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Astrea      June 21, 2013

Beloved Astrea
David Christopher Lewis
June 21, 2013   10:58–11:07 am MDT
2013 World Freedom Conference
Soul Freedom through Spiritual Wholeness: Soar to the Sun
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Astrea Thrusts a Spear of Purity into the Earth

            The light of God is here! The light of God shines forth through you, and the Elohim come and augment that clearance work that is already manifest now. And there is delivered into the center of the Earth the tip of the spear, the sword of fire; and, dearest ones, you may even hear the music of the spears! Yes, for those sharp points of light are what is required to inculcate deep within the being of man purity, purity, purity! For they carve out all that is unreal and cast them permanently into the sacred fire of light, where only God exists, where only the sublime may manifest and the divine reside.

            Would you have only God reside within you, O soul? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Then follow the swirl and the sword and the curling of the light as it manifests through the action of the circle's appearance in your life, whereby those fiery darts and flames and the intense action of the stripping away of unreality manifests in your world. Yes, we know that some of you prefer the gentler path of silence and meditation, and yet at times, dearest ones, all require the baring of the soul so that you may know what is true and real within you of God. And then, refreshed in the spirit of Kali, Durga and Shiva, you may emerge from your cocoon, from your chrysalis of light, refined, clearer and clearer, shining bright in your reality.

            If you could see yourselves spiritually now, you would see a new gleam, a new radiance within your spherical auric being. And this, transferred by God's grace through you to the world, has alchemically produced an action that comes to Earth only once in a thousand years. Therefore thank you for coming to this conference, paying that fee, if you did, and being in your seats and upon that kneeler for this initiatic experience. Yes, dearest ones, this is the type of cosmic drama that occurs in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. For even there, ascended masters and unascended masters who have entrée to these sacred spaces of light in the heaven world also engage in this type of divine alchemy, the science of light itself.

            If you desire more of this type of experience, then make the call to come to Russia to receive from within our abode for a fortnight an even greater action of clearance for your soul. It may be for the stripping away of ancient memories1of darkness back to Lemuria, the Land of Mu, where some of you made your original karma ages ago. And for some of you this is all that yet remains of that which you have yet to balance. Therefore it requires both the touch of Shiva and the sword of Astrea and Purity to clear away the cobwebs and the dark forces of the night lodged deep within your subconscious memory from an ancient time.

            We come at the light time of the year at solstice and of the full moon, where the full glory and radiance of both of these spheres appear on the horizon and in the heavens of your sky. Rise, O soul, to meet the Sun. Rise, O holy ones, to greet the One before you who is God within yourselves. Every time you meet an initiation with acceptance, joy, willingness and cosmic expectancy, miracles may ensue and you just may find yourself again and again within that which we provide as opportunity for self-transcendence.

            Now, dearest ones, the twelve Elohim and their complements form a ring of fire around the Earth in answer to my call, and there is a greater action of clearance this day. And the light of the sun is upon the Earth and within it, and the Golden Crystal Age is now manifest and fully blazing within the etheric plane of this sphere of light whom you call Earth. It is your job now as initiates to draw it forth into the mental, emotional and physical planes by your active lives lived to the glory of God in conscious acts of perfection and love.

            Light is the alchemical key, and love is the magic that sees it through unto eternal realms of beauty and blessedness in the One. O emboldened ones, the sword has claimed you; the circle is strong and sure around you. Now be free ever, evermore to know God within. I thank you.

1. The Elohim Purity and Astrea have their retreat in the etheric plane near Dvina Bay, formerly known as the Gulf of Archangel, an arm of the White Sea in Russia.

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