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Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light      August 02, 2013

Beloved Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light
David Christopher Lewis
August 2, 2013   17:00–17:16 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

The Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light Announces
a New Retreat Over Livingston, Montana

I am the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light. And from this seat of God-authority, I emanate light rays and cosmic wave patterns of adamantine perfection unto the souls, the spirits of those who are ready for a leap in consciousness into the arms of the Divine Mother, where they may access all that is beautiful and true of the divine worlds.
            Dearest ones, I announce to you this night that, for some time now, I have been coalescing within the higher etheric planes over Living-Stone,¹ Montana, a new retreat consecrated to the crystal rays. This retreat is an abode that you may access through silent meditation as you penetrate into the heights of your own God-consciousness and come to terms with your divine identity, one with the Buddha Self of your own divinity.
            You have this Sanctuary of the Heart, consecrated to the flame of divine love, which is a part of this retreat. And for 3.3 miles in radius from this very focal point of your devotion and praise unto the one Light, this new sacred city abides because of that which you, O souls of light, have invoked, have manifested through your own consciousness, one with the Eternal.
            This is a stupendous occurrence within heaven and upon earth when the light from higher octaves is crystallized in the 4-D planes of your own point of planetary habitation. Therefore, it is important that at least once per year you hold a retreat here in this now-sacred city. For all who come will be supercharged with the diamond-crystal radiance of my Presence and of many Buddhas who will also attend in their finer bodies, augmenting the work at hand and the delivery to the Earth of that spiritual nourishment so required at this juncture of her history.
            I also request that you consider renaming these monthly Friday evening services “Diamond-Crystal Purity” services.² For, dearest ones, the light of purity, of harmony, of the ascension currents and of the flame of perfection are truly manifest in an amazing amalgamation of forces and God-powers through the diamond-crystal light that we employ on your behalf. And all who attend these services will truly, from this day on, be blessed with the supernal radiance of holiness and presence as they partake of the crystalline frequencies that we shall deliver directly to their base chakra and then, flowering up through the raised kundalini, into every channel of light within their electronic bodies.
            Yes, dearest ones, some of you have chosen to embody and live here for this very purpose, to partake of these higher frequencies. And those of you living within these environs may, on a nightly basis, also ask to be taken, consciously or within your finer bodies as you are reposed, into the sacred chambers of this city of light to continue your spiritual work during any hour that you so desire on behalf of humanity at large.
            This is a movement of the crystal rays, and from the onset of our delivery of progressive revelatory teaching, you have seen these words diamond crystal. They are in the first prayer that you have within your new prayer book, blessed ones, instilled within the matrix of your Tube of Light as a conscious application of these higher vibrational frequencies.³ Yes, much more will you understand and discern as you, with the Buddhas, attend to the dynamics of higher living and of the conscious application of these rays in so many ways within your work and service.
            You may even choose to have focuses that represent my Presence here on your altar, within your online store to be sold throughout the Earth. And Buddha by Buddha, focus by focus, I shall amalgamate all manner of cosmic frequencies unto the hearts, minds and spirits of lightbearers, charging the antahkarana of the Great White Brotherhood with these great cosmic amplitudinal frequencies of beingness.
            Yes, dearest ones, God is great. The dynamics of miracles may ensue in coming days and years through that which we will provide as the holy stimuli and impetuses of perfection and holy grace that we bear. Those of you who within your lives, through a constancy of the practice of holy silent meditation, have penetrated beyond the veil into the sacred spaces of godliness within the higher etheric and Solar realms of being know whereof I speak. For you have felt within your own light body the self-transformation in this transitional time from Pisces to Aquarius; and you have looked forward to this very day when heaven would be opened to earth in a very city named for that living stone which is the crystal-diamond light.
            Holy ones of God, keep on keeping on and maintaining your strong connection with your Source through all manner of sacred disciplines that you have incorporated into your spiritual practice. And through a joyful intensification of the light and a new levity of consciousness through God-happiness, we the Buddhas, smiling upon your endeavors, your desires and your own admirable virtues and Solar qualities, will provide all that we can, by cosmic law, of those holy measures of support to assist you daily as we are able.
            I see each of you as a budding one, crystallizing within your sacred chakras and throughout your auric fields the light of God that always prevails, the spirit of oneness and presence, and cosmic particles—the star-fire substance from the great cosmic Source of all that is, which is truly your higher food, your divine nourishment.
            Breathe in celestial fire; breathe out cosmic light. Breathe in all that the Mother provides of her light essences, and breathe out purity, wholeness and perfection. Because initiates have called me forth by their inner pleas and their sacrificial lives, I have answered, God has blessed our endeavors and all is diamond-crystal light.

1.  Livingston, Montana. The master pronounced it Living-Stone for emphasis.
2. The Diamond-Crystal Purity Services are held once a month on Friday evenings from 7-8:30 pm Mountain Time.
3. See The Hearts Center— Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, number 0.001

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