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Pearl      June 07, 2013

Beloved Pearl
David Christopher Lewis
June 7, 2013   8:11–8:22 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

We Are Co-creating with Your Oversoul
a New Pearly Radiance Around and Within You

On Suicide: Choose Life!

Beloved Ones,
            I am Pearl. And through the light of the anointing that comes when the pearl radiance of God flows unto those who are attuned to the heart of the One, there is released the simplicity and beauty of purity and a radiant field of divineness, which blesses and caresses you in your innate Godhood and a beloved state of grace. I extend this radiance from my heart, which you have already invoked, dearest ones. I multiply it through a certain stream of divine beingness that now oozes forth from within your soul, which is God's pearl within you.
            Yes, your soul is that essence of your individuality that may be gently stamped with the allness of God's intelligent light-energy when you accept into your world, when you receive with graciousness and a certain sense of cosmic expectation the light from your own God Presence—the living reality of that which God embedded within you long ago and which you are now, O soul, reclaiming, reinviting to vibrate and live fully and presently within you.
            Oh, the majesty of your divinity, dearest ones, is all about you and has ever been present for you to allow the administering of God's eternal virtues within your lives, if you would just willingly and knowingly accept them within the vessel of your being—with hallowedness, with grace and with conscious and willing acceptance of the truth of their innate ability to work God's work within you.
            My brother and his beloved, and my own beloved with me, form a fourfold radiant pattern of light now around you that is circumscribing your four lower bodies, each one, so that you may have impressed deep within them the pearly essence, the glorious radiance of your youthfulness, of your God-vitality, of those virtues which you have not yet fully embraced and accommodated within every cell of your being.
            We know you, dearest ones. We know your essence, the true you, and, yes, your human foibles and inconsistencies. And tonight, by the light that you have invoked, we provide an impetus of celestial fire, of divine radiance—blessed and sanctified by the Holy Spirit—to weave its way within these vessels of being that you call the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. And there is a shift and a newness of noncompromising light that we gently wrap you within and very consciously apply unto you as a type of cosmic ointment and a gentle salve to heal the deep wounds from that which you have accepted in your past that no longer serves you.
            Yes, we are co-creating with your Oversoul a new pearly radiance around and within you so that you may always feel your oneness with God, your cherished Self aligned with your true purpose. And our beloved mentor, the great Master Saint Germain, the mighty alchemist of sacred fire, is also here now to supercharge your radiant auric field with the amazing power of God manifest through love to augment our work and to bring about for you, O soul, the most radiant and miraculous new light-field within and around you.
            You have called forth the Solar presence of joy within your world. You have meditated upon the light of Vesta, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, the archeiai and other divine Mothers as you have sung their songs celestial. Now, dearest ones, it is time for you, as a pure soul, to rise upon the crystalline stairway of light that ascends unto the allness of God's Presence and reexperience for yourself, in the arms of the Divine, the beauty of your being, the radiance of your true and noble Self, one with the Eternal.
            Why wait for God to somehow manifest a miracle in your life? Why, dearest ones, you can accept miracles now! And we are bringing that light—the same light that is causative of miracles for others—into the present reality of the Now experience this evening for you to be transformed, to be transfigured, to be resurrected and even to experience for a moment the ascension current of pure light within your being.
            You see, it has always been up to you to know yourself as God, to accept yourself as pure, to see and feel yourself one with the Source of all. When you establish the sacred flowfield of light through your meditation and devotional practices each day, if you call to me, Pearl, I will seal you again in this pearly white radiance, which I will extend from my heart at any time, in any place that you require it.
            Now, dearest ones, because of your calls to the mighty Elohim Astrea, there is for a fortnight established a light-field of grace around Earth and around every soul who has felt depressed and bereft of love, light and of God's Presence. And I, Pearl, will go to any and all who may be in any way tempted to snuff out their own light in murder of their own being, and I will appear to some or prompt others not to engage in this desecration of self that you call suicide. You see, I have received a dispensation from the Divine Mother. And I will, by God's grace, especially on behalf of the young and the uninitiated, work for the salvation of their souls so that they may surrender to the higher cause of righteousness, of purity and of knowing themselves as worthy and valuable creatures within this creation that you call the cosmos and within the Earth itself.
            If you know of people who have ever been tempted or actually tried to commit this heinous crime against themselves, call to me. And I will, by God's grace, perform a miracle or two or three on behalf of their soul to strip away the entities that taunt them and that make them feel unworthy, unvalued and less than life itself. I will provide the energy itself that they require to move beyond their past and to accept and embrace the new Self, by God's grace—who they truly are in the eyes and in the heart of God. Yes, there are even a few within this movement who have, at one time or another, considered the option of suicide.
            I tell you from my heart, dearest ones, that it is a cowardly act to attempt to evade your path of light. Remember that it is actually murder itself that you engage in, and you commit what has been called a mortal sin against yourself, killing that which God has created—your life. And you will suffer the consequences of your decision should you decide to try in any way to avoid the sufferings of the path that you are destined to walk through, fulfill and overcome with the help of angels, holy brothers and sisters, and those who have always loved you.
            I speak to your soul. And even though many of you have never considered suicide, if you look deeper you will see aspects of your lives where you have, in fact, worked against yourself and snuffed out portions of your own God-identity by your choices, by your actions, your words and the way in which you have lived.
            Choose life. Choose the higher walk with God! Choose to be reborn again and again so that you will ever know yourself as God knows you and experiences you in the present moment as a lovely being, as a virtuous son or daughter of his, of her own heart.
            Now angels from the heart of Mother Mary also come to heal certain imbalances within the mind, the emotions and the biochemistry of the physical temple of some of you in order that there may be a sealing action of light so that nevermore will you even have an intimation of an ideation or a whim or a desire to engage in this crime against the law of your own being.
            You see, we have our ways in heaven, which are not always understood by humanity. Grace and mercy and wholeness are always available at your beck and call if you would simply choose to engage us, to invite us into the arena of action of your lives through silence, stillness, presence and the light of purity, through the pearl of your own Selfhood.
            I am that Pearl of God. And within the microcosm of those beautiful little orbs that some of you do wear upon your form, I activate an electronic matrix from my own God Presence within each pearl so that when you wear them you will know my Presence within your world, within your heart and feel the cherishment of the Spirit ever.
            Precious ones, my prayer is that all of your youth may hear my message soon and feel the validation of their being, of their life, of their light essence and have, by the grace of God, woven through their consciousness a new divine matrix of beauty and understanding that will nurture them where they are and raise them up on eagle's wings, and, with the aid of angel hands and ministering servants' sacred offerings bring them to the fount of inner peace, to the sacred space of the Mother's touch and the holiness of their own soul, one with God.
            I express the peace of God, the breath of the Spirit now unto each one as I leave you in the embrace of the Almighty and caress you with the blessings of many divine Mothers, who look after you ever, dearest ones.

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