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David Lewis      May 18, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse

May 18, 2013   8:31–8:59 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

Fiats and Other Keys for Overcoming

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Early this morning as I was praying the rosary and then aligning my heart with the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, some fiats came forth for a clearance action of sacred fire for the entire Earth and for all of you. I would like to repeat some of these fiats, which I wrote down for all of our benefit.

            I encourage you to use this matrix whenever you desire, especially when you are facing a challenge, are under the weight of anything that is undesirable, or when you simply require a boost of divine energy in order to make greater progress, to accelerate, to pierce through and overcome obstacles.

            In the name of the living God, I AM THAT I AM, I call to the Great Central Sun, and I say in that I AM name:

            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM God's today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM love today.
            Burn through
, O sacred fire! I AM joy today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM light today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM hope today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM life today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM virtue now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM wisdom now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM truth today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM wholeness now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM victory now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM freedom now.
through, O sacred fire! I'm compassion now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM faith today.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM charity now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I'm devotion now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I'm an alchemist now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM brotherhood now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM service now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I'm transcendent now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I'm resplendent now.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM love today.

            I hope you could feel the light emanating from the Central Sun and making contact with your own heart fires and that you received the impulses of divine light right within your heart, mind, soul and spirit, raising your frequency and helping you.

            This took very little time—three or four minutes—and it was very easy to do. You can insert anything you desire: “Burn through, O sacred fire! I AM [one-syllable word] today.” Choose a word, a virtue or whatever you like. Or if you use a two-syllable word, you would say: “I AM [blank blank] now.” If there are three syllables, you could say: “I'm [compassion] now.” So the “I AM” is compressed into “I'm.” We know it means “I AM,” and we prefer to say “I AM.” However, we're simplifying it because of the three syllables in one word: “I'm compassion now.”

            You could go on with this and write down anything that you desire and then make your fiats. Make them night and day, early in the morning, anytime. These are fohatic fiats. In other words, they invoke the cosmically charged electronic particles of divine substance instantaneously within our auric field to electrify and amplify those cosmic energy patterns that we require.

            We all at times are beset by challenges, substance, ennui, even a type of astral or spiritual boredom that may come because we feel, “Oh, I'm doing the same thing every day. Isn't there something else, O Lord?” Well, here's something else. You can also be creative in any way you desire, anytime with your own fiats.

            Why are fiats important? Because we know that when we arise in the morning, we simply have to invoke light. It's part of our mission as lightbearers to coalesce light within our energy field in order that we may be of great service to humanity. We coalesce this energy by the conscious application of our wills to be love in action. And what better way to do this than to begin with fiats that are invocative of divine light?

            This is something that happened to me early this morning. I didn't desire to awaken my wife, because it was very early. So I went into the garage in my car and no one but the Lord, the Holy Spirit and maybe some precious elementals and fiery salamanders heard me. You can go into your closet; you can go into a vehicle or a private area where you won't disturb your neighbors, your relatives, your family. Mother used to make fiats into a pillow in a closet. So whatever it takes, just do it. Like Nike says, “Just do it.” I feel supercharged. I got a lot done already early this morning and I'm very happy to be alive, to be living, to be serving.

            We hope to share very soon, as early as next Tuesday or maybe even tomorrow, Sunday, a little bit about our Sweden event, more than what I shared last Tuesday. So be prepared for that. Be prepared for the Holy Spirit since it is Pentecost. And in that state of preparation, be prepared for miracles for you.

            Mona and I did a special ritual on our property two days ago, and it took a little time. We got some crystals, which Mona secured in Bozeman from a beautiful store that has amazingly awesome gemstones and little crystals. They weren't very expensive and yet they carry light because we charged them with our love, with our fire breath and we placed them at strategic places on our property. We called to the elemental forces, the nature spirits and divine beings, the deva of our property, our own Higher Selves, the blessed masters whom we love, and cosmic beings to secure this property for the light, for this mission, for its greater purpose for humanity, which I believe is great.

            If you have a home, you can do the same. You can get little crystals and put them in the four corners and in the center of your house and consecrate or reconsecrate your home and/or your property to the highest purposes of light. You can do this whether you're renting or you own your property, and I encourage you to do so. Start at the north and then go to the east, the south, the west and then finally the center. It creates a cosmic vortex when, through loving intention, you initiate this spiral of light. As Mona explained it to me from a mystic who explained it to her, there is a whoosh that occurs as a fiery electronic energy pattern circles your property and then goes up through the center to the Central Sun and creates a dimensional shift and an opportunity for great Solar energies and divine frequencies to be yours.

            At times we all require a clearance of our homes because things beset us. Sometimes entities are lurking around because they see the light that we invoke and they are inquisitive or curious. So we do everything essential, including burning incense, which I did this morning, using frankincense and myrrh. We have this incense in our Alchemy Exchange store and we have it online. This beautiful incense is from the Self Realization Fellowship, and it's not expensive at all. I burned this incense in our garage, in my office and in a couple of places that I felt were not as radiant and as clear as they could be. The entities flee. The divine masters and beings, who love this divine scent, come at our invitation, and then we are refreshed and we have a clear white page in our flowfield—what we used to call forcefield—in order to do our work and service.

            So I feel very clear this morning. After I did my forty-five minutes of intense calls, rosary, calls to Archangel Michael and the violet flame for all of you, I came back and was in my restroom and looked in my mirror and I was a new person. These fiats and my prayers allowed me to sync myself with the Divine and renew myself, by God's grace, so that I could be of great service today.

            We have a very important council meeting in about sixteen minutes. And I ask you to pray for our council—for guidance, inspiration and for the overshining of the great masters and the sponsoring masters of our movement—so that we can discuss what we will discuss and make righteous and holy decisions for our precious movement of light.

            I'd like to thank again each and every one of you who is listening or who will hear the recording of this service and my message today, overshined by beloved El Morya, because I know how important each of you is to the Great White Brotherhood upon Earth. Your mission is essential. One of our very precious heartfriends has challenges with feeling depressed. Some of us understand that because we've all at times been down in the dumps. I can tell you that your life is so essential to the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood that you should do everything in your power to live the longest, holiest, healthiest, most virtuous, loving and serving life that you can. When you decide that you are here for a victorious purpose, you will take care of your body temple. You will make right decisions at every turn about what you take in, what you assimilate, what you observe, what you read, what you see and what you behold through your third eye and your two eyes through the movies you watch, the TV, whatever.

            The more we decide to be of greater, inestimable service to the Great White Brotherhood, the more consecrated our lives become, the more focused we are, the more radiant our auras become. Through that one-pointed purpose, we know that we are essential and that God and the masters are counting on us. So if any of you at any time feel that you are not worth the divine salt that courses through your bloodstream and that you may as well just give up, that there isn't really a great purpose in your life, please think again and realize that you were created in the image and likeness of God. You were born a divine spirit in the beginning and you have always had that within your heart. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is not impossible. It is difficult at times, yet with God all things are possible. With God in your heart, in your consciousness, in your mind and God's light blazing through your auric field, what was difficult yesterday becomes reasonable and easier today. You become more amiable to the cosmos when you reconceive of yourself as holy, as divine, as beautiful, as worthy.

            I will pray for anyone who requires prayer. However, I have to tell you that if you come back over and over again and say, “I don't feel worthy; I feel depressed,” just listen to this message again, because there's something that you haven't overcome and you simply have to get ahold of yourself. You have to get ahold of your True Self.

            Joyce Genis was sharing with me that one of our youth decided that he would like to hear from Hercules for our summer conference. And the title he came up with, which the Master thought was awesome, was “Hercules on How to Get Ahold of Your True Self.” Well, how do you? You get a hold by placing your attention upon God and the all-possibilities of victory, which are right within this moment in time and space.

            This mission is not for the lazy, for those who think that they can just get there through little effort. It takes energy. It takes thrust. It requires that we are consecrated, dedicated, focused and one-pointed in our missions, that we do what we say we will do. We will walk our talk and we will be there for the Brotherhood on time, in our jobs, at our desks, at our conferences or events. And sometimes by simply showing up, others will inspire us, the masters will overshine us, our Higher Self will kick in, and that's when we get ahold of our Self.

            Now, I'm preaching to the angelic choir, because you wouldn't be listening if you weren't already dedicated. However, if you know someone who is having trouble or requires a boost, direct them to this message. Let them feel the frequencies that are essential for them to embrace and accept in order for them to be overcomers, victors in the great race of light in this hour upon Earth.

            Yes, we can focus on the dark and dank, the decrepit, those devoid of light, those who desire wealth, fame, name, glory in the human sense. There is so much of that in the media today and it's all basically hogwash in the eyes of God. We desire oneness, to yoke ourselves to God through our many divine yogas that we practice, especially the yoga of the sun, in order to truly be the one that God can count on. God can count on us. God counts—one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and goes back to the zero with the one added. And in ten seconds, if you choose, you can be realigned with your highest purpose, emblazoned with the fire of God.

            Helen Fehner, with her sister, has had a lot of physical challenges. Yet look at this intrepid woman in the Detroit area, who, in spite of all that she's been through, virtually physically dead a number of times in recent years, is there for the Brotherhood broadcasting. This is courage, people. This is love in action. If Helen can do it with all of her physical health challenges, you can do it no matter who you are. You can win now. You can overcome every obstacle. You can merge with your True Self. You can feel God's energy and light and life within you. It's your choice, Morya says today, to be God. It is your choice to live in your divine energy field. It is your choice now to be the fullness of who you truly already are. No one else can live your life. No one else is responsible for your life but you.

            So get up off your seats and rise to new levels of awareness. Write the testimony of your own victory. Write it down as an affirmation in the I AM name as if it were already fulfilled. Do your treasure maps, write your own affirmations and see yourself fulfilling everything that you know is part of your highest calling. Be creative; be co-creative with others. Work in teams when required rather than only by yourself. Fulfill your mission.

            I've said it before, and I'll say it again: some people don't work well with others. They desire to do things completely on their own because they think that they're so much better than everybody else. This is not community. This is not the Aquarian way of collaboration and cooperation. Some of these people have left this organization. Why? Maybe they felt that they weren't being valued, appreciated, loved or named and thanked publicly. Well, that's okay. Those of you who are serving unannounced, without public recognition, and who continue day after day to give, you are the ones that God is counting on. You know it and that's why you show up. Those who feel that they're better or wiser than everybody else eventually leave because they can't cooperate with the true Aquarian model. They can't be humble enough to accept input and feedback from others who have a piece of the whole puzzle.

            Yes, at times I come across as being a little overbearing. It's only because I'm feeling the energies of the Brotherhood to impel all of us higher. That's the only reason. I'm no better than anyone else. I have insights; you have great insights. I have input; all of us have input. We blend this; we work together. I'm helping to lead. I've chosen to take the lead only because God has called me to do so. Otherwise I'd prefer to simply be a humble servant of all, doing the dirty work—the dishes, the gardening, the plumbing, the laundry. I actually love to do all of these, although I wish I was a better plumber. I am aligned with the plumb line of truth, as Mark Prophet was, as a Capricorn. I am simply here for you. I love you.

            I'll leave you now in the arms of Helen and her sister, Marie, to finish this service for the next half hour, even as our council begins our meeting. Thank you so much for your involvement in our sacred movement. God bless you and keep you always. Bye-bye.

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