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David Lewis      May 23, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 23, 2013   7:30–8:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

I Love the Sun

The Sun Ennobles Us to Be the One

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Today I'd like to share with you and with the world my love of the sun. I think all of us have an inherent affinity for the sun. Most of us enjoy being in the sun—gardening, being in nature, frolicking in the woods and the lakes and doing those recreational activities that bring us great joy and happiness.
            I have a zest for life and a devotion to the sun, which I feel is very important in my life. Part of this is born of my understanding of the nature of the sun, which goes beyond what current science teaches us to a science that is divine and sublime and beautiful. I have an innate knowing that because the sun provides its rays, its radiance, I can rise each morning and be raised in awareness, in consciousness to a new level of perception of my individuality and uniqueness as a sovereign being within the universe. And all of this is made possible by the vivifying rays and light and warmth of the sun.
            Without the sun, none of us would be here. The Earth wouldn't be circling the sun, and therefore life on Earth wouldn't exist. Therefore it behooves us to study the sun and ultimately to study the internal Sun, who we are, to realize our Selfhood in the greater scheme of divine things and to realize our sunship as suns and daughters of God. As Above, so below, the image of the sun in the heavens can be brought forth within us in great measure so that we can incorporate everything we learn from and about the sun into our lives.
            My love of the sun is there each day because God is present within the sun and all of the virtues of heaven are provided in a continuous streaming of love-light. Yet my love of the sun goes deeper and deeper each day as I access new understanding of who I am in relationship with all my loved ones: with you, my heartfriends, and with my heartfriends in nature—the precious elementals, the nature spirits, the birds, the bees, the bats, every creature, every blade of grass, every seed, every plant. For we are all one. And our oneness in and under and within the sun is important for us to embrace.
            It's axiomatic that we must realize our oneness if we are to fulfill our purpose. For when we feel that oneness, through love of the sun above and within, by God's grace we can accomplish anything—any task, any mission in our lives.
            There are many platitudes about the sun and, of course, I don't desire to rehash these. The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and other illustrious masters have taught us the science of the sun, Surya Yoga, for this age dawning. It's important for us to lean on their words and to become those words ourselves, and then to take their teachings forward even more, learning what they have not discovered and trying things and discovering where no man has gone before, no woman has ventured.
            Should we be willing to do this? Of course. In our intrepid nature as sovereign beings within the universe, the “one verse,” it's imperative that we learn who we are and discover more about ourselves. So how do we do this? Well, as Above, so below, we can discover the elements of that sun within ourselves, which have always existed and always given us life.
            Love is the key in all self-discovery. Why? Because we have to love ourselves first in order to access our deepest parts. We have to love ourselves first before we can access the deepest elements of God within ourselves. This love is not a selfish love, an egoic love in the lower sense. It's a divine egoic love that allows us to attune to our True Self, our real divine nature, and then allows that to emerge and grow within us in greater measure every day.
            What is the sun teaching us today, and what are we discovering of our own Solar elements right now? Through prayer and devotion, through listening to inspired speakers, through reading, studying, meditating, contemplating and simply listening to the universe and what nature is emanating all around us and within us daily, this self-discovery process manifests.
            I believe that those of you who are great meditators, who have mastered the science of stillness, the art of inner silence, hold keys for the world locked within you. The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov said often that he preferred to share discourses in silence with his disciples because he could convey even more through silence than he could through words. Words limit us, whereas within the Great Silence we have access to all manner of vibrations, all coordinates of consciousness, all levels of beingness, all frequencies of cosmic awareness.
            When we're speaking, there's a stream of light and energy that's pouring forth through one chakra, enabled somewhat through our mind and our vision and our emotions, and yet it's one stream. When we are in the great stream of the Great Silence, there is so much more at play. There is a 360-degree, and even more than that, multidimensional possibility for us to receive and accept, intuit and enable within ourselves cosmic consciousness. This is because we can travel in our meditation, in our Solar body, to other worlds and systems; we can penetrate into the depths of the Earth; we can enter into the minds of the great masters; we can alight upon the branch of a tree and observe the communication of birds and of other beings whose great largesse of awareness within their domain allows them to experience life in a unique way that's outside of our awareness and yet within the greater awareness of the Holy Spirit within all nature.
            My love of the sun extends itself through every word that I speak to every lightbearer who will ever hear what the masters inspire me to share with them. My love of the sun allows me to press on with physical work outside in nature; with the mental and emotional work that I engage in on a daily basis; with the teamwork that I'm involved in; and with the spiritual work that extends itself through the loving emanations that I, by God's grace, am able to pour out to all life continuously through my day, because the daytime is the time of the sun's prominence in the heavens.
            What happens in the night? We are asleep, unconscious and we enter other realms of other suns. Yet they are hidden. They are more remote, in one sense, from our physical day, where the sun holds sway.
            You have a love of the sun. I believe we all do. There's a heartfriend of mine who likes to wear sunglasses a lot. And I lovingly shared with this person in the last few weeks the possibility of taking the sunglasses off more, being out in nature in the sun and allowing the rays of the sun to penetrate into the eyes during the safe times of the day, not gazing directly at the sun after the first hour of the sunrise or before the last hour of the sunset.
            What will happen when we take those blinders, or sunglasses, off and allow the sun to really speak to us, to give us its promotional and its amazing marketing strategies for our life? The sun is the greatest promoter of all time. It promotes God; it promotes cosmic consciousness; it promotes the advancement of a Solar civilization and of true culture upon Earth in every possible way. The sun is the greatest marketeer, for it is constantly seeking ways to get through to our minds and our hearts to provide God's message to us individually as well as collectively, en masse, amidst humanity.
            How does the sun market its message? In an undifferentiated blessing. Just as it rains upon the just and the unjust alike, the sun shines upon all of us equally. It's up to us what our perspective, our attitude is, how we decide to apportion what the sun is providing us in our lives. What's important is the stance we take toward the sun—whether we stand within it or are hiding behind some object that gives us shade. Yes, at times we have to seek shelter and shade from the intense rays of the sun when it could burn us. And yet the sun is still there and the rays penetrate even through that shade or that home to give us life and energy within certain frequencies and vibrations.
            If we have an attitude of gratitude toward God, toward life, toward the sun, and toward the sun within ourselves, we set up a  matrix whereby every divine gift can be ours; every element that we require is right at our fingertips; every material thing that we desire, that we truly need in our life mission is at hand. I believe this with the allness of my mind and heart and the power of my will. And I trust that you are realizing this more each day, because it is God's great joy to give us the kingdom. It is the Father's pleasure to give us the kingdom,1 the consciousness of heaven, just as we as parents love to provide for our children everything that is essential for their development.
            Now, at times tough love may be required in order to move us into the domain where we can move forward ourselves rather than completely relying on mommy or daddy or someone else or some system for our salvation, for our oneness with our Source.
            It's important to follow the guidelines of the eternal laws—the divine laws of love, cosmic order, harmony, balance and prosperity—that tell us that we must give in order to receive, and that we must be able to receive in order to give more and keep the flow going. When we stop up that flow in any way by hiding from our Source or hiding from the law of our inner being, then heaven shakes us awake, provides some circumstance, situation, issue or problem that will gently shock us back into a higher reality.
            My love of the sun is born of my love of God, because what greater example of godliness is there than our sun? The Son of God for our solar system, the Christ of our solar system, the emanator of pure light for our solar system was previously embodied in Helios and Vesta as the sun parents, and now it is embodied through the God and Goddess Meru, who have taken that holy office within the sun of our system.
            The elements of Helios and Vesta are still there. Their legacy is still emanating and vibrating through the action of the sun. It's not like they just left the sun devoid of themselves. They have so impressed and impregnated their beings within the sun that it's now even more effulgent since they have moved on and their disciples—the manus of the sixth root race—have taken that holy office. We can leave our legacy with those we love and move on to new equations of love in the lives of others whom we can cherish, enjoy and be with.
            Love is a many-splendored thing. Life provides opportunities for that splendor to manifest through our hearts, through our chakras, through our auric fields. Love is a many-splendored thing. When we enter into it with great reverence, holiness, sanctity, we can provide our highest love to the universe, our greatest gift to those whom we are serving, our noblest efforts to bringing forth the most beautiful, magnificent co-creations with our co-workers and with those whom God sends us to communicate with, to share with, to collaborate with.
            This is the dawning of an age of collaboration and greater cooperation. The sun is the perfect example of the greatest collaborator, coordinator and cooperator of all time. The sun has been cooperating with other suns, the stars within the galaxy beyond our solar system, and emanating the eternal rays of God from the Great Central Sun. Its collaboration extends itself in cosmic wave patterns of light that all of these stars together are a part of in a type of cosmic communication.
            Just as we have cells within our beings that coordinate and communicate with one another in order to provide all the impulses within our body temple that are essential to life, so every star emanates essences that are important for the collective of the galaxy to exist as a body. Every galaxy is like a little part of God, God's body—as Above, so below. The same dynamics that occur within our body temple, within our world and within every cell exist at cosmic levels on a macrocosmic scale with the stars.
            A star is really a little solar cell. And don't think that just because we observe from our level that there's all this space between the stars that separates them that that space is empty. It's the same within us. Is every cell attached to another cell? There's a lot of space within us. And, yes, some of us at times become space cadets, but that's okay because we rely on God's space, the Holy Spirit, to impress its radiance through us, among us, within us at all levels of our being.
            So if the sun is really a little cell in the greater body of God, what is our sun's part in this body temple of the Lord at a cosmic level, on a macrocosmic scale? It's something we can discern. You can speak to Helios and Vesta. You can speak and meditate with the God and Goddess Meru to discern this yourself. You don't have to rely on me or a master to tell you. It's something you can discover. And when you discover it, write a poem, sing a song or share through our forum what the Lord of Life through you has intuited about the sun's amazing awareness in consciousness—its impulses, its flashes of light, maybe what it sends through those great solar flares and what is occurring in the sunspots.
            El Morya gave us some keys on this in the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. When I received that teaching on what the solar flares and the sunspots really were, it was amazing because I saw way beyond the current scientific understanding, which is at a physical level. It was a spiritual understanding beyond time and space. Through Morya's mind, I entered into the work of the sun beyond what we perceive.
            The sun draws forth its wisdom, its eternal wisdom, from the Great Central Sun; which is then stepped down through other cosmic, galactic forces; then extended from the hub unto each galaxy; then stepped down through each solar system; then stepped down to the sun; then to the planets; then to the evolutions evolving therein and within the evolutions—to their cells, within the cells, to the microscopic particles that are a part of them—and then down through infinity and beyond—with Buzz Lightyear.
            Well, maybe the bees who are buzzing have a light year that they experience that is different from ours, and their intelligence, directed by the sun, is something we can also discover. We know now through observation that the bees are engaged in a very harmonic collective community work. They all have their part to play. They have an innate ability to travel off for a few miles, gather nectar and come back directly to their source, the hive, their home, to the queen bee and do their work of creating nectar and honey and all of these beautiful things that we can use and, of course, that they require.
            That was an interesting tangent about Buzz Lightyear. If you don't know who Buzz Lightyear is, you can Google him and watch that funny movie, which actually has a good message for all of us. It was probably one of the highest grossing animated films and series of all time, with Tom Hanks as the voice of the main character and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear.
            We can all be lovers of the sun in greater measure. To love the sun means to identify with the purpose of the sun, the mission of the sun. And we enter into that mission by doing our work at our level of awareness and raising life through our love, through the light that we wield through our auric field. How's that for a rhyme? The light that we wield through our auric field can be great and can yield great results as we field and yield to God, as we yield to God and we feel God's energies within us.
            So I will, from this day forward, consider you, each one, a lover of the sun. I pray and I accept that every heartfriend is a lover of the sun—the sun's ways, the sun's rays. And no matter what phase of life you may be going through, what challenges you are experiencing, love will see you through. God, as love, can utilize you as a divine spirit to inspire hundreds, thousands, millions upon Earth through the special and unique gifts that you have, through your developed heart, your intrepid will and your glorious and beautiful mind all working as one.
            I trust the sun implicitly to rise every day and to set every night. Maybe it's an assumption that it will be there, and yet I think it's a pretty safe one. Well, it's the one assumption that I can probably get by with. For you know what assume means. Well, the sun doesn't make burros of us. The sun ennobles us to be the One, the Divine, the beautiful sons and daughters of the illustrious Almighty Creator, the Source of life.
            My prayer today is that the sun shines upon you 24/7 in your consciousness and provides for you a great impetus for your spiritual development, the authenticity of who you are as a God-Self-realized one.
            I love you. I love the sun within you too! Have an awesome day.

1. Luke 12:32.

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