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Sanat Kumara      March 14, 2013

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
March 14, 2013   7:58–8:11 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

True Love Is Born through Your Oneness with God

Precious Hearts of Spiritual Fire,

            I am here, blazing forth cosmic rays of light into the Earth and into your hearts for the victory of light in all domains. I AM Sanat Kumara, and I pledge anew to Earth and to humanity at large my heart and my heart's love, with my beloved Venus, to encourage you to be heart-centered in all ways. I encourage you to use your hearts wisely through all that you do each day.

            When you engage in the love-wisdom teachings that we are providing through this movement, especially through Meru University and through your sharings during your various services, there is the welling up within the atmosphere of the Earth itself of the spirit of encouragement. This is what the New Age is composed of, dearest ones. It is the energy of the heart moving with a cosmic resource of light and power to give birth to a new way of living. This you are beginning to understand, and many of you are making changes within your lives and within your daily activities that are allowing you to live a new life of Spirit.

            We encourage you to continue to transform all through your own awareness, one with God. In this, there is a shift that occurs in many domains. And as you, dearest hearts, engage in the work that you are so involved in, there is a new frequency manifesting through your hearts and there is, as it were, an acceleration of your DNA, whereby your lower self assimilates and incorporates new and more refined spiritual vibrations within both your auric fields and your chakras.

            For you see, dearest ones, when your soul is wed to Spirit by your own consciousness trued to the divine world, the new you emerges like a beautiful butterfly from the chrysalis of your outer self. And there is no longer a divergence manifesting whereby you are separate from the Source. You are truly, through a unity field of beingness, understanding, accepting and now knowing the full frequency of unity. You see the oneness of all life in all domains from the point of the oneness of yourself and your heart with God's being and heart.

            This is key. Some of you are experiencing this oneness day by day in a more intimate way with your God Presence, with one another and with all life, especially in nature. Keep on keeping on, dearest ones. For when this process of acceptance and assimilation accelerates, with a greater divine intelligence manifesting through your outer awareness, then there is taking hold within you this new birth experience, which creates within your greater environment a portal through which all others with whom you interact will also have the ability to attune to and to become one with their own God Source.

            It all begins with you, with your own understanding, your own appreciation for your Presence and for the oneness of life. From this point of reality, true love is born. Venusian love intertwines with that love that is beginning to grow upon Earth, and together, dearest ones, we will create and we are creating a Mother matrix of love-light that, even from our domain, is beautiful to behold.

            I am coming with Venus this Sunday for the final class of Meru University in the course on twin flames and divine love. If you have not yet been engaged in honoring the presence of the Seven Holy Kumaras within the Earth by attending this course, I encourage you to consider attending it after the fact. For our frequencies will remain for one week after this coming Sunday, extending our love fires through the time of your conference in Montana unto Palm Sunday. And we may even be able, by dispensation, to extend some of these frequencies through Eastertide, the following Sunday, when you celebrate on that sacred day the resurrection of life through the heart of Jesus and all Christ beings.

            You see, dearest ones, it is important that you understand just how involved the fiery ones of Venus are in the resurrection of Earth. Why, many of you came with me from Venus to be encouraging heart fires for souls upon Earth that they might awaken and to be quickened to the new frequencies that we bore even then for the salvation of Earth itself. Our process and our work continues. And even though I have returned to Venus and your own Lord Gautama has taken that sacred office as Lord of the World, yet I remain as an advocate and as a regent lord of fire and of love, sending forth all that I am able, based on cosmic law, to Earth to support this process of the resurrection and the ascension of all lifewaves incarnating upon your sacred planet.

            It is altogether fitting, dearest ones, that we celebrate love during the onset of springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. For love is being outplayed in so many ways now in your lives as you are all becoming gardeners of love and light. Yes, in the original Garden of Eden there was an understanding that many of you are now beginning to feel and know in a greater context within your own lives. Continue on and learn more of your oneness with your Source through the source-field of nature. For in this, dearest ones, you will truly know God, the Holy Spirit and our Venusian love extended to you.

            Now Venus comes and expresses, through a kiss of peace, prosperity and understanding unto each one, her love for you, which is very deep. We pray that you will all feel the cherishment of your soul and spirit by us and by all of the evolutions of our home star. Yes, we appreciate you upon Earth for what you are attempting to do to bless life through your spiritual work, especially those of you in various ascended-master activities and those who are involved in the simple life of living as one with nature.

            We extend our radiance to the heart of the one known as Anastasia and encourage many more of you to consider making your plans soon to come to Montana in mid-June this year to attend both the summer solstice conference and the one-day Anastasia class. For we will be there in spirit with those of you who see yourselves as the harbingers of the avant-garde, preparing the vehicle for the New Age to unfold. And we will breathe our essences of light-love through David and Mona as they present unto to you their vision of a new garden paradise on Earth.

            Yes, dearest ones, permaculture is the wave of the future within the eternal Now. Assimilate love through your breath in the outdoors. For this is where the Spirit speaks clearly to many and where you may both know and feel, in a deeper measure, your oneness with God.

            In the great presence of love we have come. We honor those who are loving and who are fulfilling the law of their being through their hearts, one with God. Precious ones, in closing we say, we love you, O mankind. We love you, O souls of Earth. We love you! Rise now and know love as God would bestow it, and be free and be at peace again. We thank you.

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