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David Lewis      June 30, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 30, 2013   10:49–10:59 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Keeping Our Spiritual Vision Immaculate

            I'd like to share a quick anecdote one more time with you. This occurred in my life with my guru, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, or Guru Ma, who's now operating from the etheric octaves of light as an ascended being known as Clare de Lis.

            One time on a Sunday, she was not feeling well and did not come to lead the Sunday service. She traveled in Montana to the Big Timber area and spent time with her family and some other families to enjoy the sun, to try to have R&R, relax, refresh, recoup, be reinvigorated in nature and outside. Well, as it happened, because of transportation requirements, I was asked to drive and to help her return to her home at the Ranch up near the Heart of the Inner Retreat. And the only car that we could find was this very small Toyota car. She was not used to sitting in such a small car and it was uncomfortable, yet that's what we had.

            On the way back to the South Ranch from Big Timber, we stopped in Livingston because so many bugs were on the windshield that I could hardly see. So she encouraged me to stop and I wiped off the windshield. I have always thought of that—cleaning off the windshield. Today I cleaned some of the windows in our home, in my office, in our bedroom, and in our master bathroom. We have double-pane windows and some little creatures magically seem to get between those panes of glass, and so of course I could not completely clean them.

            I look at the opportunity to clean windows, to clean glass, as a metaphor for cleaning our own visionary receptors, our vision center. When we have in any way invited something less than God-vision of ourselves or others through prejudice, pre-judging people or analyzing them as we would, humanly, rather than as God sees them, it is incumbent upon us to transform ourselves, to wipe clean our vision center. Ask for God's immaculate vision to move through us, to love each person freely and as God loves them, and then watch the transformation that occurs in our lives and in their lives. We can hold a matrix upon an individual that is impure; and that matrix, powered by our energy centers, is a burden upon them. And so it is imperative that we continuously cleanse ourselves and our vision center—clean the windows within ourselves—so that the light can shine through to us and we can reflect it back perfectly, beautifully to others.

            I love people who have shining eyes. It's obvious that they have a spark of divinity blazing through them that shines through their eyes—their perceptive eyes, their glowing eyes, their loving eyes. My wife, Mona, is one of these; she has loving eyes. She's been told this by people: “You have loving eyes.” Let us all, in our movement, have loving eyes. How do we have loving eyes? First of all, we simply accelerate love within ourselves and we attempt always to see the best, the highest in others, to model that beautiful vision in everything that we speak, that we ideate, that we co-create. If people see that everyone within our movement has shining eyes, loving eyes, they have to respond, because it becomes obvious that we are illumined beings, that we are light-beings, that we are full of our truth and what we profess.

            If we have a dull consciousness and the light is not emanating from our eyes, then something is amiss. We must go back to God. We must do our solar gazing, imbibe that light early in the morning, and allow it to work its perfect work within us so that our vision center may be cleared and that we may see the new reality of the new Earth now, today.

            It is always important to have clarity of consciousness. How does clarity come? Through clearly seeing every situation, objectively, intuitively, from on high rather than from the human, limited perceptive field of awareness. So we have to rise up, we have to see from a higher perspective. It's wonderful to climb the mountains, because we get a new perspective, we see things differently. It's also good to go within, because we see things from within with a different perspective. It's only in 2-D, limited vision that we seem to fall back into duality and to begin to judge, analyze, and make ill choices, or wrong choices.

            Our choices can be pure and beautiful when our vision center is refined and we have transmuted every last vestige of untempered zeal, of unclean thought, of impure feeling from within. Saint Germain reminded us today of a key—the violet fire—and invited us again to use this great gift to transform our world.1

            We begin a new cycle tomorrow, in July, a new month. Let's use the violet fire throughout this month to transform the planet by transforming ourselves first, recreating ourselves in the freedom flame so that that freedom flame can expand throughout the Earth. Rather than assign us to give a half-hour or an hour of violet fire, just give what you can, and expand it a little bit in some way daily. Put on those violet-fire CDs; play it on your computers, iPads, iPods, smart phones and other electronic devices. Have it whirling and swirling around your world. Sing songs to the violet fire. Dance with the elementals in nature to the tune of the violet-fire songs and prayers. Watch and meditate upon violet light. Let us see what we will see of planetary transmutation during this cycle of July, when freedom is here and world freedom can be expanded. And when we come back together at future events, we will see and know what can be done when we all concentrate and focus on giving the violet fire.

            I'll turn the service back over to __________ and __________ to seal it now in the light of world and planetary freedom. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for the masters to come and for Saint Germain to speak. God bless you.

1. Saint Germain, June 30, 2013, “A Cosmic Quotient of Light for Those Who Stand at the Nexus of Opportunity.”

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