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Godfre      May 04, 2013

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
May 4, 2013   11:40 ̶ 12:04 am CDT
Wheaton, Illinois

How to Converse with the Ascended Masters

Beloved Ones,

Did you know that you may, if you choose, converse with God through your mighty I AM God Presence, which is all-supreme, all-glorious and full of divine joy and love? This conversation, which you may choose to have on a daily basis and even moment by moment, is one that may be most beautiful and harmonious in its opportunity for you to have all that you require to live your life to the fullest, to be richly invested in the divine design and in all that the universe can and will provide you as those holy resources of light that you require.

You may be awed by what you have read of Saint Germain's conversation with me, and mine with him. Yet I tell you, dearest ones, that what one can do, all can do. And when you invite the master to be present, then you should expect a response. You should expect to hear the voice of God through the great being before you.

You may begin first with your own true Self. For if you can hear the voice of God clearly as that divine emanation and frequency of God-goodness, as the inner voice of your Higher Self, then you may also be able to frequent the vibration whereby any true divine master may come and communicate with you with great joy and levity, with great awareness and understanding.

Those of you who would open up your hearts, minds and souls to the Lord within, showing yourselves approved unto God through studying the true teachings and putting yourself into position to be locked into that divine light every moment, may also have the miraculous experience of being able to actually feel, see and know the Presence of great ascended masters; who will honor you when you have reached that level of surrender and obedience to the law of the One, whereby you will be able to assimilate what they may share telepathically or through a voice heard by outer ears.

You see, first, dearest ones, the master must be guaranteed that you will not misqualify or in any way avoid the reality of the words that he or she would share with you. And therefore you must have already risen to a certain level of understanding and of acceptance of your true Self and alignment with your God-reality. Once having fulfilled a great portion of the law within and being trued to that God-nature of all that is real and beautiful within, then the master may actually step through the veil and come tangibly unto you to share divine thought, holy radiation and that which you require for your acceleration on the path of light.

Many of you seek a greater relationship with various ascended beings. You pray to us, you read about our lives and the teachings that have flowed through our hearts and voices, and yet there still remains something lacking, something abiding within the folds of your consciousness that keeps the divine light and that which is already vibrating at a higher frequency around you from your outer vision, from your awareness, your hearing and your intuitive faculties.

How may you and how may we bridge that gap? You may have asked yourself this question a number of times, for you so love God, you so love the great ascended hosts. You have poured forth much devotion and praise in the words sublime of your prayers and decrees to us in order to invoke that light on behalf of freedom and victory. Yet you wonder just when, just where a true master may actually enter your life, speak unto you directly, whereby you may have that heart-to-heart relationship.

As I study my life and as I have witnessed the akashic records, it was obedience, dearest ones, to the law of my inner Self that allowed the magnetization of the Master's Presence unto me. And it was my acceptance of the will of God, the love of God and the wisdom of God right within my own heart, within my threefold flame, and devotion to that eternal flame on a constant and regular basis that drew the Master's Presence, so near and dear, unto me. And you have read the rest of the story, which, I say, continues even until now. For you see, I am even more invested in this hour in the work of the Brotherhood and of the Master of Aquarius. And in our friendship, our conversation and in our sacred work, there is an ongoingness of a dynamic that is beautiful, divine and causative of amazing alchemies and sacred events occurring, even beyond your wildest imagination, dearest ones.

In the Presence of God, there is no decay, disease or death. Yea, only God is real. And the I AM THAT I AM is that God-light above, around and within you if you choose to merge with it, accept its delivery, power and vitality and know truly the only power that can act is God within you.

So if obedience and if acceptance are keys to rising into that state where you, fixed upon the divine design, may now access higher realms and new vistas of divine light, try it, dearest ones. Be obedient fully to that which God speaks within you. Rise each morn early. Contemplate the sun. Give your devotions and praise. Pray with all your heart and see how the universe opens unto you, unfolding as a rose of light that which is natural and would be expressed lovingly in the most glorious and simple ways. And let your conversation with numerous masters begin, and let the Word flow freely unto and through you.

That which facilitates this level of communication within an ongoing relationship with a master and a friendship that is be true-blue through the ages is won through love, is won through constancy, is won through your own clarity of your purpose and your desire to fulfill your reason for being here.

Lotus and I will assist those of you who call to us and who meditate upon the flame of God-obedience to allow you to rise to this new state of conscious awareness and to accept fully that which God proffers unto you as opportunity to live in your Presence and with the Presence around you of many divine beings, who already cherish your soul and who would ennoble you to also realize your potential and thereby to glorify God and the I AM name.

We send now a ray directly into the center of Chicago! It is a ray that calls to task those who have promulgated nihilistic methodologies of destruction of the light of freedom, liberty and justice in America. And this ray pierces to the core that which is untrue and unreal within the plans of the dark ones. And we say, burn through now, O sacred fire. Burn through and release, by the action of the allness of God, the All-Seeing Eye to expose this darkness and to raise again the true rays of light to quicken the hearts and minds and vision of America. Burn through. Blaze forth the light. Burn through and release all that is essential in this hour so that the highest and the most divine matrices of perfection and God-reality may again manifest through the government of this nation and through the people of light who can hear the truth and act in righteousness, directed by the Great I AM of all.

You have called forth the light of freedom. And this day we answer with a ray of light, which is fearless in its action and which has the intelligence of God manifesting in order to bring forth its perfect work of planetary liberation and the freedom of every soul.

Yes, dearest ones, you win when you play with God and when you put God first and foremost in your lives. You win when you trust God, when you believe in the integrity of the Spirit and the power of transformation through the seventh-ray action of the violet light and its alchemy of sacred manifestation. You win when you go within and access your own God nature through humility, in patience and in a spirit of the acceptance of God's virtues and graces within your hearts.

The action of this ray will continue for a fortnight. And those of you who would so consecrate your time, even an hour or two daily, to invoking that light of freedom as heralds of this truth and this energy field may assist us in our sacred work of saving America and of liberating many from the unrealities of current-day thought and the mores which are not based upon divine light and truth.

Now, dearest ones, beloved Lotus comes to play her harp during your repast. And in the trembling of the strings and in the wave patterns that are emitted through her heart of gold, she sends her love to every soul who knows the name Saint Germain. And in this connection, through the acknowledgement and acceptance of the great Master of the seventh age, scintillating rays of light penetrate to the core of the soul, allowing it to rise and to soar to new heights of freedom and enlightenment.

This is Lotus's gift to all who would accept and claim it. Let the Mother's notes, let her harmony within expand for the glorification of your being in the one light of the Source.

I AM free in God, and therefore use the name Godfre to emanate my rays of love for America and for you all. I thank you.

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