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Rose of Light      May 06, 2013

Beloved Rose of Light
David Christopher Lewis
May 6, 2013   7:00–7:14 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Nature of the Rose Is to Give of Its Light Essence and Aroma unto All

I Am Now Pouring An Attar—An Oil of Love—Into the Center of Each Chakra of Your Being

O the transcendence of God within nature and within you. O the beauty of the dawn and of the flowers and of the stars as they cast an array of light and perfume the cosmos with the essence of their loveliness. O the harmony of the soul wed to Spirit, glorifying the Divine in all her ways and raising light everywhere in the simplicity of a virtuous, gracious and grateful embodiment upon our Mother Earth.
            Dearest ones, as your Rose of Light, I come to enfire your hearts with a hue born of the sun. And Vesta's light shines through me each day as she also shines through you as you embody your own Solar essence, as you attempt in some way to perfume your environment with the love-fires of your heart through givingness, self-sacrifice and offering upon the altar of your heart something of your selfhood and creativity.
            On this Monday morning, I choose to be in your midst and to lead you in a meditation upon the rose of your own heart as you contemplate it as often as you desire. For, blessed ones, though I have chosen and God has given me this name, the same self-realization that you are the same essence, a rose of light, may provide for you an impetus to assuage all pain and hurt, to provide a way out for those caught in a web of illusion and nihilism and to engender a spirit of givingness. For this is the nature of the rose, to simply give of its light essence and aroma unto all.
            You have upon your website within this movement a beautiful image of the radiant rose, with those conscious rays of love emanating from it. And this banner, which signifies the purpose of this movement in one sphere of being—to be love in action and light in co-creation as conscious servitors of the sacred fire—provides for those who see it entrée into their own eternal essence of God-loveliness.
            Yes, dearest ones, this image is born of God. And this, a thoughtform in the eye of the Divine Mother and in the mind of the All-Buddha, gives you pause within and cause within to ascertain just what your essence of God-loveliness is, just what your purpose in coming to Earth may be. For that purpose is wrapped in ribbons of light, roseate light. And if you offer the greatest aspects of self throughout your incarnation upon this sphere, as many are doing now in blessing life with the allness of their internal godliness, then together, blessed ones, we will continue to co-create an atmosphere of love within and around our communal work. And there may be greater gifts of the Spirit, greater offerings of our hearts, wed as one to the Lord, proffered to those who may access our movement through the website and through many beautiful and sacred events, classes, publications and offerings of heartfriends.
            Each day there may be an infusion of your own God consciousness within every act, every thought, every word, every emotion that moves through your being if you choose to be expressive of the rose-light love of your own heart. Every day there may be for you a new source of uplift and inspiration, an opportunity to give and to create something of eternal beauty, of lasting joy—yea, leaving a legacy of love for future generations and souls embodying after you who will look to what you, both personally and collectively, have created within this movement of light.
            You have heard that the key to the expansion of your opportunities to reach wider and wider audiences is very simple: taking accountability and responsibility to expand love and the frequencies of God-love from within your hearts. If everyone within the current model of this movement were to fully embrace this concept and this commission, then, dearest ones, all that you require in abundance, all that you require in assistance would simply and naturally unfold as gently and majestically as the petals of a rose as she turns toward the sun to sing her song of grace and beauty to all. It is God's great desire that you have all that you require as you aspire in love-fire to the Sun-Source of the one Light.
            I am that Rose of Light for Earth. And this day many divine Mothers, feeling your heart's desire to understand your own soul nature, will work with you as you choose to call upon them, meditate upon and simply commune with them in order that they may provide for you that feminine joie de vivre that you require in this hour.
            I am now pouring an attar—yes, an oil of love—into the center of each chakra of your being to nurture you with the essence of one Mother's love and of many Mothers' love for you that you may always know you are cherished, appreciated and sanctified in your own spirit of loveliness, harmony and grace.
            Peace, be still and know the love-light of the Eternal within. Thank you.

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