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Nada      June 06, 2013

Beloved Lady Master Nada
David Christopher Lewis
June 6, 2013   7:45–8:10 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

All for One and One for All

Living and Loving to Serve the God Within All

Beloved Ones,
            One of the cherished adages of the Great White Brotherhood is “All for one and one for all.” I come this day to speak on compassionate service within the Great White Brotherhood and its mission of love to save sentient beings and raise planet Earth in the light. I am your Nada, and I deliver missiles of love from my heart, ampules of compassion, kindness and understanding unto each one this morning.
            When you serve the All by serving each one who comes within your life, you glorify God within the All because of your compassionate and loving service to each one. Jesus' words yet ring clear: What you do unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me, the Christ.1 Therefore when you serve any individual with loving compassion, because of the oneness within the antahkarana, the great web of life that connects us all, you also serve the Christ through the connection that we have as one.
            Within my retreat over Arabia, Jesus often comes with his mother, Mary, and they speak about the bodhisattva vow. Those who have taken this level of compassionate service to heart within their lives and mission forego entering nirvana until every soul, every sentient being is free in the light, complete, and returns to that state of oneness with God. This is the ultimate level of sacrificial giving, of service and ministration, of compassion and understanding that an individual, an initiate may enter into, having clothed him or herself in light to the extent that that one is willing to bear other's burdens, to serve to set life free and to "be the one",2 with the masters of loving compassion, until the least of these, the brethren and the sisters, are liberated from unreality and darkness.
            What allows the bodhisattva who has made this vow to complete his or her mission? It is the process of continuous cleansing of self from within—the cleaning, the scouring, the washing, the rinsing and, yes, the drying—in order that every element that is less than Christ-perfection is subsumed into the allness of God. For by working on one's self, the sacred flowfield of light is established within and around every soul, every sentient being by the law of correspondence and by the oneness that exists among all lifestreams within the antahkarana, the great mandala of light of God's eternal being.
            Cleanliness is next to godliness. There is a reason for this seemingly simple statement, dearest ones. For when one is wholly clean, it is most natural for that one to abide within the very living Presence of God and enter into that state of pure godliness.
            If you could see and feel with me the light of the seraphim and cherubim who hover around the very throne of the almighty being of God, you would know that level of cosmic purification that is required to abide at that level or vibration of perfection. And you would be moved to continue the sacred process of lower-self-abnegation simultaneously with the raising of the light of the Mother within to the crown, to the highest Selfhood of being in one's own God Presence and Solar awareness.
            Service within the Great White Brotherhood's mission of love requires that all continue in humble service to do this work of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning in order that the victory within is won. And therefore one enters into that state of oneness with all life—all for one and one for all, one for all and all for one.
            Jesus' other statement that the greatest among you must be the servant of all3 also rings true today. Yet how many seek this level of humility and of service? How many desire to put themselves on the bottom rung of being and reorder their life in order that the Christ may be fulfilled within others, within all whom one comes into contact with?
            This does not mean, dearest ones, that you become a doormat in the process of serving. You retain your true cosmic spirituality within the matrix of perfect and humble service. You understand the dynamic whereby the light raised up in you is what serves others; the light glowing within your auric field is what accommodates and blesses the highest manifestation of God within those whom you serve and love effulgently.
            When you serve God within all, you serve all as if they are already fully God in manifestation. And therefore there is no sense of separation between self and other. You embrace the leper, even the lower nature of others, in order that the light of God flowing through you may help transform and heal yourself and others. That light vibrates at the same level within all within the Higher Self.
            Dearest ones, the Great White Brotherhood is a sacred movement of light because each member of this divine organization cherishes these truths; embraces, understands, teaches and models for others this reverence for life, this sense of the sacredness and hallowedness of all within the one Presence of God-loveliness that is the universal All.
            El Morya has given us a wonderful mantra: “I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun. I AM One, I AM One with the Great Central Sun.” And later: “We are One, we are One, we are One with the Sun.”4 First we claim, in the I AM name, our oneness. And then in that state of oneness, we enter the universality of the egregor with all others, all created beings, and we understand the nature of this allness and hallowed presence of unity, where there is no division, no sense of separateness, only the presence of pure love, compassion and joy within that field of perfect being.
            I gave you the mantra and the prayer “I live to serve; I love to serve.”5 For it is true, dearest ones, that this is my mission. And my prayer this day is that it becomes your own and that each day you seek some aspect of Self within your work whereby you apply this wisdom teaching, this cosmic ideal of loving and living service in order to give birth to our new age of perfect love in Aquarius; thereby blessing life, ennobling all and bringing all souls up into the light of their own God Presence and Solar awareness.
            I am continuing to extend these loving rays of compassion and kindness, understanding and joy to you, each one, this day. For I perceive that this is where, for many of you, your victory is won: when you understand the nature of God within all and you live and love to serve that God within all.
            I am your Nada, loving you through the rose of my heart and cherishing your soul and spirit ever toward your victory in the one light. I thank you.

1.  Matthew 25:40.

2. To "be the one" is in reference to the mantra: I am the One, I am the One, I stand in Morya's fire! within prayer 10.010 in The Hearts Center's Prayers, Decrees and Mantras book.

3. Matthew 20:26; 23: 11; Mark 9:35; Luke 22:26.

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5. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, number 60.008. Within the prayer the words are "We live to serve; we love to serve..."

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