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Maitreya      April 30, 2013

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
April 30, 2013   7:00–7:09 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Maitreya Initiates in Us New Spirals of Buddhic Mindfulness

            From the seed atom of love-light within you, I come and radiate spiritual fire into our Earth, into the planes of Mater, for the Self-realization of many and for the inauguration of a new cycle of light. As your Maitreya I am here, pushing you forward upon your path, for I am the Great Initiator, as some have called me. And this day I initiate you within your own Buddhic essence to feel and know a new integrity of divine beingness.
            Some have claimed the Buddhic path as their way, just as Gautama modeled that Middle Way so sublimely for us all. Understanding self and coming to terms with the realities of life as they are outpictured within these temporal planes brings you to the point of knowing the dynamics of the Eternal from a new perspective, a new cosmic point of reference within your Buddhic Self. From this sacred space you, a sun, may shine forth your light and, with many divine beings, represent to this Earth the way, the truth and the life of a conscious one, poised in the power of Presence and facilitating through your awareness a new model of light and love for many.
            Creativity born of the Spirit is impressed through your chakras now so that what emerges from this day forward through your speech, your actions, your mindfulness, your meditations and your feelings will be causative of the new world that you seek to see outpictured, for it must be born first within you before it may arise within the greater world at large. Your environment, dearest ones, must facilitate a new godliness, a hallowedness, a sensitivity to the dynamics of the plays of light within the created flowfield who you are as a sentient being.
            Therefore, arise. Be bold in a new assertiveness of spiritual fire within your Buddha Self, within your higher mind; and employ all of the gifts vouchsafed to you by the Lord of All in order that every Buddhic essence may flow freely through your Selfhood. And life ennobled in your Presence will know also the integrity of this new world created as one in the Sun. Morya has given you the mantra “I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun.”
¹ With that Sun-spirit and in that reality you may know all, even as the Buddhas do. You may comprehend the Sun-essence of your true Selfhood. And in this beingness—timeless, spaceless—understanding arises, divine comprehension manifests, and your purpose, your dharma, is fulfilled.
            Ommmm. [Maitreya chants the OM for 14 seconds.] I am seeding the cosmos with a new OM, calling home the little buddhis and bodhisattvas of my heart. Play, dance, sing and pray with intention and joy. And in the revelry of Buddhic mindfulness and perfect peace, flower, flower, flower as a Sun-child this day in divine light.

1. Prayer 20.023, El Morya's Great Central Sun Meditation.

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