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David Lewis      June 22, 2013

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Afra and Sanat Kumara)
June 22, 2013   1:08–1:21 pm MDT
2013 World Freedom Conference
Soul Freedom through Spiritual Wholeness—Soar to the Sun
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Broadcasting Waves of Light from South Africa and from the African Continent
Using Astrea's Circle and Sword as an Electrode for the Light of Purity

The Role the Sacred Union of Man and Woman Can Play in the Rebirth of Civilization

Question One from Johannesburg: Beloved masters, we would like to ask about the evolutionary process here in South Africa as well as in darkest Africa. How does it compare to the other continents, and is South Africa lagging behind in spiritual awakening? May our group please receive feedback as to how our decree work and services are impacting South Africa—especially the new Purity Service dedicated to the clearing of the base chakra of Africa and the raising of the kundalini energy. We would appreciate your input and guidance to improve our spiritual work so that it may be more effective and we may achieve our goals. Thank you.

David: This question has already been partially answered before. I would just like to say, __________ and __________ and all the others, you have not failed. In fact, by God's grace, you are probably doing as much as or more than any other group throughout the world with all the services and programs that you're offering, and for that the masters and all of us are eternally grateful. We support you with all of our hearts, all of our love. And we pledge to do more to support you and your endeavors, because we feel deeply in our souls the work that you are doing and the impact that you are having upon Africa, South Africa, Johannesburg and the entire region.
            The waves of light that you are sending forth through the emanations of your love and your conscious awareness are moving beyond South Africa, I can assure you, into the Southern Atlantic, into the Eastern Indian Ocean, into the Western Atlantic, reaching Antarctica and up into North Africa. If you could see the wave patterns of light because of the numbers of people you have working together in this work, you would be amazed. So, our word to you is to just keep on keeping on. Gradually expand, if you are able to, into broadcasting. Don't be concerned—you're already “broadcasting” through your love and through the work that you're doing. So, no sweat; just make it sweet.
            The one addendum is to sing the Astrea prayer with Carol's song1 regularly, regularly, and feel and see the circle and sword of Astrea on a continuous basis doing its perfect work for clearance. You may desire to create, either on a CD or on a computer audio file, a version of that song that you can play 24/7, the song repeating and repeating and repeating, being played in Johannesburg and Cape Town and wherever you can upon the continent, in Ghana and Egypt and wherever there's a friend of light in other nations where people have contacted us. Just have that song playing over and over. This will be an electrode for the light of Purity through the words dictated through me and the beautiful music that Carol has created for that light impetus to go forth. We already have the Prayers to Astrea CD,2 so you can also just play that CD over and over. This additional version of the song is powerful because it brings joy, great joy, into the equation. Every song version of the prayer brings the added element of joy in the heart in a greater action, so use those songs to stimulate the joy flame.
            What South Africa requires most right now is joy, because there's an overlay, a pall of a lack of joy, because of the state of the economy, the records of Apartheid, the dominance of a matrix of dishonesty, lechery, pilfering, lying and cheating. All of this can be overcome through the Golden Rule, which can be taught and inculcated into the very ground and the culture by those who have become golden in their own ruling of themselves.
            Implement the Golden Rule from the beginnings of a child's existence. See the golden light within the auric field of the womb of the mother. And for the mothers among you in all nations, feel this golden light within yourself—even if you're past childbearing years—permeating the aura of your own womb and the child that you're creating of your own Christic awareness, your own Buddhic and Mother awareness. Expand that light from your Mother chakra and your womb out to the world; and let that Mother energy give birth to a new culture of purity and perfection. It happens within you—you are the creator and the co-creator of this new civilization.
            Teach your young children, your girls from the age of twelve on especially, to utilize the time of change within their physical body to allow themselves to be used by heaven to bring forth beauty, light and a resonant field of this beautiful energy of the Mother and of their own feminine qualities. If we inculcate within the young girls, especially, this understanding, they will seek purity rather than seek to lose their virginity early or to just seek love from a man or a young man. If they know the integrity of what their own godliness truly is and what the Mother energy is, then they will guard it; and it will guide them to the fruits of their own enlightenment and the nurturing of an entire world. Thank you.

Question Two from Johannesburg: Beloved masters, please shed light on the reason for the vast scale on which the desecration of the Mother light occurs in South Africa, and in Africa as a whole, through sexual violence against women and children and the abortion of new lives. We thank you for your presence, for your great light and love in every lightbearer in this region, and for the healing and the restoring of the Mother light in Africa and South Africa. Thank you.

Well, the answer was given, in one sense. The reason for the desecration is that at some level everyone seeks the Mother, the energy that's within the base chakra, and to have it released within their world for creation and for co-creation, through physical union with another, to allow the blending of the resources of Alpha and Omega between male and female to occur that releases this divine potential of the Alpha-Omega energies.
            When people can be taught that this energy is sacred, there is no sin in the union of man and woman. The concept of original sin has somehow been perverted within the minds and hearts of men and women, and the concept that sexual intercourse is evil or bad, has to be blotted from the face of the Earth. It is all about awareness and consciousness and how you engage in the sacred act of union with one that you love and are committed to in a bonded relationship that you consecrate to the Divine for a holy purpose whether you have a marriage certificate or not.
            Of course, the masters recommend that people make the commitment to cohabitate with one individual in sanctity and in complete trust and holiness. Once that commitment is made, the pact is established between your hearts, your minds and your souls. When you engage in the sacred act of intercourse, it unleashes divine energies. If young children can be taught at the appropriate age, when the forces are moving within them and the stimulating patterns and their chakras are beginning to spin and develop even more, that this is sacred and not something to be entered into lightly or irreverently, then the Mother Light will be protected and sealed, guarded and utilized wisely for co-creation in its highest aspects.
            Look to the life of Jesus the Christ and beloved Magda as an example of a divine union and how the forces of darkness have taken the Mother out of the picture by saying that Jesus was unmarried and had no children. This was a direct affront to the union of twin flames and to the history and record of that sacred union whereby Jesus did have progeny with Magda.3
            The masters salute Dan Brown4 and others before him who have brought forth the understanding and the importance of the master of Pisces being a married man. This one shift can change civilization when it is known and the akashic records are fully revealed—that Jesus the Christ was married and had children. What does this say? It will change the Catholic Church beyond anything that it has ever been before, corrupted as it was in the early centuries by Justinian and others.
            Therefore, visualize with beloved Jesus and Magda the rebirth of civilization with the sacred union of man and woman sanctified by cosmic decree and laws. See the proper education of children within the family circle about the sanctity of what you call sex and of preparing for it at the appropriate time when love calls you, when the universe stimulates the love fires within your heart, having found the one that is your divine spouse and helpmeet. When this is taught appropriately within families and within the proper type of school experience—not as it is taught today in many of the Western schools—then a groundswell of understanding will manifest so that a culture can change and the diabolical acts that are currently occurring in Africa and in many nations will be dissolved and transmuted.

1. The words of the prayer and an audio recording of the song “Circle and Sword of Astrea,” Prayer 40.005 (also 10.009), are available through The Hearts Center's “Broadcasts/Prayers and Songs” web page.
2. Prayers to Astrea CD, SKU# 3200-7-0008, $12.00, available through The Hearts Center's online store.
3. See Meru University Webinar “The True Relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as a Foundation of the Holy Grail,” Course # MU1404, April 6 and 13, 2014.
4. Dan Brown is the author of The Da Vinci Code and other bestselling novels. Brown's novel is the source of a 2006 film by the same name.

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