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Lanto      May 25, 2013

Beloved Lord Lanto
David Christopher Lewis
May 25, 2013   8:46–9:02 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

                                                        An Infusion of the Energy of the Mind of God

I Send a Ray of Illumination into the Center of the Earth!

Devotees of the Sacred Fire and Advocates of Planetary Freedom and Enlightenment,
            I, Lanto, come and infuse you with the energy of the mind of God where you are now. For within this infusion there is the possibility for new perception, new understanding and even, at a subtle level of the All-beingness of God, planetary enlightenment. Does this seem miraculous that there could be the awakening and quickening of the minds of all mankind so that our Earth could enter a golden-crystal age? Dear ones, it is possible. And through the lens of the eyes of the Buddhas, even those thousand who came last night during your Wesak service, planetary enlightenment is the goal. And you, each one, are a means to the end of this new stage of Solar evolution within our Earth.
            Enlightenment begins with you, and it is both your mind and your entire being that are in the process of bearing more light. The awakening is only the beginning, the onset of this process, you see. The ongoing infusion of light within you allows your Solar cells to vibrate, for all past anomalies of the duller consciousness to be transmuted, and for that clear and true perceptive mind of God to manifest through your new reality as a divine creature fully free in the divine light.
            You are expected by your own Higher Self to be quickened a little bit more each morning upon arising by the impulses of the sun, by the inspirational and dynamic vibratory aspects of your own Solar awareness, one with God. Are you making progress in this domain? Are you accepting within you greater streams of God consciousness, new possibilities for divine attainment and entrainment with that glorious and virtuous God-mind that runs the universe with the hum of creative love?
            If you would see planetary quickening and the arising of souls to the dynamics of what is at play now—as freedom is being challenged in every quarter and the old ways of the dark ones are being exposed right before your very eyes in the media—then, dearest ones, you will understand just how important you are to this greater process. And you will take responsibility and act according to the cosmic dictates of your own Higher Self.
            Therefore, by God's grace, as chohan of the second ray of wisdom and illumination, of divine knowledge and the teachings of the light of the Great White Brotherhood, I send a ray into the center of the Earth! It is a ray of illumination for a greater quickening of the minds of people everywhere. This ray first does its perfect work within you; and your pituitary and your pineal glands are excited by the cosmic stimulation of this action of golden-liquid light within your crown. There is, for each one participating now and for those who will hear this release or read the transcript of it, the delivery directly to your higher mind of these seed ideations of the new awareness. These must be anchored tangibly within your lives through action to allow the currents and the vibratory streams of God consciousness and Solar awareness to manifest tangibly within the Earth.
            Precious ones, in addition to reading about and exposing to others the infamy of what is playing out in the world order, it is imperative that you do the required inner spiritual work to root out every aspect of how you energetically may be tied in any way to the old systems and the old paradigms of non-beingness and the unenlightened state. It is only when you breach and penetrate through the iron dome of the mass consciousness—with its attempt to denude you of your Godhood and to delude you in the ways of maya and the metaphors of misanthropic living—that you can rise and perceive with new eyes the Buddhic state of beingness, the illumined awareness of perfection in God with a heart vibrant and full of divine love and compassion for all.
            Yes, dearest ones, I am here as tangibly as I am allowed to be within the atmosphere of the Earth with my Electronic Presence suffused around, within and through your own auric field so that you may receive the full cosmic weight of my spiritual fervor in this hour. We have been in council at the Grand Tetons setting forth our plans for the salvation of many and for the enlightenment wave to be accelerated. And so there is a locking together again, at a higher energetic level, of the Buddhic minds of these thousand who have come on Wesak to encourage some among you to reach that level of your own Buddhic awareness. For when you merge with us and you lock into this cosmic grid of universal understanding and divine awareness, you may be a receptor for greater cosmic energies descending and ascending to and from the Earth, dearest ones.
            Therefore, in addition to your studies, to your reading, insure that you set aside time for deep reflective meditation upon the Buddhic mind and the Solar gnosis of your God Presence. For within this sphere of golden-liquid light there is the pure understanding of all that is essential in this hour for Earth's delivery from the nonsense of the past and for her acceptance of the new wave of the Spirit within all realms.
            I charge now your minds with cosmic impulses in this hour! Burn through, O sacred fire, golden-liquid light, and erase, erase, erase all records of nonawareness, ignorance and a lack of focus and concentration upon the great Sun Presence of light within.
            Burn through! Blaze forth! Burn through and consume the dross that at a subtle, subconscious level of being yet remains within the soul and self, that drags down into the physical domain the greater mindful streams of a new quickened awareness in God.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through now!
            O Buddhas, release the particles and the dynamics of this new wave-pattern of cosmic light and let our own feel this new thrust for a holy purpose as our investment of love-wisdom-power light unto them, each one.
            Yes, beloved ones, I come infrequently, and yet this day I was called by Gautama to assist in the illumination of millions—you among them, the first fruits. Be at peace within the mind of God, for therein you will find the true treasures of eternality and the buoyancies and joys of immortal life. I thank you.

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