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Rose of Light      June 14, 2013

Beloved Rose of Light
David Christopher Lewis
June 14, 2013   9:01–9:16 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Light the World with Your Heart's Love

            In the light of the rose I abide, gently caressing every soul with the Mother's love and providing the warmth of the heart through the nectar of spiritual fire in order to raise each one in the glory divine, bringing the spirit to bear witness of its own effulgent nature, its own internal essence of God-good. Yes, Rose of Light I am. And my prayer this day is that you, O holy ones of God, may share in the natural processes of life whereby there may be the unfolding of the petals of your own God-consciousness from within your heart and within every sacred center of light within you. Yes, your chakras may be effulgent in emanating the graces, the gifts and the genuine resources of heaven to those whom you have come to serve and to those who would be free.
            Though you may think that the rose plant is bound to earth, rooted in the soil, never to traverse the earth in any space other than where it is set, yet dearest ones, through the miracle gift of its aroma it spreads its essence far and wide within the atmosphere. And perchance, should a soul come to allow its perfume to bathe its own divinity, then so much the merrier may that scent of heart-centeredness refresh the spirit and give pause to the individuality of that soul to perceive something more enriching and blessed of nature's bounty.
            Likewise, it may be so for you, dearest one, that though you may abide in one particular geographical area—living in your home, your town, your village, your city—yet your essence, the aroma of your consciousness, may be extended, extruded to a universe in waiting, even as a bride, through the alchemy of love, performs a miracle within whereby her beauty, her purity, her soulfulness shines upon the congregation and brings the essence of her love for her groom to all. O shining ones, you know much about some aspects of the spiritual path, and yet there is so much more that you may be witness to and may glean within the natural order within life itself in order to bring the most ardent and divinely pleasurable quintessences and fragrances of love into the world—yea, to give birth to that Aquarian culture of the Divine Mother that many feel is beginning to dawn in many realms throughout the Earth.
            I come with rose devas today to flower and shower upon you the love-light essences of godliness, of divine presence and of inner beauty so that you may feel always your connection with your Source aligned with the Sun while living upon Earth. You see, dearest ones, every plant is in alignment with its purpose by fulfilling the seed ideation of its creative force naturally by simply being who it is. Can you make the commitment today to be who you are, a son or daughter created in the image and likeness of the one God, virtuous in every aspect of the outpicturing of your true nature, offering yourself in service to life itself with the talents and gifts of your heart? If so, then join with me and with many maidens of heaven as we reinvest God's grace in numerous arenas of activity, commissioned by the Divine One to bring holiness and virtues of all kinds into play within the lives of Earth's children. You see, dearest ones, God always creates the sacred space wherein you may abide, through spontaneity, in his presence and within the bosom of the divine Mother as it is outpictured within the natural order.
            When your essences flow through your heart, then your purpose is being fulfilled each day in some great or small way. When your true light shines forth, then you can claim, within the I AM name, that which has always been your birthright—God-good, glory, harmony and inner peace.
            Now, O devas of the roses, open your buds to the great soul of humanity. Open, O petals of God-power, through love to truly transform and bless each son, each daughter here. O winds of the Spirit, carry the essences of these rose devas far and wide and even to distant stars, that the love-light virtues of these holy maidens may be known, may be imbibed and may perform their perfect magic of self-elevation to all life.
            [Rose of Light breathes a sacred outbreath.] Through the holy breath of God, the devic offerings are perfused throughout our Earth and a new type of love may be embraced by humanity. It is virtuous love in its highest aspects, whereby reverence for life is embraced and each life form is known for its intrinsic value, beauty and light essence. As you breathe deeply throughout this day, as you go about your work, your chores, your sacred labor of love, receive, again and again, aspects of this cosmic perfusion within your lungs and heart that your own spirit may be enriched and that you, in turn, may be a blessing to others.
            O gracious ones, sing of God, sing of the glories of heaven's cherishment of all. And most importantly, in joy and in levity, light the world with your heart's love!

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