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Padre Pio      May 27, 2013

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
May 27, 2013   9:14–9:35 am MDT
Livingston, Montana
Broadcast through Chicago, Illinois

Gratitude Animates Your Being into a New Dimension

Precious Hearts,
            I am grateful to God for all that I have, all who I am. And I pray this day that each of you will send a ray of gratitude to your Source for all that has been bestowed upon and within you of light, of divine energy, of your Selfhood one with the All-in-all. Having the flame of thankfulness and gratitude vibrating within your heart animates your soul and your heart into a new dimension of perfect beingness through joy and happiness, into that reality that you have sought, into that holy domain that your soul aspires to at the deepest core of your being.
            Why do I speak about gratitude this day? Because at times, dearest ones, even our best servants lapse into a sense of “woe is me,” even of pain and suffering or a sense that they are not fully one with God. Well, I know something about physical suffering. And I can tell you this day that a major portion of what I received into my heart from God that allowed me to weather the storms of opposition and to deal with the very physical reality of pain and suffering, as I underwent it through the Passion of Christ that I sought and held within my body temple, was this ray of being grateful to God for life itself, for my path, for my divine mentors, for the angels that succored me and, of course, for the hearts of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and others who carried me through such agony and the discord surrounding those who did not understand me or my path.
            You have what it takes within you, dearest hearts, to weather any storm, to deal with any situation, to move through any crisis when you have within your heart the love of God, the love of self and of others. And through the ray of gratitude born of that love, all is transmuted, all is made clear, all is resolved within you, around you and through your life upon earth.
            Many of you are moving toward your ascension. And some of you will be undergoing intense initiations, even a desire in some way to leave off the path outlined through this dispensation. Well, dearest ones, in a humble way I ask you to consider keeping on keeping on with your daily disciplines, invoking the light, sharing your heart with God, praying without ceasing, serving hourly as you are called from within to honor your path with work and the integrity of your heart, head and hands in action.
            What will see you through are constancy and a joyful and reverent heart tuned to the frequencies of the heartbeat of God, loving through thick and thin, caring for one another and for those you have been sent to serve, including your families. Beloved ones, cherish every opportunity to grow, to learn, to serve. Cherish what God has embedded within you of conscious awareness. Utilize your lifestream and the energies vouchsafed to you from your God Presence to call forth the highest of divine virtues from within. For in this you will find your reason for being, you will find the answer to every dilemma or problem, and you will define yourself always within the context of your Christhood, your Sonship with the Father-Mother God. Gratitude and thankfulness sets up within and around you a field of God-glory that allows you to soar on eagle's wings to the Sun and to be fully present in every situation to receive from heaven the messages of light that are destined for you.
            Those who are true to self are always gracious and grateful to God even for the obstacles that are put in their pathway, the challenges that beset them, the dire situations that allow them to prove the law of being and to access something more noble and inspired from God, from within their hearts, as they model the divine life, as they imitate Christ, as they emulate the Divine Mother with her great patient heart, who calls to mind all these things and keeps them in silence, in soulfulness within.¹ When you attend to the spirit and are guided by God, directed by your Source, assenting to the path whatever may come, then you are assured that you will receive angelic intercession, divine guidance in all things. And when you do, give glory to God. Be thankful and grateful for what you have been commissioned to experience. And understand the nuances of this holy path of light that is yours to tread with sanctity, with devotion and even with a heart effulgent with kindness and compassion.
            The Buddhas have spoken. Vajrasattva has sent forth an intense ray, even of healing, for those of you willing to accept it and integrate within yourselves.² This day I send a ray of courage, of divine bravery, of virya to you, each one, to move forward on your path. And I, like Ganesh and the Great Divine Director, will clear your pathway for you if you call to me, if you avoid anger or spite or inharmony toward any and accept what God shows you in a vision, in a moment of clarity from within your heart. I speak and emanate through the heart chakra of this nation this morning into every domain, sending crystalline needlelike rays unto every devotee of God in all movements of light, those who pray for the truth, the way and the life to manifest. And through this ray of encouragement that I send, I impel many forward into a new level of being, a new awareness in their Presence, a new sphere of God-identity, blessedness and holiness.
            Study your own life and see what God has destined for you to yet accomplish and fulfill in those years and decades remaining for you upon this earth in the flesh. And when your time comes to sing your song, your keynote of light, let all know through your Presence the path of glory, the joyful way of reverential living, of holiness and peace.
            I am Padre Pio, speaking through David this morning, who was obedient to my request on this Monday, Memorial Day. Yes, blessed ones, hold in your memory body, that fire body of the ethers, this ray of heart-centeredness and courage so that you may embrace all of God this day and every day. Love from the Brotherhood and peace from your Presence is yours. God bless you.

1. Luke 2:19
2. See Vajrasattva, May 26, 2013, The Power of God Is Yours to Claim for All That You Require.

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