with inner joy, radiance and presence.

            As you are attentive to the inner light resident within your heart and mindfully express your divinity within your practice of meditation, Solar awareness and inner stillness, I will come again and again to instill within you deeper Buddhic essences, whereby you may learn to maintain that harmonic state throughout your days, throughout your nights. For in gaining a greater awareness through sensitivity, you will be more likely to avoid certain confrontations with others or within yourself that in some way are distressing and result in the possibility of strife or division. When you can feel from within another's heart the light of that one's Presence as one with thine own, then there is no space between you that divides you. There is only equanimity, understanding, joy and harmony, and all communication flows with a natural lightness; all interaction is borne on the winds of the Spirit with radiance and the frequencies of Cosmic Christ peace.

            To develop the siddhis, which many of you at some level yearn for in order to be a blessing to life, the science of stillness may be embraced again and again with a deeper awareness of light itself and of how love harmonizes and equalizes all.

            What is your story that you are telling yourself again and again, reinvoking your own sense of limitation or belief that you are less than who you already are as a God-being? Dissolve these stories and endless essays that you write within your own book of life, blessed ones, and simply realize that you are love, that you are beloved of God. For you are God. In this there may be, gradually, the diminishing of all sense of anxiety and stress, and an increase and a gradual strengthening of that state of inner oneness, which brings peace to bear ever for you.

            These Solar crystal-light rays that I bear today are here to nurture you for the duration of your Solar journey upon this Earth, however long it may be. And I pray that you at times, harried times, of involvement in all manner of works and levels of service may be able to return to this pool of love and reflect upon that which I offer you as an inner gift of sanctity, loveliness and my own inner essence of divine joy.

            Yes, be at peace with yourself. You are more than you know through your outer waking consciousness, already alive and fully burnished within the Spirit of the Eternal One. When you can feel, through a gentle approach from within your heart, your true essence of divinity, then you may step through the veil and Self-realize God, God, God.

            Now, blessed ones, the dove of the Holy Spirit comes with a sacred anointing upon and within your soul today. For you have given much, and therefore the Lord also gives in return for your givingness. Ask what ye will of the Lord in full faith that you are receiving it now, that it is present within your life and being. For in this alchemy of the Spirit, every righteous desire and all that you require alights within you in joy. You see, dearest ones, Jesus himself taught me this secret long ago when I meditated upon his heart and his words, “Ask, and it shall be given you.”1 And when the Holy Spirit dawned within my life fully and I was able, through this sense of present awareness, to simply accept that which I knew was essential for me, I felt it already provided. For Providence shone forth her light upon and within me, and I came to a new sense of inner peace in the process of this realization.

            O holy ones of God, accept your holiness, your oneness with the All. And in this, live forever in perfect, picture-perfect, presence and peace. I thank you.

1.  Matthew 7:7–11; Luke 11:9–13; Mark 11:23–24.

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