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Lady Kristine      April 27, 2013

Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
April 27, 2013   8:44–8:57 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

I Will Always Extend the Grace of God to Those
Who Extend Grace to Others in Any Way

Gracious and Beloved Ones,
            I come from a retreat of the universal Great White Brotherhood, called because of your devotions today. And I extend the radiance of my causal body, my light essence to you, each one, and to that which you have poured your hearts' love into through your prayers, through your invocations, chants and songs. I am Lady Kristine. And through the essence of grace from God, I bless you. I bless your countries, the continents upon which your countries reside and all of your peoples for harmony, peace and divine progress to ensue and to be restored in those areas where there has been a proliferation of crime and man's inhumanity to man that continues because the many feel they do not have the support, the abundance or the wherewithal to live a free and noble life.
            From within the souls of all of these at an energetic level of light, many ascended masters whom you have called to this morning now raise the light and impel an awakening, yea, a quickening and a resurrection, so that these souls will know the truth from within, make amends, and atone for that which they heretofore have engaged in that is not of the light. And you, precious ones, can be in the Earth for us the counterbalanced points of light so that the radiance that we extend through our ascended master consciousness, and that which by cosmic law we are able to provide, may be anchored through your physical beings in a greater action than you may even have thought possible before.
            Yes, the light is growing within our own upon Earth. And as you ennoble the spirit day by day through all of your creative efforts, your prayers, invocations, meditations and offerings to the cosmos, there is a succession and a progression of light-energies through that which you give that sustains your world in harmony and peace as it can be based on the greater collective of mankind's consciousness en masse. Precious ones, you are learning more of the sacred sciences of light; and as you employ that which you have gleaned through your study and your self-mastery, there is brought to bear a greater action. And though you may see at one level the dissolution of civilization, of systems, of economies, of business, of culture itself—yet, at another level there is, I dare say, an increase so that God's will, wisdom and love is being employed. And you will be amazed what will transpire within a few short years and decades in terms of the enlightenment of many thousands and even millions across this globe.
            You chose incarnating at this time because you knew the dynamics and the challenges that would be forthcoming. And you offered your causal bodies, your light-beings, to the sacred brotherhood of light—yea, the Great White Brotherhood—to sustain the balance across our Earth. It is great, blessed ones, that you are connecting in this way during these broadcast services internationally, for a network of light is both being created and sustained monthly, bi-weekly by your efforts. And this the Great White Brotherhood applauds, and you are the beneficiaries, as well as the Earth itself, of your own prayers and devotions.
            With Lanello and Clare de Lis at my side, I extend this radiance of grace to you, each one, that you may feel God's investment again and again in you as a holy being of light, as a soul vouchsafed with so much divine radiance that you will always feel the validation of who you are as a sovereign son or daughter of God. Know the importance of your mission, of sustaining it to its finality and its victory. And know that come what may in terms of those who may demean you, your soul, your spirit, we the ascended masters are here to applaud you, to provide everything that we can of divine stimuli, of the holy oils of light from the altars of heaven to nurture your souls as you are going through so much at this time upon Earth in your lives.
            Having lived recently upon the Earth, I know the travail, the burdens and the physical suffering that some of you are enduring with great composure, patience and understanding. And all I can say, blessed ones, is that if you keep on keeping on, putting one foot forward before the other day by day, your victory is assured in God, by God and through God's love and the fires of his heart burning within your breast. We feel your love in heaven, you see, and it even impels ascended masters to be more virtuous when we see your efforts, your striving and your givingness and self-sacrifice.
            You see, dearest ones, in one sense it is easier for us, having gained our immortality, to feel the impressions of God always within our light-beings. And we know the dynamics of your own struggles to sustain that feeling and that sense of oneness throughout your days, the hours of your precious lives. Therefore, the grace that I bring this day is, in a sense, a gift offered to you, each one, that you may always feel your connection with your Source; that you will always feel the value of your being, both in the eyes of God and the ascended masters and hosts of light and in the eyes and hearts of your sacred brothers and sisters with whom you are in so cherishing a way sharing your essence within these sessions and through your daily lives, precious ones.
            I, Lady Kristine, am here for you at your beck and call. And I will always extend the grace of God to those who extend grace to others in any way. For the universal law of givingness is employed in the moment that love is extended unto those through whom it is born again and again. I love you. And Jesus also steps forward to anoint many of you again this day as holy brothers and sisters of light, extending the Christ consciousness tangibly unto you and through your hearts, which are, as you know, the nexus of God's love in your plane. Thank you for your service and your light and your givingness, precious ones. God bless you all and bye-bye for now.

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