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Akshobhya      April 12, 2013

Beloved Akshobhya
David Christopher Lewis
April 12, 2013   7:00–7:07 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Dare to Claim Your Own Buddha Nature as Fully Realized

            I am Akshobhya, the unshakable, unmovable one. And this night I come to sponsor with my brothers, the Five Dhyani Buddhas, this service for the light of Buddhic purity to manifest within the Earth and among the lightbearers who understand the eternal nature of God within and who desire through purity to access the highest aspects of Self. Through stillness, blessed ones, you too may know your own Buddha nature and the diamond light, imperceptible to the outer man or woman and yet realizable through the inner contact with divinity, your Atmic Self, through Buddhic mindfulness.
            What does it mean to be unshakable in your faith, in your belief, in your resolve to resolve all from within yourself? It requires more than attention. It requires the penetrating gaze of higher vision to a new reality that you may, if you choose, by your own intrepid nature, access through the pure stream of your focused identification with the one point of reality, God within you.
            How many put aside all distractions to meditate upon the One Light of the All-in-all? How many focus with the diamond will and with that intense and clear vision upon the Inner Self, one with the All-Buddha, who reigns supreme, the All-Encompassing One; and those who model perfect identity in higher reality?
            If you choose to be one of these and to walk with us, to talk with us, to muse on divine ideations, to chant the great OM with belief that you are part of it and it is the Word within you—and if you would dare to claim your own Buddha nature as fully realized and now live through your divine individuality—then, dearest ones, we will set forth greater teaching and light for our students to know the five frequencies through the crystal-ray chakras that will bring them to full God-realization in their diamond nature. [Akshobhya chants the sacred OM for 14 seconds:] Ommmm.
            I cannot be shaken in my resolve to assist those true to Self who would be Buddha, who accept Buddha within, and who claim in the I AM and the OM and the Amen name the One Light Supernal within.

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