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Djwal Kul      April 18, 2013

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
April 18, 2013   7:30–8:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

New Commissions, New Opportunities,
and New Sacred Work on Behalf of the Brotherhood

Refine Your Speech Patterns to Convey Your Message With Alacrity and With Heart

Most Beloved Heartfriends,
            The light of God expands today within your hearts as you choose to be effulgent ones, resonating with the heart of God and, thereby, perfect love, joy and divine radiance. At times the masters of the Himalayas come with a specific anointing of mindfulness whereby the sacred begins to vibrate within you with a greater intensity, bringing you levity and hope and the possibilities of accessing new realms, new understandings, new vistas of truth and destiny.
            Of late, Kuthumi, Morya and I have been performing a cosmic dance whereby new alchemical formulae are created to be shared with our initiates across the Earth for their spiritual growth. Therefore, I extend unto each one today this anointing, whereby the oil that we have co-created may be bestowed to you and this formula given to your Higher Self to use on a regular basis for all of your alchemical work, especially that which you are engaging in within yourself. The laboratory of your heart is amazing. And when there is the filtering of all through a true heart—full of love, replete with divine radiance and the God-essences of compassion, kindness and understanding—there you will see the greatest growth within yourself. And because of the dynamics of internal change, you will also see amazing new realities manifest in your life and numerous realms of being.
            The alchemy of love is essential for every disciple to know. And the feeling that manifests and the intuitive gleanings that come as a result of being heart-centered provide every impetus that is essential for your God-success, the attainment of your goals, the realization of your highest dreams and aspirations. Yes, we could talk on love for hours—and, for those who have invested themselves in the workings of the Spirit through the heart, for days, weeks, months and years. This is a true God-love movement, blessed ones, for at the core of all of your greater desires and of the work that you, as a community of light, will continue to be engaged in for the foreseeable future, the heart as a center of light keys you into your divine identity and allows you to maintain the integrity of your strong connection with your Source as a co-creator of light and one who, within the collective, manifests love in all things.
            O joy of joys! There is a resounding now in the atmosphere of Earth of the singing of angelic choirs of a new day that is born now upon, within and around the Earth as a result of the love-fires shared by many hearts true to the heartbeat of the One.
            O joy of joys! Love is present within these hearts, O Lord. And I fan the fires of the Holy Spirit there today to keep them tethered to this higher reality, avoiding the pitfalls of all manner of distractions that could come if their attention is diverted into pettiness and the inconsistencies that arise from the not-self to thwart their greater efforts toward oneness and eternal peace.
            O joy of joys! Release now ampules of God-love into the inner resources and recesses of their heart chakras today, O blessed One, O being of all light, O source of perfection. And bless each one with what he or she requires in this moment to make greater progress on the path, to ascend in consciousness and to maintain that state of equipoise, picture-perfect presence, and divine happiness.
            O blessed ones, the path is simple yet profound. When love is present, everything you require manifests. When love is your norm, when love is the rule of being, then all comes into play beautifully and harmoniously. And the Sun Presence of pure love shines upon and within you to bring you surcease from struggle, attentiveness to the details of life, and joy in the revelry that comes upon your path when you can dance with Shiva and Parvati, when you can soar with Maitreya and Manjushri, when you can be affinitized to the higher quintessences shared by the mothers of heaven as those love-aromas that they extrude and exude to those who require their embraces and kisses of cosmic Christic peace.
            Virtuous ones, would you be a wise man or woman and enter into the domains of eternal truth with us to accept new commissions, new opportunities, new sacred work on behalf of the universal Great White Brotherhood? You may desire to be our mouthpiece, our spokespersons. And this is all well and good, according to cosmic timetables, as you prepare yourselves lovingly through givingness, through a certain refinement of your speech and the words that flow through you, one to another and to the many.
            I would bring to your attention today that those who have been authorized to speak publicly can make greater improvements by understanding the dynamics involved in the sharing of light through the heart-fires and the sun-mindfulness and the soul lifted up into God, who would be of greater service to life. Many years ago, in the early stages of this movement, there was an assessment of the three-partite matrix on the delivery of the word. It included the amount of light released, the fluidity of the delivery of the message itself, and the accuracy of the conveyance of our words.
            Some of you are delivering precious pearls of truth that you have gleaned over years and decades of your study of the practical lives that you have lived as devotees and initiates on the path. Listen to the recordings of your deliveries, beloved ones; and study how your message was delivered as well as its content. For you may discover keys to allow a greater fluidity, the verbiage of heaven arising naturally within your mind and being conveyed with the alacrity of a great orator, if you would.
            Some of you may desire or prefer to speak in the vernacular of the masses. And yet even here, blessed ones, we have standards. And therefore, if you are to continue to be a spokesman, avoiding phrasings and word choices that do not key people into the highest essences of God-truth would be to your advantage. We could, if you desire, offer greater understanding in this context, for communication through love is key. And communication born of love, with wise choices of words in a stream of perfect continuity, brings the soul even higher to experience God, the bliss of being, and the ability to receive the anointing of the Spirit that will come through you as you are connected fully with your Source.
            As you study our HeartStreams and see and feel the refinement of that which we convey, you have examples of just how you, too, may craft your speech, blessed ones, to be of greatest inspiration to others, for many are touching the hem of the garment of this movement through your heartreach efforts and through the media that you are continuously projecting light through in your offerings. From our vantage point, we require those with the refined skills of articulation and pronunciation and who can mindfully and artistically create divine thoughtforms and true meaning within what they share with lucidity and accuracy.
            Why, if you choose, blessed ones, you may even have a short seminar on the delivery of the word in order for there to be a heartfelt assessment of the patterns flowing through your speech and sharing. Learning from one another, you can avoid the phrasings that are repetitive and lacking in divine oomph and virya, while also practicing variables in inflection in voice, in direction and emphasis in order that you may get across your points with power and presence. And also that, through the delicacy of the words, the love of heaven may be embedded deep within the soul by Spirit for transformational change to occur within.
            You see, blessed hearts, even the ascended masters study the science of the spoken word, for in our realms there is mind-transfer in thought images. And therefore, when we use an amanuensis upon the Earth, there has to be the translation through the vocabulary, the language in which we are conveying our message, of those images with specificity, harmony and loveliness. You have all seen great speakers of this and of past ages. You may have read deliveries, oratories that have moved men to act for good and for the world's soul. A little bit more planning in the crafting of your message could do wonders for you who are not yet fully able to access the Holy Spirit's stream in a pure and undefiled oratory of light. Therefore, until you have that mastery, it may be well for you to prepare a bit more and to seek guidance from those who are masters at their craft and can give you feedback, thereby blessing you in the process of your opportunity to bless others.
            I bring this subject to bear today because many more of you are being called to be presenters, teachers and sharers of the Word. Lanello and Mother initiated this matrix quite some time ago; and some of you have been bold enough to step up to the plate and feel worthy and capable of delivering the Holy Spirit's inspired message through your heart. You see, blessed ones, we desire to reach out through many other new streams. And therefore training, tutoring and refinement in this art are essential for qualified students who desire to be of greater use to the Brotherhood in sharing the eternal truths of light and love to many. Why, even a study of this HeartStream, completely spontaneous through David and yet carefully crafted by me for a number of hours of your time in advance, would provide insights and understandings that, when applied and implemented in your heartsharing sessions, could provide a greater platform for the release of light in a balanced approach on these three ways that create a great chord of light in the etheric plane.
            You are the message through your life lived in oneness and in light. You are the creation itself manifesting though the words that you offer as a freewill love gift to the universe and to the souls of aspirants and seekers of truth. You are the vehicle for the Word of God to flow through when your voice is clear and resonant and when the patterns that are emitted from and through you, gracious in their assuaging spirit and specific in their meaning, are conveyed with a balanced threefold flame in perfect harmony with great love and holiness.
            Great ones of God, I adjure you to ascend in Spirit in some way daily, to access more of your eternal nature to manifest upon the Earth greater godliness and all that is sacred and sublime. I am Djwal Kul, and I radiate the fire of holy love today within the virtuous ones who would be enraptured anew in Spirit to feel the presence of perfect peace and to experience divine joy in all things, in all places and with all that is, beloved. I thank you.

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