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Sanat Kumara      April 07, 2013

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
April 7, 2013   10:00–10:14 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sanat Kumara Shares an Infusion of Divine Love
with Those Devoted to Its Holy Purposes on Earth

Building a Strong Foundation of Light through This Movement

Gracious Ones,

            I come in the name of the living Christ to each of you. I fan the fire of the Holy Spirit within your aura and especially within your mind and emotional body for the frequencies of love to take greater hold of you in this hour of Earth's travail. I infuse from within your chakras, if you choose to accept them, frequencies of divine compassion born of the Spirit's essence from the Great Central Sun that provide for you an impetus today for your ascent in consciousness and for your full acceptance of who you are as a God-being clothed in light, originated in God, worthy to receive the impartations of the Mother of All Life restoring you to your natal, pure estate of awareness in God.

            Beloved ones, it is time for many more to learn of our teaching and this path of light. It may provide for them keys to their own ascent in Spirit. How will you, O soul, as an initiate, assist in giving birth to a new world understanding and dynamic of God-consciousness, of Solar awareness? I aver that one of the primary components that will allow this miracle to occur in many domains is love extenuated, love provided, love shared through many media, through many opportunities for souls to know the Great Beloved and that they are loved of God forevermore to be who they are as a Self-realized one.

            I AM Sanat Kumara. I encourage you, each one, to accelerate the love-fires that you have received by the hand of the Holy Spirit's representative, the Maha Chohan, to include more individuals than you may have thought previously worthy or acceptable to receive our instruction and especially the chohan of the first ray's new tome of light, his Advanced Studies of the Human Aura.1 For when this teaching goes forth north, south, east and west in the autumn of this year, there will be such a great influx of Solar radiation to the Earth that it will never be the same again.

            Therefore, beloved ones, prepare yourselves. Purify your temple of light in all ways. Acknowledge who you are in your greater mission in behalf of the Universal Great White Brotherhood upon Earth; for we will use you, as you desire by your own free will, to provide a greater resource of light to the Earth, of divine love—which may just change this Earth in the twinkling of an eye through you and you and you.

            Gracious ones whose spirit originated in the heaven worlds of divine glory, we are here for you. And I, as the Regent Lord of the World upon Venus, continue to stream forth holy frequencies of pure divine love to all who call to me, sing to me and Venus, and who understand the dynamics of just what holy love is and of how it may be amplified and expanded to include more who have lost their moorings within their own true reality and who have become subservient to a lesser image than that which God yet beholds them in as perfect, divine and radiant.

            As you utilize the gifts of the Spirit that you have received just two short weekends ago in Livingston, Montana,2 there may be for some of you a welling up of a greater impetus of light so that upon Ascension Thursday, and then Pentecost itself, you will feel a greater infusion, from the center of the Spirit's domain of pure love, of your own source of divine and holy inspiration and presence in order to fulfill your reason for being, your divine purpose upon Earth.

            Dearest ones, we are building gradually and surely a strong foundation of light through this movement in order that many thousands may eventually hear, see and read our progressive revelation for this time upon Earth through our chosen representative and through you as an advocate of this dispensation and true movement of light.

            Some seek from the masters of truth and wisdom something that cannot be provided that would support their own egoic transmission of lesser virtues and baser energies. As a wise one said a few generations ago, “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”3 Likewise, dearest loves, seek out every means available for your soul to give forth its radiance to the world and the ways that you know you are called to provide them through your talents and holy essences, rather than only seeking to receive something from the Spirit that will boost your own stance in the eyes of others. Those who give selflessly, without thought of human return or gain, will receive effulgently from the domains of light and from our hearts all that is essential that they require to fulfill their purpose in love.

            Look not outside of yourself for the source of truth and pure understanding. Go within to access what is already there as a pool of love for you to know from deep within your heart, for that is where God abides always and provides every essential of spirit and of material requirements. Now, dearest ones, I breathe with the Holy Spirit a new breath of divine love upon all and I enfold you in the radiance of the Sun and of Venusian love so that you may always feel appreciated, anointed, blessed in the Spirit.

            The chohans are preparing for a great release of instruction and light to you shortly. Remain tethered to the reality of the seven rays and the eighth ray of integration so that what you receive from on high from them may be fully assimilated and then brought to bear in greater works. For you as living Christs, Buddhas and Divine Mothers are the one and are the ones that we are counting on to save sentient beings and to love all life free perpetually.

            Bless you, dearest hearts. As the grace of God continues to flow and grow within you, may you ever be subsumed within God's heart and remain at peace with your Beloved. Thank You.

1. David Christopher Lewis, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance (Livingston, Montana: Meru Press, 2013), available through The Hearts Center's online store,, item #3200-1-0049, $16.95 plus shipping and handling.
2. 2013 Spring Equinox Retreat: Spiritual Empowerment through Divine Love—Receive the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit, held March 21–24, 2013, in Livingston, Montana.
3. John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961.

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