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Omraam      March 23, 2013

Beloved Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
David Christopher Lewis
March 22, 2013   7:11–7:16 am MDT
Spiritual Empowerment through Divine Love: Receive the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Be Sunny in All Ways

            I AM Omraam, and I deliver to your soul a new cosmic mandate to love one another with pure hearts of fire, as the sun does—the pure example of obedient and gracious love and harmony.

            You know that I taught, and first became the teaching extended, to imbibe the sun, to love the sunlight, to be sunny in all ways—not Sonny and Cher. [laughter] Yet I would share with you the greater joy of an inner happiness that comes when you can be both still and serene and not stiff. Yes, dearest ones, engaging in the disciplines of silence and stillness does not mean that you are constricted in a straightjacket. It means that you are truly free to breathe in God every moment and feel the currents and the essences of that pure joy of godly light, which are yours as a son or daughter of God to experience in gentility and harmony and in perfect peace.

            I soften and mitigate that which you have felt through the fire of the great cosmic one known as Cosmos so that you may assimilate it deep within your core, within every cell.¹ For a few of you have not fully understood the dynamics of this release. And yet if you relax, let go and let God, then that light will play upon you and within you; that light will merge with your light, and a greater leap of beingness may occur because you have accepted the Lord's messenger, Cosmos, this day.

            Now I will read my meditation through David. Remember these words, for they still carry the same spiritual weight and vibrancy as they did when I spoke them unto a number of disciples in France or during lectures and discourses that I gave as I traveled the world to usher in a gracious new age of Solar fire.

David: The meditation for March 23, 2013, as published by Prosveta:

            “Human beings were designed by the Creator to live on several planes. They live firstly on the physical plane (the body), on the astral plane (the heart) and the mental plane (the mind). And by means of their subtle bodies (the causal, Buddhic and Atmic), they live on the spiritual plane and participate in divine life. All the currents circulating in the spiritual world reach them, but they have allowed all kinds of impurities to accumulate in their psychic bodies. These have eventually formed opaque layers that act as an obstacle to the light, so they are even more exposed to the negative currents traveling through the psychic atmosphere.

            “During the course of the day you may suddenly experience certain states and not always understand what has caused them. You were peaceful, serene, and suddenly you feel troubled, anxious. Why? Because a negative current has passed through you without your realizing it. In order not to feel buffeted about by the currents passing through the psychic atmosphere, you must concentrate on your spiritual bodies, which will neutralize them.”

1. Beloved Cosmos delivered a fiery HeartStream immediately prior to this release by the Master Omraam.

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