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Victory      June 23, 2013

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
June 23, 2013   3:10–3:13 pm MST
2013World Freedom Conference
Soul Freedom through Spiritual Wholeness
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Victorious Conclusion

            I, Victory, proclaim the conclusive victory of this event and the summation of light in your crowns, and I touch each crown with my fire! Now dearest hearts, as you have received the Maha Chohan and his impressions and fire, use this opportunity to rise higher and to soar to the sun daily.

            Finally, I thrust deep within the Earth here in Livingston, Montana, a ray of Solar light, which will continue to grow as more come to our services than just Boyd and David. [laughter] “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” [laughter] Are you still roaming around somewhere, unbeknownst to the Lord? Come and partake of the fountain of our love and live forever in the light.

Victory to the intrepid! Victory to those who yearn for God! Victory to those who accept God already manifest within.

Now the summer 2013 World Freedom Conference is complete, and ye all are victors. Thank you. [applause]

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