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David Lewis      March 26, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 26, 2013   7:54–8:13 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Embodying the Sun through the Crown Chakra

            There are 972 petals in our crown chakra. This is twelve times eighty-one. The eighty-one is nine squared. So we have the action of the twelve lines of the cosmic clock with an amazing grid of nine squared emanating from each of those twelve points. Eighty-one is a sacred number—nine squared. According to what we have heard and understood, both Jesus and Gautama Buddha lived to be eighty-one years old. Even though the Bible says Jesus lived to be thirty-three, our understanding is that after his resurrection he went to India and lived out a long life and shared many beautiful teachings in the Far East.

            What is it about eighty-one that is special, besides it being nine squared? Well, John Bluefeather will be eighty-one next year. He's here in the audience. When he reaches that nine-squared age, maybe something amazing will transpire, and it's for him to discover. Eighty-one is almost seven times around the cosmic clock. It ends on the nine o'clock line, and that's where we enter physicality. A grid of nine times nine is actually three times three times three times three. So it's the threefold flame squared and squared again. The threefold flame perfectly manifests within the four lower bodies—three times three times three times three.

            What this shows is that both Jesus and Gautama balanced the threefold flame and enlivened it within each of their four lower bodies, reaching the full God-mastery of their Selfhood in God within the physical domain; because the four lower bodies vibrate within 3-D or the spirit-matter cosmos, the time-space continuum that we experience here. Of course, there are higher dimensions. That was a launching point for them to move into eternality and then to be expressive of the glory of God in Atmic, Buddhic, Solar, galactic and cosmic levels of being beyond what we experience here in time and space.

            The crown chakra—this beautiful golden energy field that we have around our head and expanding out as we are able to visualize it and manifest it through meditation practice and through simply being pure wisdom, pure light, pure Solar energy—affords us a transition point between this dimension and higher dimensions—the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and beyond.

            The crystal cord descends from the I AM Presence through the crown and into the heart, where it enriches and enlivens the threefold flame. When we align with our I AM Presence, our Solar Presence, we draw all of that essence of our God Self fully into the domain where we live, move and have our being here, and there is an integration. Then all of the beautiful colored energy fields that we see in our causal body begin to flow forth from our temple of light, right here in time and space.

            This is our goal, our sacred work, to draw the light of our Presence, which is not then so removed from us, above us—twenty feet, thirty feet, forty feet, or whatever. We've drawn it fully into a more physical aspect of being. “Thy kingdom come on earth…as it is in heaven.”1 The kingdom, as we've heard, is the key to the incarnation of God. We've drawn the kingdom consciousness, the dominion of the king. We've developed Solar consciousness and we are now manifesting it through our temple. Our physical body is a temple of light. It is created in the image and likeness of God, even as all of our bodies, these energy fields, are created in God's image and likeness.

            When we fully utilize the Solar aspects of our being right here upon Earth in this domain, we develop Self-mastery, True Self-mastery, Solar Self-mastery. And then each of these beautiful 972 petals, in a matrix of twelve times eighty-one, begin to glow. They bring both abundance, solar health and solar wealth, which is the title of one of our wonderful Meru University courses with Wayne Purdin, where he shared so much of the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and other teachings that he has gleaned in his study of the sun, of solar gazing, et cetera. We bring all of that right here into our lives, and then we can utilize it in so many ways—in our sacred labor, in our day-to-day interactions with others—to bring forth the radiance of peace, joy, harmony and all of the virtues that the sun represents.

            So when we embody the sun through our crown, through our solar plexus and within the sun that is at the center of every chakra and of every living cell in our being, we truly become light beings, Solar beings. The goal of every adept is to be a Sun. The goal of heartfriends within our movement is to develop, master and manifest Solar consciousness. We heard this in the very first public HeartStream given through me back in North Glastonbury in Patricia Carlson's home at the time, where Cuzco shared a short but very wonderful message on developing Solar consciousness. I have described how I felt when I received that HeartStream from such a great being, Cuzco. It felt like my body expanded to about ten times its normal size. I felt like the Michelin man, but with golden light rather than extra physicality.

1. Matthew 6:9–10.

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