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Zarathustra      April 02, 2013

Beloved Zarathustra
David Christopher Lewis
April 2, 2013   8:53–9:09 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Shine Forth Your Light!

            I am the fire of God manifesting here and, if you choose, also within your heart. For I impress the radiance and the stream of God's energy field of perfect love right where you are so that you may know, intuit and deeply feel your connection with your True Self, blessed ones. I am Zarathustra, and I continue even now to meditate upon the eternal love-fires of God embodied within all solar worlds and within myself as God.
            The true Zoroastrians are those who access the internal fire through focus upon its light and radiance shining within them. With the release of El Morya's Solar aura book1 there is a shift in the Earth and many more will begin to understand the dynamic of living in their own Sun Presence and evolving within a greater sphere of cosmic activity represented by the sun itself. For blessed ones, would you consider living within the sun and its fiery essence? Many think that they would be burned to a crisp even long before they enter the atmosphere of the sun. Yet I say that you are already living within its greater energy field; and part of that field is your own Solar Presence. And if you would be Aquarian masters, having mastered self fully and engaged in God-good to the point of your heart manifesting its fullness of God-love, then join me in new spiritual sciences that I share in my retreat over Persia in order to access that which you will require on your Solar journey, dearest ones.
            Those who intuit the deeper truths locked within the words that El Morya has shared with you, first through Meru University and now through this distillation of Spirit within his tome of light, will, I say, make progress. First, it requires that you be still and know the I AM within you as God. And then, as you read these sublime words, feel them impressed by your own spiritual energies within your Solar cells, enlivening and enriching you in the new energy field and Solar radiance that is yours to claim, to know and to behold because you are one with the Sun, the Great Central Sun. Every ascended master has merged with the Sun Presence of his or her own true beingness. How is this done, you may ask, for permanency in God as an Immortal? Well, blessed ones, it requires daily effort, daily focus, concentration and setting aside that time to simply abide through stillness within your Presence to access what your Higher Self will teach, demonstrate and show you effectively if you simply listen enough and are obedient to the inner promptings of your Spirit, one with God.
            There are times in the lives of our disciples when a greater resource of light may be accessed through focused attention upon the one Sun within. Therefore, I encourage you to take a leap in faith, hope and love into the arms of God and apply yourselves with due diligence to the spiritual Solar sciences of Morya and many a master—Omraam, Deunov, Babaji among them—in order that that light may fully grace your being and your auric field, demonstrating to all that you know who you are, that you live in integrity, and that God's being is present and embodied within you. Shine forth your light!2 is my command to lightbearers within our movement. Yes, shine forth the frequencies of love, wisdom and power through a balanced threefold flame as an alive manifestation of God's Spirit within you. Shine forth your light into pockets of darkness within yourself first that require resolution. And as you do so, the pockets of darkness at large will also receive the illumining fires and the warmth and heat of your soul, one with your Solar Presence. Shine forth your light day and night, and let your aura glow with the sanctity of the saints, with the levity of the luminous ones, with the aroma of Alpha and Omega and Amora and Heros, too.
            Shine forth your light and hide it not under a bushel3 of mediocrity or of fear and trembling. Shine forth your light and let the Sun-spirit of your being fly, soar, ascend to new heights of God consciousness. You can do it if you try. You can do it if you apply yourself to the sacred process of living the life of love in God. Why, blessed ones, if all of you would increase the frequency of your being just one level, I say that this movement would grow. And you would be amazed to see what can be accomplished in a few short months and years in terms of what you can offer to the world through your courses, publications and services, including your video broadcasts, your heartstreaming sessions.
            If many who are dejected, depressed, debilitated throughout the nations could simply observe what occurs spiritually within one session of your heartstreaming broadcasts, they would be amazed at the new possibilities presented for their freedom and enlightenment and would run to tell others of the joy of a new life and of what can be, because some have chosen to give selflessly, effulgently and to merge with that Sun-fire light of their Presence. Would you be one of these Solar lives, Solar beings with me, dearest ones, consecrated to our cause, dedicated to a new proposition that all men are created equal in the eyes and heart of God—and so they shall and can remain if they attend to the things of God by placing their focus upon truth, divine equality, reverence for life and inner harmony.
            If you choose to be God, it will be so by a new and holy resolve to live in your Presence. If you choose to be a true lightbearer, then bear that light, shine forth that light. Let nothing dissuade you from that which is your purpose upon Earth—to manifest your destiny through the light that you bear, which is God's. I deliver now fire! fire! fire! to each of you—spiritual fire—and I embed it within seeds of perfection within your higher mind, your inner soul and deep within the secret chamber of your heart, where your threefold flame abides in eternality one with God's Maxim Light. Let this fire move you higher! Let this fire now inspire! Let this fire of you require a new life lived to God's glory—spirited, radiant and glorious to behold.
            I am Zarathustra. I come this day again to enfire you to a new life. And for some who have waxed cold and even heartless of late, I spark in you that which will move you unto a new destiny of godliness and joy. Blessings from the eternal brotherhood and sisterhood of the white light of the Christ in all.

1. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, by David Christopher Lewis.  [Elaborate on parts 1 & 2?]
2. Matthew 5:15.
3. Matthew 5:14–16; Mark 4:21; Luke 11:33.

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