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Victory      April 23, 2013

Beloved Mighty Victory

David Christopher Lewis

April 23, 2013   6:54–7:12 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


You Can Do It If You Try!

            Beloved ones, life is a celebration of love. Life is a celebration of light. Life is a celebration of beingness in God, whereby you enter your Presence and in the joy-spirit of victory there is manifest all that is essential for you to conquer the not-self and accept the great God Self of your highest eternal nature.
            I AM Victory, and I come early in order to invest within the Earth frequencies that will allow you, blessed ones, to attain to a new selfhood and new sense of God-directed action in your life. For you see, where you are directed by God and you allow God to direct you, then victory is assured. Victory is reachable in the eternal Now.
            Blessed ones, there is a new spirit of opportunity manifest this day for your victory in the light. It will simply require your acceptance of your true Selfhood as realizable, as attainable. For when you see, both on the horizon and then being drawn unto your heart, all possibilities for the accomplishment, for the fulfillment, for the God-realization of your highest dreams and aspirations, then, dearest ones, it may be so right here, right now for you. There is no longer any procrastination into a nebulous future of your self-realization. That which you seek is already to be found right where you are. That which you know as possible in a dream state is now to be found within the eternality of that God-spark right within your heart. That which some have claimed that they have attained to, and yet which seemed so far removed from reality for you, is now become your reality. For you have embraced the victorious sense, a victorious mien, a victorious face aligned to the Sun, and the sun-fire radiance of holiness and divine joy is yours to employ in the sacred space of your eternally beating heart, right within your chest.
            O godly ones, would you be free to be God eternally? I am; and I invite you to also be the one with Morya, the sun with Helios, and having won this new mindful state of Buddhic beingness within your own consciousness, drawing it into the present of action, of work, of divine service to life.
            I bring to your attention a movie that is now out, 42, about the life of Jackie Robinson. Dearest ones, this was an intrepid soul, the first of his race to truly make a deep impression in the world where there had been such bias and prejudice that others could not make an inroad into the desired vocation of baseball. I, Victory, overshined this great soul, I would have you know this day; for it was a cosmic impression born of love and of the victorious sense that though no one else had reached this level or breached this impasse, he could do it by the grace of God. Look at the divine qualities within the soul of this one that allowed for this point of self-realization to manifest even amidst all the jeering, the denegration and that which would assail the spirit of a man created in the image and likeness of God.
            Yes, dearest ones, I advocate that you rise up on wings of light to also feel your own sense of being a conquering one over all opposition to your soul, to your spirit, to your mission, to your life. Many have overcome great, great obstacles—seemingly put in their path, and yet chosen by their own soul to engage in order to allow the victorious sense of selfhood to emerge. If all is given to you on a platter and you have all your needs fulfilled, where is the striving that encourages the cosmic dynamo of Selfhood to be born within? Yes, dearest ones, the greatest souls often choose a life of hardship in order that the best of themselves must be mustered in order to gain their victory in this life.
            Never denigrate self, never feel that somehow you lack the fire, the capabilities or the drive to accomplish anything. You can do it if you try! You can do it and you will fly, dearest ones, with me in etheric octaves of light. The story The Little Engine That Could should be read by every child and should be read by every parent to his or her child at an early age in order that there may be embedded within the soul consciousness the victorious sense that when one does not give up, when one applies the oil of beingness to any situation, the overcoming is manifesting within the now and there will be the fulfillment of the vision as the victory for that one.
            Blessed ones of God, many of you give up at a certain point on the path when your goal may be realized through just a little bit more effort, through constancy, through directed action and work, often in collaboration with others. Yes, all things with God are possible1 to those who love him. What does this mean for you? Love is the key to victory, you see. For love is the driving force through which, by which, and in which victory manifests. If you have enough love, then your goals will be realized. If you have enough energy as a spring, a coil of God-manifestation that allows you to jump into and through every crisis with equipoise, with balance, and with harmony that comes because you know that you simply must abide and make it through, then you can accomplish miracles.
            I, Victory, say again that you can accomplish miracles; and any mountain of pride, arrogance or perversion of the sacred fire may be removed from your path by love if you give God the authority to act in your world, if you allow the God within you to act right now, right here within the sacred space of your life. You have your victory calls; and at times when you feel you require an oomph in order to get through some sticky situation that you have temporarily mired yourself into, it is that victorious sense that will create the out, the pathway for you to ascend and to soar to the Sun. Blessed ones, victory is the only way for initiates. Victory is born of determination, discipline and drive as the three D's that lead directly to the pinnacle of Selfhood, the peak of performance, and the power of the Presence manifest for you.
            When you call to Victory, I am there instantly as a cosmic goad, even a spur to drive you, to impel you forward, ever forward to your goal, dearest ones. If you believe this, then anything that you set your mind to may be achieved. If you accept this, then your Presence acts within your life. And though you may already have thought that—somehow, what you thought could be achieved but had not yet realized comes into clarity, and you see just how you may accomplish it, with fortitude and that spirit of simply knowing that it will be so.
            There are many keys to victory. And I have given you, throughout nearly a century of dictations through various messengers, many of these keys, dearest ones. If you were to do a study of that which I have invested through the words spoken through the anointed ones, you would have all that is essential as guideposts for you. And when you place your attention upon and focus upon these as seminal sub-virtues that you invoke, that you feel, that you accept and that you realize, then victory will always be yours, blessed and beloved ones.
            So go watch 42. Be inspired by the life of one and be re-inspired to accomplish your highest dreams and goals. Write them down if you have not done so yet. Take a lead from this messenger to read the book I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams—“I am. I am. I am.” And put into practice on a regular basis this matrix of detailing to the nth degree the specifics of what you desire. You will be amazed at how many angels of Victory will move heaven and earth to assist you in accomplishing these goals.
            Victory I AM! Victory is here! Victory you can be, and you are now if you accept this power, this flame, this God-directed light in your life. Be all that you can be, for God is who you truly are at the core of that beingness. I thank you.

1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 9:23, 10:27, 14:36; Luke 1:37.

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