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Angel Deva of the Jade Temple      May 15, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
(Inspired by the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple)
May 15, 2013
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                     Excerpt of Discourse on the Importance of Meru University Courses
    Even Ascended Masters and Beings in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood Attend Our Classes

            In addition to the spa-like atmosphere of healing in this retreat of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, there are areas within it for the study of the emerald ray, the sciences of the Spirit. I am seeing that the masters within this retreat have taken a great interest in our Meru University courses. Maybe you would be moved to attend more classes if you could see that ascended masters and the souls of very advanced lifestreams upon Earth actually attend them within many of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. They see the value of these courses both in terms of the new revelations that come forth and the opportunity it affords them to dip into the thought processes of the students as they see these outpictured in their lives through these classes, which are amazing opportunities for spiritual growth.
            Some people have attended hardly any Meru University courses, and they truly don't know what they are missing. Finances may be an issue for some. It would be to the benefit of those souls who are lacking the resources for The Hearts Center Council to coordinate with our Meru University administration to provide opportunities for people to in some way attend classes, as some within The Hearts Center are truly missing out on a tremendous opportunity.
            I am seeing that many of the Meru University classes that we have held have been simultaneously projected into the retreats. The class on the City of God taught by Mother Mary, the class on Solar Health and Solar Wealth and others courses on health and the emerald ray have definitely been broadcast into the Angel Deva's retreat for souls abiding there to attend. Many of these souls are of Chinese people, both in incarnation upon Earth and between embodiments.
            We may not think that a lot of people are attending these courses in the physical plane. There may be forty to a hundred students who attend them. I can assure you, though, that tens of thousands of souls on the inner are attending our classes and listening to our daily HeartStreams as they are beamed into the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and then shared with these souls. If you think this is an activity for just a few hundred souls, you are seriously mistaken. This is a universal enterprise of the Great White Brotherhood that involves a great investment of divine energy through the dispensation of light that we have received from the ascended masters who have gone to bat for us and placed their attainment on the altar to sponsor this movement.
            Much of this teaching is for a future time when more of mankind awaken to the inner realization of who they are as sons and daughters of God. They will have an opportunity to participate in both what we have provided physically within the Earth through our university and website and through the akashic records that contain the delivery of these lessons and classes.
            If you desire to have greater attainment when you ascend, attend everything you can. The more that you imbibe, that you reflect on, that you study and that you master, the greater your causal body will be, especially in the yellow plume—the wisdom and the knowledge rayThen when you make your ascension you will literally be a Buddhic being who has the mind of God blazing through you with all of this divine information at your beck and call to utilize in your tutoring of other souls, which you will do from ascended levels of being.
            Those who desire to study the truth, the true teachings of the Brotherhood, and who, as students, enjoy the processes that we have woven through this activity in the classes and courses that we are providing, are the great beneficiaries of the wisdom teachings of the ages. Some of you, I can say, may be focusing on other rays. However, for me and for many of us, these wisdom teachings are essential for our advancement on our path, even after this lifetime, after we ascend, for the work we will continue to do as ascended masters. If you have any desire to teach, to be of benefit to life as a representative of God-truth and of these divine teachings, I encourage you to take every class you can, to make the effort to earn the funds, to set aside the time, because all of this will be to your benefit and to a greater attainment than you can imagine right now.
            Through these courses and classes, we may receive on the inner even more instruction than we have received on the outer in the one-day, four, five, six or seven-week classes that we have had. The sponsorship of the various masters extends itself unto our souls and our higher minds at inner planes and, unbeknownst to many people, the masters work with our higher subtle bodies to provide even greater divine stimuli, blessings, and bestowals of great graces and eternal truths unto us. People don't know of this dynamic; they don't see it; they don't feel it. Yet I am seeing it very clearly tonight through the eyes and vision of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple and other masters who are sponsoring this particular service tonight.
            Is this good advertisement for Meru University? It is probably the best advertisement that I have ever heard, because I wasn't even cognizant of the totality of what we are actually doing on inner planes and what effects our courses are having on vast evolutions of souls on this planet on the inner planes, even though they may not know of our university in their outer, waking consciousness.
            I encourage our Meru University administration and staff to have this entire discourse, in answer to Nancy's question, transcribed and placed in a prominent place on our Meru University and Hearts Center websites. When people see the value of what is occurring beyond the physical, they will be encouraged and inspired to engage, to be involved, to participate. They can be educated themselves and, eventually, through their own involvement at some level within the University, they can balance karma and fulfill dharma. The teachings of those of you who have taught Meru University classes are extended out unto so many domains as a blessing to life. You have been an encourager of souls. You have been an inspirer of so many more than you know.
            When you do your work assiduously, when you lovingly prepare your notes and your course material, this is a boon to all life upon Earth. As we see this in all of our work and within our teams we can receive the encouragement that we require, knowing that our work is essential to the Brotherhood's plan and to the salvation of the earth.
            This is not an indictment of anyone who has not attended classes before. It is not a criticism in any way. It is simply a new vision. Some of you wouldn't miss a class if you could. You have been there for every class, every course. Thank you, because your work, through your study, extends to humanity en masse.  Those of you who haven't been able to attend, haven't desired to, or haven't understood the dynamics involved, consider shifting your life, making yourself available and earning the funds to attend or working out something with others who can sponsor you or help you, just as you can help them in other ways. If you can, trade services to earn funds to attend. There are all manner of new dynamics that we can consider in this Age of Aquarius.

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