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Pallas Athena      April 16, 2013

Beloved Pallas Athena
David Christopher Lewis
April 16, 2013   6:56–7:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

A Threefold Action of Light of the Emerald Ray

Beloved Advocates of Truth, Freedom, Justice and Liberty,
            I, Pallas Athena, come early this morning to invest within your world the light of cosmic truth for the victory over all that would assail you as a servant-son of the Most High, as a daughter of the Beloved of all that is. And with me, beloved Meta and Leto come also. And in a threefold action of light of the emerald ray, there is an increase in that eternal Spirit issuing forth from the very throne of God as pure vision and that needlelike action of the penetrating ray of divine truth and all of the frequencies that surround it, in order that that which has been hidden from the masses may now emerge, may come forth and deliver that ray which will result in the fulfillment of God's plan within the lives of the sons and daughters of God.
            Dearest ones, what you have seen through your media is not always what is actually outplaying in the world of form and of formlessness. Therefore, we three deliver into the very nexus of that which is being portrayed the light of truth, in order that some may access the verity, yea, the veracity of the causes and cores of what is and will continue to be outplayed within life itself as the fulfillment of karma in the lives of individuals, groups and nations, and as opportunities presented for self-mastery, for overcoming, and for self-delivery from the nihilistic matrix that besets the souls of the masses among you.
            Precious ones, part of the action of our rays this day precipitates in the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States of America for the assuaging of hurt, pain and travail experienced by many1; for the healing of those whose will it is according to God's eternal laws to receive the balm and the divine aloes of the Spirit that we provide; and for this nation to rise up, for all of God's people to ascertain the causes of these actions of the few so that safeguards and ways and means may be advocated and put into motion that will allow the true liberties of life, happiness and eternal joy to manifest within the lives of the brethren and the sisters.
            When you penetrate to the core of being, you may find the reason for all that is outplaying. And if you look only upon the surface or the effects of what you often see—as promulgated through your television sets and now through the media on the Internet—you will not always, dearest ones, have the full truth delivered. Therefore, if you desire at any point to know the truth, call to us, call to Hilarion; and we will send a cosmic ray unto your mind, unto your third eye so that in the instant you may be allowed to see, feel and know what is at stake, what is truly acting, and the results that may occur if the choices among mankind are outplayed, often manipulated by the dark ones and those you have called the powers that be—which we now aver are soon to become the powers that were.
            Yes, dearest ones, there is no power but God that can act. There is no opportunity for manifestation in your world of form except what the great law allows through the cause-and-effect sequences of that which must be outplayed based on the freewill choices of all involved. When you make right choices and determine that, come what may, you will stand firm in your resolve to outpicture the truth of your own being in your words, thoughts and deeds, then, dearest ones, there is a shift; and heaven's will is outplayed through your will commingled with the mind of God, which you may fathom by seeking to fulfill that holy will of the Divine One.
            The ray that we send forth now some may feel almost as a destructive ray, for it penetrates and annihilates all that is unreal around the core issue at hand. And yet, dearest ones, is this not exactly what is required—that the truth come forth, that that which has been hidden be revealed? Even the sacred scriptures long ago have said that in this hour and in this time, nothing can be hidden, that all truth shall be shouted from the rooftops.2 Therefore, let it be so. And let those who fulfill the holy will of God stand in this day to proclaim that truth. And let those who fear and tremble at the coming of the great light, at the dawning of a new age, recede—or, better yet—rise to accept that holy will within their lives and bow before the Lord God and make amends and atone for that which they have heretofore outplayed as the untruths of this time in their lives.
            There is always a choice, dearest ones, before every decision comes into manifestation through action, for a soul to do what is cosmically right or to take the left-handed path seeking the easy way to abundance, riches, or gain of any kind. When you determine to stand for principles of truth, for values that are eternal and that you know to be the way, the truth, and the life,3 then your entire life becomes one of fulfillment and joy and levity, and nothing can take you from that path of light, for we are there with you, championing you on and protecting your desire to be true to self, even as you are true to the Almighty.
            Yes, we come at times; and the revelations that we bring may be shocking to the outer minds of some. Yet, as Morya has said, let the chips fall where they may. Let those who have attempted to hide their plans from mankind be exposed. And let those who are the true leaders emerge—those who will speak the truth at all costs into the very thick of the darkness of this age, for they care not for their lesser selves; they care only for that which is real, vouched for by the Holy Spirit and me. And having stood firm, they will last the day and not have to rue decisions of the past to shrink into the netherworlds in the shadows of darkness.
            Yes, dearest ones, our ray at times becomes affixed upon you, for your sponsoring masters, the chohans of the rays and those who are looking to you to be true to self do observe carefully what is acting in your world. And when we see, at times, the emotional and the mental ups and downs that you go through in attempting to justify your actions or lack thereof, what can we do except to highlight within your own higher mind what is at play and to provide an impetus for change, for transformation, for greater action and alacrity in right decision-making and in moving forward onyour path rather than backward? Yes, at times even our best servants shy away from hearing the voice of God spoken with an intensity through this one; and yet I say, dearest ones, your own Higher Self and the brilliance of the sun of your own God Presence sends forth much more heat and the intense ray of your own reality than that which could ever come forth through the voice of one sent to boldly share unto you and with your soul what is required for your advancement on the path.
            Did you think that we would start a movement that would allow the willy-nilly consciousness of some to pervade a true ascended master organization by justifying this, justifying that through all manner of compromises of the path? No, dearest ones, we are here in reality and we speak with the authority of God through a true messenger of the Spirit who has sublimated self in order, no matter what may come, to speak with precision what we desire you, each one, to know and to realize.
            Yes, there is great joy in the silence of being, in meditation upon the divine light, and through an understanding of all of the rays of God. As one can experience them in the great silence, you make great progress in your attainment on the path. And yet, you do not always know what you do not know. And therefore, it takes one to come before you to deliver the rays of truth into your midst in order for you to see clearly what is both at stake and what is at play within your world in order for your greatest progress to unfold.
            Therefore, will you accept our rays of truth in your lives? Or will you simply shrink back and shirk this penetrating action that could be your greatest comfort if you will simply accept what is said as the truth in the moment, and then wing your way to a higher realm of beingness by looking within to ascertain what, in that moment, was at play within your awareness, and what heaven now provides as a choice for you to make in order to win your eternal victory forever.
            You see, dearest ones, when your immortality is at stake, when you are about to enter unto and into that eternal realm of being, all that you have not quite released must be let go of in some way. And so it is your choice whether to let it go lovingly, joyfully, or to experience the human pangs and the pains of having it stripped away from you by the fire of God, which really, truly, is not painful at all, and yet which is the way that heaven provides as a grace, a mercy and a blessing so that you may truly step into your state of eternal beingness.
            Therefore, though this one may be humanly imperfect and may at times slip himself in the way that he speaks or in the tone of his voice, yet there is perceptible, if you choose, the ray of truth behind and within what is said that would be to your greatest benefit to listen to and to truly hear in the depths of your soul in order that you may receive what we are attempting to get through unto you from within your own heart. Yet, there has been the covering over of this option by ignorance or simply by the human condition that does not allow the allness of the light to fully be employed within you.
            Do you know that the ascended masters pray for you, each one, in a way that you would even be humanly shocked to observe? Yes, blessed hearts, we actually, in a sense, still sweat great drops of spiritual blood on behalf of you all, giving of ourselves to radiate forth light into your field of action, to your worlds, in order to provide the divine essences and the inspirational insights that you require in order to overcome every last vestige of your human creation and win your victory. Just as the path upward is worth the inconvenience,4 so the path inward is worth the temporary travail, anxiety, emotional turbulence and mental strain that when let go of through a sublime type of surrender to God's holy will, will provide for you the surest and safest course for your victory in the light.
            Leto is here to lead you by the hand to higher realms at night, and Meta is here to temper the fire that I bring of cosmic truth so that your inner child may not be scorched by what I have to say and so that you will truly, dearest ones, feel the love that we bear and bring to you that is within the fire that we deliver.
            Take our hands now in yours, and feel the pulsation of three mothers of heaven who come before you to provide for you the tender, loving and caring touch that will ease the strain of your lives in this hour. To those of you who strive so much to fulfill all that you can, we give surcease in this hour from the sense of struggle. And Saint Germain himself, the master of alchemy, also provides an action of the violet ray through our touch that eradicates, erases and completely transmutes, if you choose, your own internal sense of struggle. For all outer struggle, frustration and anxiety originates from a point of nonresolution within your soul. And if you can simply be observant, nonjudgmental of self or others in the process of letting go of what you feel is at stake in your view, in your attitude, in your “right” way of seeing things, then, blessed ones, the action of the violet flame may be complete; and you will notice a new buoyancy, a new radiance, a new levity that will allow you to always remain peaceful and in step with the divine heartbeat from within.
            I have come, even before the seven o'clock hour, for those who have been readied or who desire now to ready themselves to receive the final initiations upon their life's path for their overcoming, their victory, yea, their Buddhahood in the light. I, Pallas Athena, with my Beloved, the Maha Chohan, will be there through every step on your path leading to the eternal truth of the ages of your soul locked into your own godly nature of beingness. And the Maha Chohan will breathe lovingly through you to perfuse you with the divine essences of eternal joy and compassion, in order that when you have made every right decision, or the best decision that you feel you can in that moment, that stepping forward and walking straight and upright on your path, you will know that you are supported, blessed and upheld in the rays of God that we will shower all around you, lighting your way and urging you forward on your path.
            Now there is an action of light in the greater Boston area for the healing, again, of those who have been maimed, injured or affected in any way by the bombings yesterday at the end of the marathon. Every seeming debacle, every temporary manifestation of evil will somehow, someway, if people look to God, provide a means for the light of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding to be born anew within many lives. Therefore, look at disaster as an open door for the light of truth and comfort to come forth in some miraculous way.
            If you could see how many angels were there, safeguarding hundreds more, you would be amazed to see the level of intercession that was manifest. And I aver to you that if we had even three heartfriends in the greater Boston area who daily would have been praying and giving the decrees, mantras and songs of this movement on a regular basis, we could have averted much more destruction and pain, dearest hearts. You see, where even two or three are gathered5 in the I AM name, in the name of the Christ, the Buddha, and the Divine Mother, there the light manifests, and there is a protective action from realms of light, from angelic wings and hands and rays, that allows for the prevention of great destruction, violence, death and decay.
            I am here with you, each one, throughout this day to call to, if you desire to receive a certain type of soul assessment. And if you choose to listen intently to the inner awakening Spirit within your being, I will provide divine resources of truth, vision and understanding that will see you through the great and notable day,6 that is coming and now is, of your transition to your true and noble Self. This is my gift, and embedded within it is the eternal love-fire of my heart, one with God.
            Thank you, dearest ones, to be willing to hear what I have shared this morning. Thank you for your stand for truth in any way that you have made it in this and in past lives. Thank you for being advocates of the ascended masters' teachings—the truth of the ages past, present and future—that which will allow the full transformation of this planet into a Solar world of divine joy and light. The truth shall make you free,7 the truth is making you free, and truth is here today to fully free you if you choose that freedom now by living in its eternal light. I thank you.

1. The Boston marathon bombing occurred on April 15, 2013.
2. Luke 12:3.
3. John 14:6.
4. “The trek upward is worth the inconvenience.” El Morya, Keepers of the Flame Lesson 3, The Summit Lighthouse.
5. Matthew 18:20.
6. See Acts 2:19–21. See also Joel 2:28–32.
7. John 8:32.

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