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Gautama Buddha      May 24, 2013

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
May 24, 2013   7:00–7:15 pm MDT  (Wesak)
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Will You Be a Lotus of Light for Us?

            A thousand Buddhas sing tonight, and our chorus swells throughout the Earth and the cosmos as the hum of the OM is heard and as the sound of silence emanates within the hearts and minds of those who look to Buddha for solar sustenance, for heart-centeredness and for the compassionate gaze and the mindful ear that discerns all.
            Gautama I am. And in this hour of a second Wesak, for you know that in the cycle of Taurus the full moon is my time, and yet often it is celebrated in May. And so you see, both are opportunities this year for our radiance to go forth as a blessing to all life.
            The pressures of the light and the darkness are upon you often. How you play with light and darkness is a cosmic game that in your own discerning mind and heart you can arrange and rearrange, you can understand, assimilate, balance and harmonize all within self. When you learn this science of Buddhic living within the sphere of your own Self-awareness within the All-in-all, then you may attain through that Buddhic mind beingness within the centerpoint of all.
            There will be throughout this service a continuous humming and the strumming of many chords of light by these thousand Buddhas gathered in Earth's atmosphere who are attentive to the cries of humanity and are seeking ways and means whereby salvation to souls may manifest.
            Will you be a lotus of light for us whereupon within your auric fields the vibrations of Buddhic awareness and compassion may continue to flow and to bless life? If so, you may learn the chorus of pure light and intone the OM; and in the ascending spiral of the cosmic conflagration of sound becoming light and light manifesting as cosmic awareness, you, ascending to your Source, may access through this toning your Buddhic and Atmic awareness.
            This is our symphony of light. These are the harmonics of pure loving awareness. These are the vibrations of the compassionate ones—bodhisattvas of wisdom and mercy and those who are attentive to every request, every prayer, every intonation within the beings of our brethren and sisters, Buddhas to be, bodhisattvas yet alive upon Earth.
            The Great Tenor comes, and in a cosmic upswell of light, cosmic harmonies are heard through his voice sublime and pure, through the radiance of the blue-fire lotus light emanating through that pure stream of the Word through his throat center. Learn from this one the science of equilibrium and understand the components, through cosmic harmony, of oneness, oneness, oneness with all life.
            When you are in harmony with self and within Self, there is the perfect and pure melody of light that arises within the soul and ascends by the spiritual impetus of the mother's touch and call. Yes, the Buddha Mother is calling her own home, home, home again through the OM that she intones and through the radiance of her heart wed to the stars and the cosmos and the epicenter of all light within the cosmic hub.
            The Mother understands your every need. The Mother sees every aspect of your beingness, every relationship between you and all others evolving here. The Mother as an all-discerning Buddha being knows what you require every moment. Trust her. Listen to her heartbeat. And attend to her voice when she calls you to come in from your playing in the fields, to wash your hands and face and sit at the table prepared for her meal of light and her lessons on divinity within humanity.
            Yes, there is much to learn yet, oh soul of the Middle Way path and the Eightfold streams of that path that leads to the Source. Have you understood the Four Noble Truths, the wheels within wheels of cosmic impulses within your chakras, your electronic body? Have you mastered every emanation through the 144 centers and every meridian so that wholeness, yours ever and always, may fulfill within you your purpose of purity through the power of Presence and the all-possibilities of the rapture within the Lord's light?
            O Buddhas, O thousandfold flames of eternality around and within our Earth, blaze forth your lotus light now! Accelerate and charge these Buddhic devotees with the radiances of your heart and mind-streams in the pure vision of each one's higher Reality now manifest within through their acceptance. Charge them! Charge them! Charge them with a new harmonic spell of perfectionment and joy, and allow the radiance and allow the resonance of their Selfhood to arise to a new level of divinity and blessedness.
            Om Mani Padme Hum. I give glory to the lotus light and the gem within that flower of compassion within you. And I breathe love from within you again and again to nurture who you are, who you are becoming and who within you has always been becoming of the One.
            Now an aria of God Harmony is sung. Listen in silence and hear through the mindful memory of the first conception of beauty the living energy of pure sound and crystal light from this Buddha of purity and song.

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