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Lady Edelweiss      April 09, 2013

Beloved Lady Edelweiss
David Christopher Lewis
April 9, 2013   8:43–8:57 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Move Forward in Co-Creativity to Experiment with Divine Light and Sound
Clare de Lis Comes and Offers Each One a White Lily of Light

                I am Lady Edelweiss and I come emanating frequencies of God-harmony, peace and Presence to you. I am privileged to be here and to continue serving from the ascended realms in my role as a composer of divine music that gives heavenly delight to all as the voices of angels and even of cosmic beings may be heard in the intonation and the collaboration of many voices moving, undulating and creating wave patterns of harmonic beauty, frequencies of God-love that may be both heard and felt deep within the heart and soul.
                I fulfilled my mission, by God's grace, to bring forth the music of the spheres within a certain range of consciousness and harmony to Earth. In my meditation each day and through the inspiration provided from many muses of heaven, I was able to capture what I heard through my inner hearing that would provide for many an opportunity to ascend in consciousness and access more of the sublime realms of light and holiness.
                And therefore, whether it was the songs to the archangels, to the Holy Spirit, to the Five Dhyani Buddhas, to the elemental hierarchs or to the light of Venus through love itself and many other offerings that I provided to my own upon Earth—I set forth for the New Age these celestial sounds for many to tune into, to sing and to meditate upon in order that God's great beingness could be felt and cognized within our Earth. The vibrations, the echoings and the sound patterns of light continue, as you play these songs, blessed ones, to arouse something new and divine within the soul. And they play upon the higher mindfulness, drawing forth from within that which will assist everyone in rising higher to access God, light, beingness.
                You are all composers in one sense, for the words that you speak are composed by your mind and hopefully your heart and soul. And as you express your gifts and your talents, what you compose—offered to the world as a free-will and loving gift of yourself—may edify, bless and raise just as my music has.
                I urge you to move forward in co-creativity beyond the constraints of what you may heretofore have felt as the standard, the norm, the acceptable—to experiment with divine light and sound, even the soundless sound in the unknown regions of light, color and vibration in order to draw forth these Aquarian manifestations of holy love into your world for the benefit of sentient beings. You see, dearest ones, it is through the noncompliance with the human ego and through alignment with a new reality that the new you is born each day and that God provides through you an inspired life of joy, divine happiness and peace.
                I have been meditating with Lanello and Clare de Lis in higher spheres before and during and after their ascension to the new throne of light over Lake Titicaca. And, blessed ones, I can tell you that from my perspective it would be to your great benefit to learn the Solar sciences that they are continuing to share, teaching within their retreat; to study the sun itself, including the Sun of your own Presence; and to be mindful with Morya El, Maitreya and many divine masters of what is at stake here and now for the Earth through what you can offer through your heart fires and gifts divine. For when you employ your greatest Selfhood through your compositions of light in whatever media you are called to give them to the world, then you become alive and you in turn are enlivened by the Spirit that moves through you.
                Many within the Summit do not comprehend the totality of what you within this movement are accomplishing. And yet I have seen now from my resurrected and ascended Selfhood the value, the destiny and the greatness of having chosen to move on beyond the constraints of the prior organization. And I champion you, O soul, to do all that you can to fulfill your destiny within the greater mission of the Universal White Brotherhood, and, if you choose, to continue to lend the resources of your hearts through this sacred organization in order to provide Lanello and Clare de Lis, as sponsoring masters of it, a new framework and a new opportunity to invest greater resources for Buddhic development and the raising of the Mother Light everywhere upon Earth through your rosaries, your visuals and all that you offer to humanity.
                Yes, I have been within your sessions recently and prompted David to play some of my songs. And I encourage you to do so whenever you desire to re-experience the joy, the fervor and the spiritual intensity of what God, through me and the various musicians who played what I composed, embedded within the delicious strains and the beautiful harmonies within those compositions. For, dearest ones, what moves through one should never be boxed up, set aside or relegated only for one organization, one movement. If it is truly of God, it is universal, and it is the right of every sentient being to enjoy the glad-free gift and the compassion and love embedded within those offerings to life itself.
                Now Clare de Lis comes to offer each one of you a white lily of light. For on her birthday yesterday, celebrated in heaven and upon Earth, there is opportunity to receive from her heart an aspect of the Mother Light unto yourself for your nourishment, your spiritual support and your divine development. Therefore, receive this gift from her now unto your heart. And live a pure life of love, cherishing one another and speaking words of kindness and support, for this is what will build and move this organization of The Hearts Center forward, beyond all past sense of limitation or human constraints, into the new day where you may lead virtuous lives, giving glory to God and sanctifying all through the harmonics of your voices, your missions, your compositions.
                I am Edelweiss in action, providing God a new flower to emit the aromas of love through as a blessing to all life. I thank you.

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