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Paul the Venetian      May 19, 2013

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
May 19, 2013   9:31–9:45 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

An Anointing by Love
We Bear a New Spiritual Impetus for the Nation of France

            I am Paul the Venetian and I come emanating the love fires of God within this space, within your hearts. I come with Saint Bernadette, with the master Omraam, with Lanello and Clare de Lis and many others on this Pentecost Sunday to express the love of heaven for you and the radiance of God for all. Love born within the heart that is one with God is great, beloved ones. It has the ability to miraculously craft a new world within your life and everywhere you choose to be. Love born of God heals all schism promulgated by all isms that humanity has created that divide and conquer people and cultures of all kinds. Where there is love there is no division; there is acceptance, harmony and peace. Where there is love there is truth, for love models the way, the truth and the life through the Christic patterns of the pure path by initiates of the sacred fire.
            Love is the great harmonizer of all, for it brings the ray of the Christic path of perfect peace into play where there has been conflict and nihilism manifest within the minds and hearts of men and women. Love allows you to be true to self and true to the Selfhood of God within all. Love is the way of Aquarius. Yet, what is this love and what is this way, you ask, for not many truly walk the path of godly love as we would have them walk it in this hour. The Holy Spirit speaks and the principles of a godly life are modeled by this blessed one. And you, each one, may learn from the Holy Spirit directly how love may live and sing and dance and spin through you each day. From one day to the next, how have you become more loving, more accepting, affinitizing frequencies within self and within the world at large so that you as a loving being can truly manifest your destiny?
            Well, dearest ones, the masters who come with me each are sending a ray of love in a particular vibratory energy field to each one of you so that you can then feel and intuit directly what love is and the understanding of these great masters of love for the Earth. The love of Bernadette allowed her to weather the storms of infamy of those who decried the light of God that glowed within her face and that showed within her heart because she was called by Mary to be the instrument of the creation of a hallowed space upon Earth for healing.2 She carried within her being the antipathy of that which she was in order to transmute, through suffering, the stains of many. Therefore, God called her to his heart; and she lives in a divine state of ecstasy, manifesting yet that love of Mary, that love of God, that love of all, which the humble, the kind and the compassionate may all learn from.
            The master Omraam—what can I say of this great being of light? His energy still vibrates within France and within every nation upon which soil he walked. You would do well, dearest ones, to study every word of this great being, for his teachings hold keys to the Aquarian Age, the age of the Sun's appearance within Earth and within you, co-creating a new solar civilization, a new reality of life within all domains. Even though I am an ascended being, I listened to his discourses. And as it was possible I appeared to him and overshined his work in order that the fires of love which he truly bore within his breast could be expanded throughout that same region of light in which my retreat holds sway in southern France.
            And Clare de Lis and Lanello, as Sun Queen and Sun King, also are here to expand the rays of divine love unto you on this Pentecost Sunday, for they had numerous lives within France also. And the vibrancy and the teaching and the harmony that were promulgated by them also remain as a blessing and a boon to souls evolving there and throughout Europe.
            Yes, we come to you because there is a great need in this hour within the nation of France for a new spiritual impetus. And so we bear it and we emanate the light of love in this hour. This love washes clean records of infamy and debauchery, of the French Revolution, of the Inquisition and of much more destruction in World Wars I and II, and even what has transpired of late and the decline of civilization within this important nation.
            O love of God, blaze through and co-create a new world of light within France! Let those who are ready for a new verse hear the song celestial sung through this dispensation. Let Morya's words1 be translated into many languages. And let the teachings of the Solar Presence and of the solar way go forth so that that which Ikhnaton initiated thirty-three and more centuries ago will be fulfilled as the Earth accommodates a new solar civilization, first within those who can bear it and then within the many with whom they will share it.
            This love that we bear is our anointing of you in this hour if you choose to accept it, to understand it and to share it. And now each of these great beings breathes the light of solar love unto you; and the action of our coming in harmony, one with another in God, is complete. May the love of Venus be with you always and the love of your twin ray, your kindred heart, from within and around your threefold flame be ever yours to know, to cherish and to love. I thank you.

1. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance.

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