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Maha Chohan      May 19, 2013

Blessed Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 19, 2013   11:44–11:58 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Your Divine Happiness Is a Choice

Dearest Lovers of God,

            When you look at a newborn lamb, what do you behold? When you observe the stars in a cloudless sky at night, what is drawn unto your heart of God's eternal love for you? When you find the answer to a difficult question from within, what have you felt of the effort of the Holy Spirit to nurture you?

            Long ago on Atlantis, I lived an incarnation wherein my primary assignment in that life was to be happiness for all. I was quite the jokester, you see. For often, in a disarming way, I would shake awake people from the temporary malaise that beset them through the burdens of life and in a childlike manner bring revelry, laughter and spiritual levity to them through my heart, through my love for all.

            God is happiness. God is joy. God is the great anointer who initiates life and light cycles through the gifts of love upon and within his own. Your divine happiness is a choice. Your health and well-being manifest from your daily and hourly choices. You create the world that you experience by the conscious application of your mind, feelings, vision and memory in the multifaceted ways that you experience and express yourself. If you would be God and enter into the fullness of your own godly nature, it may be easier than you feel. Notice I didn't say “think.”

            Dearest ones, you seek gifts; I provide them, both when you are ready and at times when you may not be so, fully. The gifts that come when you call for them are of one type, specific to that which you request, brought by your conscious application of the science of the spoken word. However, the gifts that come when you least expect them are often the most meaningful to you because heaven sees to the anointings that we provide according to the cycles of the inner heartbeat of your spirit.

            Therefore always be ready for the Holy Spirit's coming, often at dawn or dusk, and yet at any hour. I come not as a thief in the night; I come as a chief with a light of the Presence. Some have seen me with a magical headdress as a native spirit. And I breathe upon them the fire breath of God to enliven them again on their path of being a warrior, a troubadour, a gentle soul, a teacher, a friend.

            The Spirit may speak unto and within you at any time that God requires. Are you listening? And are you participating in the greater discussion of the moment, which is all about cosmic awareness, your Solar Reality and love within everything? When you perfuse love into what you are doing; when you consciously apply the oil of love within, around and amidst your work; when you love with cosmic abandon, then you will know what that little lamb will share with the world, what those stars have been emanating for eons and what the flowers and their aromas are communicating to your heart each day.

            Yes, it is a choice to be happy, to feel fulfilled from within, to feel God's glory within your soul and to then live from that center point of beingharmoniously, graciously, lovingly. In that life in which I shared God's happiness with all, I was the greater beneficiary of the love fires of pure joy that were shared with all. For I saw in the smiles, I heard within the laughter and I felt within my heart, reflected from each one, acceptance, beingness and a presence of deep joy, which I had sought to embellish and to embed within the lives of so many.

            You may not have so many magical tricks up your sleeve or jokes ready to rattle off to be acceptable in the eyes of others. Yet accessing, through inner happiness, your Source and the frequencies of pure love will naturally allow you to be joyous and expressive of your divinity. Without a sense of having to perform or please others, you will be pleasing to God and to yourself in the natural state of being love, happy love, dearest ones.

            The flowers are happy. The little lambs are happy. The stars, oh how happy they are to emit throughout the cosmos their rays of divine energy, to give birth to life in so many domains. For each one heralds a unique aspect of God's consciousness through its vivifying needlelike rays, which alight upon the just and the unjust alike, which shine forth upon those who would receive them and those who are ignorant of or would reject them. You see, God is the great giver. No matter what anyone thinks or feels, God just keeps on giving and giving and giving to all.

            On this Pentecost, my prayer for you, O soul, is that you will sing your song and soar on the wings of an eagle to new heights to experience levity of consciousness, a lighthearted spirit and a new proficiency in your ability to love all as God loves all.

            I AM the Maha Chohan, and I am almost imperceptibly expressing the allness, the omnipresence of pure love to life. Feel love, and you will always know the right path for you. I thank you.

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